Black Rock

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The city at daylight.
File:Black Rock Flag.png
The flag of Black Rock digitized.
The city's skyline at night.

Black Rock is a major city in eastern Unknown Spongecraftia. The architecture of the city often uses dark-colored blocks and items from The Nether. It is also one of the only places on the server where witches live alongside Squidwards.


Black Rock- The city's namesake. It is not a rock, but instead a large meteor that crashed into the town. No jumping the fence, you hooligans.

Black Rock Inland Port- A small harbor on the city's river border.

Black Rock Wholesale- A Costco or Sam's Club-esque supermarket. Has tall rows of items in bulk and even a cafeteria.

Hourglass House- This unusual house is shaped like an hourglass, with both floors shrinking and meeting together at the middle. Built by crushingmayhem.

Monster Zoo- Currently under construction. Planned to host all the unique monsters of the server, such as creepers and blazes.

Train Station- Black Rock's train station is large and extravagant with a Nether influence. The rail takes riders to Arctic Spongecraftia as well as Tropical Spongecraftia.


The Spooky Park, site of the Halloween Building Contest.