SBC's 5th Anniversary

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SBC's 5th Anniversary
The logo for the SBC Trivia Contest.
Start Date August 11, 2014
End Date August 18, 2014
Event Coordinators Aquatic Nuggets
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
SpongeBob Trivia Contest
SBC Trivia Contest
Stop What You Are Doing
Tinychat party
Skins V5 Dolphins Redux

SBC's 5th Anniversary, also known as Member Appreciation Weekend was a special forum event to celebrate SBC's 5th birthday on August 15th, 2014. It technically began August 11th due to the SBC Trivia Contest, but more events were held over the weekend. It brought back features from the Customer Appreciation Day in 2013, such as posts and Doubloons counting from August 15th to 16th in The Industrial Park and Games. During the event, SpongeBob Infinity was announced.

This was the first time SBC held a large anniversary celebration. In the past, it simply had simple birthday topics for its anniversaries. A second one would occur in 2019 for its 10th anniversary.


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

The SpongeBob Jeopardy game "The SBC King II" was held on August 16th, 2014 for the event, hosted by jjsthekid. It was a special SBC themed game. ClassicNickelodeonFan1 won the game.

SBC Trivia Contest

An SBC Trivia Contest was held from August 11th - August 14th, 2014, hosted by jjs. The winner would receive 10 reputation points and a sneak peek of a special SBC project (which was Treedome Daily). ClassicNickelodeonFan1 was the overall winner in the end.

Final Scores:

  • CNF: 97 (WINNER)
  • JCM: 73
  • SOF: 44
  • Trophy: 37
  • Halibut: 23
  • SG: 15
  • Hayden: 4

SpongeBob Trivia Contest

A SpongeBob Trivia Contest was hosted by JCM on August 17th, 2014. The first place winner would receive 5,000 Doubloons, second place would get 2,500 Doubloons, and third place received 1,000 doubloons. Outside of the top 3, JCM also gave the other 4 players 500 doubloons for playing. Jjsthekid came in first place, Trophy came in second place, and CNF came in third place.

Final Scores:

  • jjs: 90 FIRST PLACE - WINNER
  • Trophy: 76 SECOND PLACE
  • Michael: 18
  • Urchees: 7
  • tvguy: 5
  • Wumbo: 5

Tinychat Party

A tinychat party was held on August 15th, 2014.

Stop What You Are Doing

The 11th SWYAD was held during the event, where users could change their username and/or avatar to the ones they used when they joined.


An All-Nighter was held August 15th, 2014.


V5 Dolphins Redux was brought back permanently as a part of the event, and was the default skin during the event. The Takeover and Episode Explosion! skins were also both added to the store on August 15th, 2014, and remained there until September 25, 2015.