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The Golden Community Awards XVII: Voting

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...Wait, where am I? What time is it? Why does this whole room smell purpl-- [sneeze] ...OH YEAH.

Hello again, everybody! Just, uh, ignore that. That was just some, uhhh... housekeeping. Anyway! This is your friendly neighborhood furry, Hawk, and allow me to welcome y'all back to the 17th Golden Community Awards! You've all told us over the last few weeks just who belongs in the polls for this year's round of celebrating with the island, and with that out of the way, it's time for the part we've all been waiting for: Da Votes! Do you know who all you want to drop a piece of solid gold onto the head of this year? Well, let us know, by sending your ballot to me in DMs!


  • Our way of voting will be a little different this time, as we'll be using a ballot form. To vote, please DM me either here or on Discord, and I'll respond to your message by sending a link to the ballot. Please do not directly send me your list of votes, and especially do not post them here.
  • You cannot vote for yourself. If you do, you have to wear the Stinky Boot. (This also applies to anything you've made that was nominated in the Creative Arts categories.)
  • You can vote for only one nominee per category.
  • You must vote for at least one section. You are welcome to skip a section if you’re not comfortable voting in that field, but it would be nice if votes could be given in all categories.


Now, what do you get if you happen to net a GCA? Tell 'em what they'll get, Johnny!

  • 1,000 doubloons
  • 200 experience points
  • GCA Winner badge (if not already obtained from previous years)
  • A trophy with your name and the corresponding category

With these things in hand, you're free to place them in your profile, on your wall, on a shirt, on a... well, you get the idea. Don't ask me, I don't do fashion or interior design. Now, with all of that said...




...You're fired, Johnny.





Funniest Member
Candidates -- Wumbo, Prez, dman, OWM, Jjs, Cha

Kindest Member
Candidates -- Meko, ExKizuna, SOF, Cha, That Excited SpongeKid, Katie

Spongiest Member
Candidates -- BobCarotte, Salmon, WinterArcanine, Meko, 4EverGreen, Appy

Best Gamer
Candidates -- WinterArcanine, Hawk, ExKizuna, Cha, Jjs Goodman, dman

Show Stopper
Candidates -- WhoBob, Katie, Storm, Kev, Jjs Goodman, Clappy

Geekiest Band Geek
Candidates -- Prez, Katniss, Kev, SBManiac, Steel, Fred

Most Artistic Member
Candidates -- Cha, Salmon, Steel, Nuggets, RDSP, DarknessDG

Sportiest Member
Candidates -- Trophy, Clappy, Illiniguy, Katniss, JCM, Prez



Best Creation
Candidates -- JCMovies (JCM), SpongeBrawl (OMJ), Toast Krusters (OMJ), A Bikini Bottom Dream (Meko), Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (4EverGreen), SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel)

Best Miniseries
Candidates -- Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness (JCM), Aquatic Avengers: Unite! (Jjs), One-Time Power Rangers Characters: Where Are They Now? (Ex and Jjs), Community Deathmatch 10th Anniversary (OMJ), MegaloMania (OMJ), Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: Tales from the Internet (Jjs and crew)

Best Episode
Candidates -- JCM Hunts for Lost Media (JCMovies - JCM), Act V (Parick Star in the Multiverse of Madness - JCM), Unite (Aquatic Avengers: Unite! - Jjs), Squidward Kills The SpongeBob Universe (A Bikini Bottom Dream - Meko), Pau’ana (Tiki Land - Steel), Mutually Assured Destruction (MegaloMania - OMJ)

Best Comedy
Candidates -- JCMovies (JCM), Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: Tales from the Internet (Jjs and crew), One-Time Power Rangers Characters: Where Are They Now? (Ex and Jjs), A Bikini Bottom Dream (Meko), SpongeBrawl (OMJ), SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel)

Best Storyline
Candidates -- Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (4EverGreen), Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness (JCM), Aquatic Avengers: Unite! (Jjs), MegaloMania (OMJ), A Bikini Bottom Dream (Meko), Tiki Land (Steel)

Best Character
Candidates -- Manny (MegaloMania - OMJ), Lego Patrick (Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness - JCM), JCM (JCMovies - JCM), Squidward (A Bikini Bottom Dream - Meko), Sniz (Total Cartoon - 4EverGreen), Blue Arrow (Aquatic Avengers: Unite! - Jjs)

Best Artwork
Candidates -- Spicy (Nuggets), Squid Noir (Cha), Wile E. Coyote (Salmon), Hell (RDSP), What Can You Do? (Steel), Amy Rose (Patty)

Best Pictionary Drawing
Candidates -- Turtle (Patty), Feral Friends (Carotte), Out of the Picture (Steel), Ghostbusters (DarknessDG), Planet of the Jellyfish (dman), House Worming (Salmon)



Honorary Creation
Candidates -- Pirate Legends (Jjs), Total Cartoon (4EverGreen), MegaloMania (OMJ), The Light of SBC (Jjs), SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel)

Honorary Staff Member
Candidates -- HawkbitAlpha, OWM, Terminoob

Honorary Member
Candidates -- Salmon, Meko, Kevin, Prez, dman

Honorary Skin
Candidates -- The Stephen Hillenburg Community (Kieran), The Cosmic Shake Community (Kieran), V13 Sponge (Patty), Orca 8 (tvguy)


The deadline to send in your ballots is Wednesday, December 20th. After that, this entire shindig will conclude with the GCAs XVII awards ceremony on Saturday, December 23rd. Until then, remember that we also have water aerobics at 10:00, shuffleboard on the lido deck, and the taco bar is open 24 hours. Thank you, and I'll see y'all on Discord as the votes come!

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