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I have ADHD since 4th grade and it sucks because I tend to forget stuff often and I procrastinate too much. I would have better grades without it. Also, the fact that I will be in the middle of Secondary education (7th-11th grade, I will be in 9th) in 2 weeks is kinda stressing me out.

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oh hey i have some more

i'm actually really nervous about starting online school all of a sudden?? i've got no friends to really talk about my problems with so i'm just kinda stuck bottling up all my anxiety and stuff and it sucks. but i really hope things go well because i really don't think my mind can take any more mental damage

i wish i could express myself in real life better. i can never get my emotions across correctly around my family and i don't know why

i really really want to be friends with and talk to people on these forums, but i have no idea how to approach people and make friends and i'm sad =(

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I've wanted to take Japanese in college for a while (what I'm planning to major in has a sort of small amount of needed hours/classes as opposed to other majors and along with my minor I can take a couple electives) but for some reason I'm gravitating toward wanting to learn Chinese all of a sudden. I know it's hard as balls but for some reason the idea of learning Chinese intrigues the fuck out of me. I can't tell if it's the huge Dragon Ball fan in me or the fact I don't want to be labeled as a weeaboo, but there's something about the idea of learning Chinese that really intrigues me.

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