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A potential second wind for SpongeCraft


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Hi again, y'all! Now that I've crash-landed into the SBC cash register, let's get down to business.

While applying to become a mod here, I said that my agenda as a staff member would be to help bring more video game-oriented experiences to SBC, especially now that it seems Amogus is on its last legs for us. One idea that came up right out of the gate was the possibility of us reviving SpongeCraft, our good old Minecraft server, and using the same map. A lot of us have had some fond memories (and unfinished projects!) on SC, so if we could get the server back online some time in the future, I think that would be great! But, be warned:

If we give this idea the green light, it'll take quite a while to get underway. I would most likely have to self-host the server, and while my current secondary laptop is capable of running a rudimentary server, it's nowhere near powerful enough to sufficiently run a Minecraft instance. A potential SC revival would have to wait until I can afford to either buy a new computer (and repurpose my current laptop into server-hosting duty) or subscribe for a VPS. After that, it'll be a probably-tedious process to get all of the required plugins working before launch. In short: don't expect this to happen any time soon.

(Also, it'll almost certainly still be using Minecraft 1.12.2, for both server stability and ease of use for people with terrible computers.)

I'm pitching this publicly to ask: are any of you interested in this idea? We almost certainly won't be hosting events on a revived SC, so it'll be around purely as a side activity for all of you to enjoy at your own leisure. If you do have any other ideas you'd like to see implemented this time around, though, feel free to let us know.

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Update on this:

I'm currently in the (very painful) process of relearning everything I know about computing in order to figure out how to run Linux. This past weekend, I moved "WALL-E", my current laptop that hosts the 2UCW and VCAP servers over in YSFlight, from Windows 10 to Zorin OS. It's been a headache and a half to get the ball rolling, but once the two YS servers are back online, I'm going to do a pilot test of running an MC 1.12.2 server as well. Depending on how that turns out, we just might be looking at the launch of an SC 2.0 sooner rather than later. That's not a guarantee by any stretch, but it's something worth sharing nonetheless.

Cross your fingers, y'all!

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