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  1. Sadly, it appears my reign has come to an end. Perhaps someday I'll return though. Goodbye everyone, and remember, the Disney magic will always be with you!
  2. Fantastic movie, if I do say so myself. Thanks for giving it a billion dollars, so expect more high quality remakes like these in the future, friends!
  3. Say hello to your new supreme leader!

    1. Danny DeVito
    2. magic the veemon

      magic the veemon

      Only if you buy Winx club

    3. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      I think Donald would make a better leader than you....

      (plz don't ban me)

  4. Hello my friends, it is I, the wondrous Mickey Mouse! Yes, it is true, Disney has purchased The SpongeBob Community for a small fee of twenty dollars! From this day on, you shall be called The Disney Community and bow to the iron will of The Mouse. A beautiful skin has been set to show off Disney's true power. For my takeover, I have brought two friends with me, one of whom you may be very familiar with: @Thanos and @Jedi Master Yoda! I promise I will be a fun overlord, and by the end of the day, you will want me to stay around forever!
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