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Zack Snyder's Justice League

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This is a discussion for Snyder's Justice League cut that was released in 2021.

Sooooo I was really not looking forward to this movie due to the fact that Snyder stuff is groan worthy, although they are my guilty pleasures, and the fact that this movie exists purely because of snyder cult harrassing people to make it happen. And now that I have watched it...


It was good.


One thing I'll criticize the movie is that the movie doesn't really have much ambitious ideas and it is just a superhero movie that tries to stop the bad guy. It is basic stuff. So don't expect getting into the movie focusing on a lot of symbolisms and big ideas and such. But what I really liked was that it was pretty coherent, it didn't have any cringe aspects of it for the most part, characters were good, story was fine on its own, action is fine even if some of it can be too much of a CGI festival and hard to notice. I'mma talk more in depth in spoiler section.



- Cyborg/Victor gets plenty of screentime and he actually has an arc that makes him go forward. We have seen him grief over his mother's death, his own situation of feeling like a freak, his distaste over his dad on him kind of being a deadbeat dad, eventually him griefing over his dad's sacrifice. I won't say he is as good as Doom Patrol's Cyborg and I still hate how it is very very CGI and every place in his body is metal except his face but I really enjoyed his arc here.

- Characters were good as I mentioned. Wonder Woman felt like an actual character and not someone who whines about her dead boyfriend for a lot of her screentime, she doesn't get innuendo jokes thrown at her, she is the one that united the whole League and I liked that. Barry was fine in this movie. As much as I dislike Ezra Miller as a person, they did better with Barry more than Barry in theatrical cut. I enjoyed Barry trying to make friends with people and get a job in the end. and him going back in time to save the league from destruction. Aquaman was fun, albeit he didn't have much of an arc here. Superman was very humanized and I enjoyed his scenes with Martha and Lois. Bruce was cool, although i can't say too much about him. Stepphenwolf was still a generic villain but he was more fleshed out this time and he didn't have stupid "mother" lines. For a little screentime, I did not hate Snyder's Darkseid, although his design is still bad as fuck.

- I enjoyed the action scenes and some of them were standouts like golden age of heroes battle, Flash going back in time to save the league, amazons vs Steppenwolf, Flash throwing the sword at Wonder Woman, Superman vs Justice League and so on.

- I loved LOVED that POC characters were not ignored in this movie. Victor's dad was a key character in this movie and I enjoyed him, Ryan Choi was so fucking good to watch and I hated that Atom movie starring him will never happen and while she was a cameo, Iris West's appearance made me happy. Aquaman did cool stuff as I have said. Perhaps not the best representation of POC characters but they were not ignored at all.

- MARTIAN MANHUNTER CAMEOS. I loved these so fucking much. I'm glad Snyder did not forget he is a member of Justice League in comics and he had plans for him if he wasn't kicked out. 

- It didn't have stupid Whedonisms. No forced jokes, no sexist writing, respect for poc characters, no cringe mustacheless cgi henry cavill, no family that they were the only citizens in the town.

- Third act of this movie was the best part of the movie. Pure enjoyment and excitement. I was so enjoying it as a comic book and superhero fan.


- Knightmare scene at the end of this movie. I hated it with a burning passion. Mainly because of seeing Jared Leto's Joker. Pure cringe stuff. Handjob jokes, Batman saying "I'll fucking kill you" and it sounding like he'll enjoy it, post-death of Diana and Arthur in Knightmare, Mera's scenes were so badly written. Pretty much a cringe festival.

- It really drags at some points. some of action can be too much for me and first hour or so were the slowest aspects of the ep. This movie really did not need to be 4 hours. I felt like some scenes should have been cut.

- I still felt like I didn't get more from the character. I wish Cyborg was focused a little bit more. Arthur didn't have much of an arc here. Diana could have used more screentime. I wish we'd see more of Darkseid's motivations here. 

- I legit hate designs for Darkseid and Steppenwolf cuz they looked a lot cooler in comics. Disrespect to Jack Kirby designs is a crime. Steppenwolf design was more or less based on his second design but even in that design, he had colors and he didn't look like a grey blob.

I'd pretty much rate this movie 8/10. I won't rewatch this movie ever again but the experience was neat enough.

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