April Fools 2015

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April Fools 2015
Start Date April 1, 2015
End Date April 1, 2015
Events None
Skins None

April Fools 2015 was SBC's 5th annual April Fools prank. The only prank pulled was an announcement thread claiming to be a "sneak peek of a future SBC feature", which linked to a pastebin of SpongeBob smirking and claiming the user now had a virus. Although it did not happen on April 1st, SpongeBob Jeopardy! held an April Fools themed game on March 28, 2015 which was won by Trophy.


  • This was the last April Fools prank to not have a special skin made for it.
  • The original plan for this prank was for the site to be "hacked" and there would be a “hacked” skin which would jokingly “install a virus” on each page reload. However, MDPP didn’t have time to put this together and the rest of staff couldn't think of a better idea, so this year's prank was small scale.