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  1. On 2/16/2022 at 1:43 AM, Old Man Jenkins said:

    Oh I’ve been subscribed for a while now :Laugh: and nice, welcome to the club! Can’t wait for Horizon Forbidden West to drop in a few days

    Yep, I'm now in the PS5 club 😎 its a nice console so far but I need to start buying games for it. I recommend a Xbox Series X (or S) too, game pass is an offer you can't miss xD.

    I might check Horizon soon but I'm more interested in getting Elden Ring. Its on my wishlist.

  2. 21 hours ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

    I got Like a Dragon for Christmas and it looks pretty damn fun. I’ve warmed up to turn based joints a lot in recent years so I can’t wait to get to that one. The Judgement games look like good spin-offs too. And I can co-sign that Game Pass is pretty great.

    Definitely subscribe if you have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S you won't regret it. Btw i got this. 



  3. 16 hours ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

    Well that’s cool and good. I await the novel :Laugh: the story should be quite the read. Welcome back, bruddah!

    Yeah, I saw that the mad lads at Xbox has pretty much the entire series on Game Pass. But I’m old school, I just had to dunk more money on the physical copies lol Yakuza 0 was the very first one I bought when it first came out, so that works out for me haha. I dig the 80s flashback vibes so I should enjoy it. I always heard about how the Yakuza series is like a spiritual successor to Shenmue, so if they’re all improvements on Shenmue, I should be right at home.

    Game pass really won me over. Its one of the best deals in gaming xD And yeah, Yakuza 0 is pretty much the first game chronologically then comes the rest. I even tried Yakuza like a dragon and its basically a jrpg with turn based combat lol. It has funny moments. Not to mention Judgment and Lost Judgment that take place in the same universe. Shenmue's a different story but there's many similarities with it since they're both combat based and are open world. 

  4. 14 hours ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

    I won’t question it then :bruh: but forreal, it’s good to hear from you again! I can’t believe it’s already been as long as it has been. How’s it been goin, braddah

    I haven’t, but I do have all the mainline games in my collection and ready to be popped in whenever I do decide to take that plunge. Heard plenty of good things about it. I should’ve already been on this Yakuza tip years ago.

    Kinda missed ya tbh, so much has happened over the years that it'll take a while to explain it all. But yeah, the important part is that I'm here again. 😛

    I recommend starting from Yakuza 0. I got all the games for free on Xbox Game Pass so I played them all xD. 


    You should play them, they kinda fit your character lol?

  5. A year late but figured I'd post anyway. Tv.com despite its shortcomings was essentially the beginning of my long internet journey.

    I'll never forget the friends I made and the show and person guides I was editor of (9 shows and 13 person guides at my peak including FOP for a few months) as well as my contributions to the SpongeBob guide which I was a top contributor of. 

    The tv.com staff members and mods might have been too strict and I recognize that as someone who actively posted blog entries and posted on the SpongeBob and Avatar forums. But in the end, they come in a distant second as the good memories will always surpass the negative ones. Tv.com was a good site despite everything, its a shame it had to be closed down but it is what it is.

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