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Experiences with Roommates (Best and the Worst)

Minty Car

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For those who've had roommates, even if only short term. Just something I've been curious about lately considering my relatively extreme history with it to this point.

My best moments probably came this semester when me and one of my housemates (I have four atm) bonded over sports, especially with football, and watched them all the time. This semester's been a bit harder to do so, especially since the Super Bowl, but we still find some moments.

My worst moment is undoubtedly when my first roommate's drinking problem led to a lot of late night... yeah. Oh and with the girl I liked to boot. Talk about having to grow up fast!

I've had issues at times this year as well (i.e. my roommate's passive aggressive bathroom notes) but those pale in comparison to the experiences I had the first year and half of living away. I'd probably say most of this could be solved by better communication with one another, but easier said then done as I've learned.

Share your own experiences below!

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Haven’t been in college yet, but during this cybersecurity camp thing we had our own roommates. I got paired up with someone who was pretty chill, meaning we barely even spoke to each other and respected the fact. One day I overheard some of the noise coming from his headphones, and it just so happened he was watching a RebelTaxi video. That was when I knew he was a man of culture.

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