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  1. Finished the first season of Twin Peaks recently. Still mostly grounded in reality but has the David Lynch quirks in there, excited to start Season 2 soon
  2. Phantasy Star on my switch lately. Has some QOL updates to it, but a nostalgic artifact of the past no doubt
  3. Been working through Disco Elysium after a few failed attempts previously. So far, I can say it is one of the true 10/10 games I've played in some time
  4. Beat Final Fantasy IV for the first time the other day, first time I beat a true RPG in years
  5. Glad to be (partly) behind another SBC obsession. Absolutely spectacular show that handles it's tonal shifts marvelously without abandoning either it's humor or tension. Season 4 is gonna be legendary
  6. I would like the novel head, pencil costume and the SOF shirt please
  7. I'll take the mitten badge and the tunnel of love badge please
  8. Shoot at Modernization balloon
  9. I'll aim at Squidward Chat
  10. I'll take the 4Kids glove
  11. I'll aim at Total Cartoon Legends
  12. I'll take the 4Kids glove
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