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  3. Episode I: Spooge Boob Triangle Dress Happy 10 years, riffing theater!
  4. Friday, June 16th: 7:00pm EDT: [2nd] Cards Against Humanity 8:00pm EDT: [2nd] Turntable Party Whoever wins CAH will receive 1,000 doubloons and 300 experience points. Several prizes will be raffled off at turntable. Edit: Congrats to Salmon who won CAH and those who won turntable prizes!
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  13. Monday, June 12th: 7:00pm EST: [1st] Jackbox: Drawful Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons and 300 experience points. Edit: Congrats to Saul Goodman who won!
  14. SpongeBob SquarePants: Monday, July 17th: 1:00pm EST: Plankton and the Beanstalk (288B): Plankton finds a magic bean that takes him to a land of giants. Tuesday, July 18th: 1:00pm EST: My Friend Patty (289A): SpongeBob befriends a sentient Krabby Patty whose only wish is to be eaten. Wednesday, July 19th: 1:00pm EST: FUN-Believable (289B): Rube hosts an episode of "FUN-Believable! With Rube" where he explores little known oddities and attractions around Bikini Bottom. Thursday, July 20th: 1:00pm EST: Spatula of the Heavens (290A): SpongeBob embarks on an epic journey to have his beloved spatula reforged by the legendary Guru Greasetrap. The Patrick Star Show: Monday, July 3rd: 1:00pm EST: Stuntin' (24A): Patrick gets a stunt double. Tuesday, July 4th: 1:00pm EST: Olly Olly Organ Free (24B): In a notion of protest, Patrick's organs leave his body. Wednesday, July 5th: 1:00pm EST: Which Witch is Witch? (25A): Bunny's mother makes a visit from the old country. Thursday, July 6th: 1:00pm EST: Get Off My Lawnies (25B): Granny Tentacles gets her own spin-off show. Monday, July 24th: 1:00pm EST: Bubble Bass Reviews (26A): Bubble Bass reviews and critiques The Patrick Star Show! Tuesday, July 25th: 1:00pm EST: Patrick's Prison Pals (26B): Bunny brings Patrick to prison for "Bring Your Kid to Work Day." (Season 1 Finale) Wednesday, July 26th: 1:00pm EST: The Patrick Star Show Cashes In (27A): The Patrick Star Show! sells merchandise in order to fund its second season. (Season 2 Premiere) Thursday, July 27th: 1:00pm EST: Star Games (27B): Patrick hosts a series of game shows.
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  19. Saturday, June 10th: 7:00pm EDT: SpongeBob Pictionary 8:00pm EDT: [1st] Discord Activity: Letter League Whoever wins Pictionary will receive 2,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and the badge. Whoever wins Letter League will receive 1,000 doubloons and 300 experience points. Edit: Congrats to DG and JCM who won the respective games!
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  22. Chapter Ten: Unite We open on a flashback to younger versions of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in the Mermalair for the first time. They have just finished building it with the help of allies and undersea creatures. They look around impressed at the technology and infrastructure. Barnacle Boy flicks a switch, turning all of the lights on, illuminating the lair. “With state of the art modern technology lining this cavern, we’ll be able to respond to emergencies in no time.” Mermaid Man noted, turning the main computer on. “We picked the right spot. It’s safe and sound underground, none of our enemies will ever find it.” Barnacle Boy added. “Unless you count the legends of cave dwellers but I’d like to hope they leave this place alone.” Mermaid Man said. The duo continue setting up the lair by unboxing materials and moving them in place, installing their security system, and stocking their wall of weapons with valuable items from their adventures thus far. The duo take a break from organizing things and eat lunch in the lair’s break room. As Barnacle Boy eats his lunch, something comes on his mind and seems to sour his appetite. “Hey, can we talk?” Barnacle Boy asked. “Of course lad, just not with your mouth full.” Mermaid Man responded. “It’s rather serious and morbid but here goes. When we’re fighting evil, I can’t lie, it’s kind of scary knowing one of us could fall. The possibility of death haunts me.” Barnacle Boy expressed. “Certainly not the conversation I expected us to have today.” Mermaid Man joked, trying to lighten the mood. “Sorry to dour the mood.” Barnacle Boy apologized. “No need to apologize, it’s great to express these thoughts with your companions instead of hiding them. The thought passes my mind too. But I let it pass and keep fighting because regardless of how tomorrow looks, I know the world needs us now.” Mermaid Man inspired. “Good mantra to have, captain. One other thing I wonder about is how we’d like to be remembered should that unfortunate event ever come to pass. What’s written on someone’s gravestone can retroactively define their entire life. If the day comes…I’d want mine to say “Trusted Sailor.” What would you want your gravestone to say?” Barnacle Boy inquired introspectively. Mermaid Man ponders it over for a bit. He could go the easy route and say “Hero”, but he didn’t want something so simple to define his life. He eventually decides on the perfect descriptor. “True Friend. That’s what I want on my gravestone.” Mermaid Man decided. “Good choice.” Barnacle Boy replied, impressed. The duo finish their lunch and continue to set up the Mermalair, enjoying their time. The four titans awaken from their shrines again, mostly frozen in place and roaring in pain, trying to figure out what’s wrong. Heroes and villains across the sea glow in pain, feeling their power being drained away thanks to Frostiles’ infection. Poison Algae has escaped from her Grecian prison, but as she’s running, grows weaker and stops in her tracks. In their faraway state, Man Ray and Dirty Bubble collapse on the street. “What’s happening to us!?” Dirty Bubble panicked. In Downtown Bikini Bottom, Mighty Max looks around at the IJLSA allies in pain, wondering what’s causing their suffering. “I can’t use my light!” Lighthouse Lass cried. Mighty Max tries to aid them, but this is beyond his scope. He realizes Frostiles must have corrupted the source of all super powers, hence why this sickness is not hurting him. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, I know wherever you are, you’ll save them all.” Mighty Max pleaded. In Nordavia, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Homesurfer continue to glow in pain, while Frostiles stands over them laughing. The trio try to summon energy to fight back, but their attacks all fizzle out. Frostiles freezes the trio solid, leaving only their heads unfrozen similarly to Silver Saint. He approaches them, slicing his blade through the snow. Homesurfer tries to shoot lasers from his eyes, but can’t. “The coup de grâce. Seeing how “legendary” you three are, I’ll grant you an honorable demise. Any last words, bold heroes?” Frostiles asked tauntingly as he sharpens his blade; his ego has decided to draw this out, making a special exception for these three. “I see now…you wanted us to find the titans, and then you infected them with your dark magic. Clever, I’ll give you that.” Homesurfer realized. “It wasn’t too hard to exploit the naivety of your organization when you let ego and fame blind you. I must admit, in their prime, the duo would’ve found out about me sooner than you did. What a pathetic successor you are. It’s a shame the IJLSA caused the demise of all superheroes, what an ironic tale to be told in history.” Frostiles bragged, but Homesurfer tries not to let his words hurt him. “It’s not their fault. Anyone can make a mistake when fighting pure evil.” Mermaid Man weakly defied, as Homesurfer is touched he’s standing up for him. “As you warned to us before, don’t be so overconfident that you’ve won.” Barnacle Boy weakly added. “You pathetic old men, you can barely speak! But I understand why you’re desperate to fight despite the odds. This is all you have. There’s only Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, the legendary superheroes. No actual human beings with any personality or lives left. That’s why your kind are frauds. On a dime, society will soon forget about you for the next shiny hero, which they already have for Homesurfer. Oh yes, I saw the bitterness and jealousy in you. I don’t blame you one bit with how they pushed you aside. That’s why I want to kill the idea of anything “super” forever, and in a way, it can help spare you the pain of being forgotten.” Frostiles spoke, trying to get under their skin, but they refuse to let him. “That’s where you’re wrong. We will always live on in people’s minds and hearts. The idea of superheroes will never die.” Mermaid Man defied. “I almost respect your delusions. Farewell.” Frostiles replied coldly. Frostiles swings his blade, when two gun shots are faintly heard. Two heat bullets strike Frostiles in the back, burning through him. Butcher’s gun scope is then shown from a zoom out. “Twice in a day, I deserve to have my pay doubled for this.” Butcher boasted. The bullets make Frostiles lose focus of his power, causing the super infection to subside for the time being. The IJLSA, heroes and villains briefly regain their composure, wondering if everything’s okay now. While Frostiles is hurt, the ice prisons around the trio weaken, and they try to break out. The trio’s bodies begin to glow red, tapping into Supricus’ power while they can. They break open the ice prisons, shocking Frostiles and knocking him back onto the snowy ground. He quickly tries to remove the bullets from his body, infuriated at this interference. “While his infection is weakened, I’ll get my team to check on each titan. Team, listen to me, we don’t have much time. Frostiles infected each titan with something, look for possible wound spots.” Homesurfer ordered to them via communicator. “Roger that. Glad you’re okay.” Blue Arrow responded. “Hopefully my magic can counter his, I’ll try my best.” Emerald Enchantress responded. “We’ll see if my titan cooperates.” Miss Appear responded. “I’ll try to heal Supricus. Can you handle him?” Homesurfer asked. “With pleasure.” Mermaid Man and Barnacle Both replied at once, cracking their knuckles. Homesurfer flies off to help Supricus, while the duo rush toward Frostiles. Frostiles teleports behind them and attacks with an ice gust, knocking them down. “It amuses me how much you continue to cling onto this role when society doesn’t care about you anymore. Why fight for a world that will eventually leave you behind?” Frostiles inquired, walking closer. “If the world chooses to ignore us…then we will fight like we always have.” Mermaid Man said determined, slowly getting up from the snow. The duo flash all four titans’ energy interchangeably, indicating they still have enough to use for now. Mermaid Man uses the power boost to send an aqua punch at Frostiles, sending him to the ground again. Frostiles gets back up and clashes his blade against Mermaid Man’s cane. Barnacle Boy shoots his enhanced sulfur vision while they duel, burning Frostiles’ arm. The duo continue to fight Frostiles the best they can. A quad shot showing the IJLSA members in their respective locations. Blue Arrow scales up the cliffs, and sees the wounded spot in Gigantus’ armor. Blue Arrow loads his lucky arrow, doused with a local healing herb, and loads it into his bow. He carefully points it, takes a deep breath, and fires the arrow into Gigantus’ wounded spot. It slowly begins to work and Gigantus comes to its senses. Emerald Enchantress levitates into the air and walks across Skyvern’s body, who doesn’t even seem to feel her. She sees the wounded armor spot and casts a healing pulse on it, concentrating deeply. The spot fades away much to her surprise and Skyvern regains its senses. Miss Appear disappears and teleports onto a cliff close to Knighyura. She sees the wound and ponders how to heal it. She then throws a bomb at a lava spot below, which explodes and releases a lava blast. The lava strikes the wound, burning the infection, and Knighyura comes to its senses. Homesurfer flies straight to Supricus, seeing the wound He fires lasers at the spot, which burns the infection and heals the spot. Supricus comes to its senses. The titans do not return to their shrines yet, sensing immediate danger. “Gigantus is secure, thank my lucky arrow.” Blue Arrow reported through the communicator. “Skyvern is fine, looks like Frostiles’ magic isn’t so powerful after all.” Emerald Enchantress reported. “Knighyura appears alright, hopefully everyone else’s powers are okay now.” Miss Appear responded. “Good work team. I’ll help Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy finish off Frostiles, keep me posted.” Homesurfer responded. Frostiles throws several chunks of ice at the duo. Mermaid Man channels Gigantus’ strength to smash through one, then uses Knighyura’s speed to maneuver through more. Barnacle Boy channels Skyvern’s flight to fly over them, and then uses Supricus’ power to strike Frostiles with multiple aqua fists. Homesurfer returns to the duo’s fight, shooting lasers straight at Frostiles, but he dodges. Frostiles shoots several icicle shards back at the trio, who smash through them with their enhanced power. The trio send a combined tidal wave right at him, but he freezes it solid, pointing right at his face. Barnacle Boy destroys it with his sulfur vision, sending all the shards at Frostiles, who strikes at them with his blade. While distracted by those, the trio send a combined boosted whirlpool attack, knocking Frostiles against a mountain wall. “Had enough yet? We’re feeling recharged and can do this all day.” Barnacle Boy bragged. Frostiles is tired of this and decides to activate the final stage of his plan. He then holds up his blade, which glows a dark aura. It knocks the trio back, and are unable to walk through its powerful energy field. “What’s he doing!?” Homesurfer asked, trying his best to break through. Frostiles had stolen some of the titans’ power through the astral plane when he infected them, storing it in his blade. Bursts of blue, green, purple and red energy shoot into the sky, colliding together. The energy is icy and corrupted due to Frostiles infecting them. Frostiles absorbs a large collection of snow nearby. He shoots a blast from his blade at the four blasts, which combine together to form a giant ominous ice comet. He falls back after doing this, since this used up most of his energy. Leif and the Frostheim villagers look up at the ice comet, wondering what’s going on. “Oh no…this is the final stage.” Leif realized. The comet leaves Nordavia and shoots through the sky, leaving an icy trail path behind it. Civilians in many countries across the sea spot the comet shooting through the sky, wondering what it means. “Once the comet strikes Bikini Bottom, the grand superhero hub, it will eradicate all super powered filth from the sea. I’ll be far out of reach when it strikes.” Frostiles boasted psychotically. “In my day, they would call that a genocide. You’re the most cold hearted villain I’ve ever faced.” Mermaid Man realized. “You call it genocide, I consider it order. It brings me no joy, but it must be done for the greater good. For entrees, heroes and villains fought in an endless cycle of chaos, and I’m going to break the wheel. I’m a true visionary who will bring balance to this world once your kind is gone.” Frostiles boasted. Homesurfer then laughs at this, confusing Frostiles and then duo. “What’s so amusing?” Frostiles inquired. “…You really think you’re a visionary wanting to wipe out both sides? No…you can’t truly be that stupid. You’re a coward who believes in nothing! You hide behind a false vision of “a necessary neutrality” but you’re no better than any common villain, you know it deep down. Sure, some of us heroes may be flawed, but wanting to kill all of us because of a few flawed ones is petty. You may have your fancy ice powers, but without them, you’re weak and spineless. It’s evident from your “operate from the shadows” plan that you’re weak. If you were such a powerful killer, why did you hide constantly? I can’t believe I wasted so much time these past few weeks chasing nothing but a scared loser. For our biggest nemesis yet…you’re a disappointment.” Homesurfer ranted boldly, impressing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Frostiles is frozen by Homesurfer’s rant, at a loss for words on how to respond. This stung deep. Had his master plan been pointless all along? While still processing his words, Homesurfer then punches him right in the face, knocking the blade out of his hand. He’s exhausted due to the energy he used to summon the comet and is slower on the draw. Homesurfer quickly grabs the blade and using Supricus’s power boost, melts it with his laser eyes. A dark essence fades into the air. Frostiles panics and tries to perform ice attacks, but nothing works since the blade is gone. The trio send multiple attacks, keeping him down onto the ground and he’s unable to get up. “See? Without that blade, you have nothing.” Homesurfer stated. “You may have the honor, lad.” Mermaid Man approved to Homesurfer, giving a knowing look. Homesurfer stands over Frostiles and looks at him with fierce anger, thinking of Riptide Rider. He lets the anger subside, not wanting it to control him. He grabs Frostiles’ chest, crushing it in with his fist, and hearing the ice crack. He then burns through it with his laser eyes, slowly melting his body and smoke coming off. As Frostiles’ life fades before his eyes, he hallucinates Silver Saint and Jelly Master standing in front of him. They aren’t looking at him with anger or amusement, but looks that ask: “Was this worth it?” Frostiles has no response. The remains of his body melts away into the snow, and a dark essence fades away into the air. The duo don’t judge him for taking a life, knowing it had to be done. “I hope he finds peace, wherever he ends up.” Mermaid Man calmly said without malice. Even after everything, Mermaid Man didn’t have it in his heart to hate Frostiles, because he refuses to give him the pleasure even in death. “I hate to spoil the mood, but we still have the comet to deal with.” Barnacle Boy warned, noticing it’s still on course for Bikini Bottom. “Edgar, tell the mayor to evacuate Bikini Bottom immediately. A comet is heading right for it. We’re doing what we can, but prepare for the worst.” Homesurfer immediately warned on the communicator. “On it.” Edgar replied with haste, as he calls the mayor from his office. In Bikini Bottom, Mighty Max and the IJLSA allies look at the incoming comet. “What do we do?” One hero panicked. “I don’t know. My heat discs wouldn’t be nearly enough to destroy that comet. If we combine all of our strength, maybe we have a chance, but even then, it’s a long shot.” Mighty Max speculated nervously. “Even with our combined strength, I don’t think it’d be enough.” Athena worried. “Maybe not, but with our help, you have a chance!” Dirty Bubble spoke, surprising the heroes. Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, Sinister Slug, Jumbo Shrimp, Poison Algae, Hydro Blob and various minor villains appear, standing across the group of heroes. Instead of fighting however, Man Ray raises a white flag, signaling a truce. “You want to work together?” Mighty Max asked, surprised. “Frostiles’ plan is threatening all of us. We can go back to being enemies tomorrow, but today, as much as it pains me to say, let’s band together to stop him!” Man Ray offered. The heroes and villains reluctantly unite together, combining all of their energy to attack the ice comet, which is getting closer. Several heroes and villains help people evacuate the city. The civilians are reluctant to trust the villains at first, but the heroes insist it’s okay. Mighty Max gets who he can to safety and is praised by the civilians for his work. As a thanks for saving them, the titans award the IJLSA members more of their powers. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy then feel their bodies glow gold, giving them the most powerful boost yet. The strength, flight, agility and power boosts flow through their bodies at once. “Whoa, you’ve really earned the titans’ respect.” Homesurfer said, impressed. The duo feel the titans speak to them through the cosmic plane. They want them to stop the comet. “We’ve heard the call and know what we must do.” Mermaid Man said determined, looking up at the sky. “We hopefully won’t be long. I think you should stay here and make sure the nearby villagers are safe.” Barnacle Boy said to Homesurfer, who nods. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy unite their fists together, clashing the rings. “I’m honored I get to see that iconic pose once in my life.” Homesurfer said nostalgically. The duo fly off into the atmosphere in their super charged forms, seeing the ice comet in the distance. Supricus and Skyvern fly by the duo’s side, giving honorable looks. “It feels great to be fighting by the same side with them this time.” Barnacle Boy said. Gigantus and Knighyura look above from their spots on the ground. They begin preparing attacks to fire at the comet. Homesurfer lands in Frostheim village, noticing ice shards falling everywhere from the comet’s streak. He uses his laser vision to burn it all and help the villagers to safety, a stark contrast from how Silver Saint was callous towards them ages ago. Unlike Frostiles, Homesurfer broke the cycle. Leif thanks him for the help. “Is there anything we can do for you?” Leif asked Homesurfer. “Seeing the village safe is good enough for me,” Homesurfer responded warmly. Homesurfer contacts his team again, telling them to look out for falling ice shards in their locations. Blue Arrow, Emerald Enchantress and Miss Appear get to work, destroying the shards and helping civilians out of harm’s way. The duo fly closer to the comet. Mermaid Man looks down at Bikini Bottom below, taking one last look at it. He has a nervous look on his face but lets it simmer, knowing what he must do. They fly in front of the comet’s trajectory, ready to face their last behemoth and trial. “Are you ready?” Mermaid Man asked Barnacle Boy. “Now or never.” Barnacle Boy replied. They dodge out of the way from combined hero and villain attacks below, which strike the comet. The heroes and villains notice the duo glowing in the sky. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy will save us!” Lighthouse Lass cheered. “Destroy that comet, you old coots!” Jumbo Shrimp cheered. Several evacuating civilians take pictures and videos of the spectacle. Mighty Max looks proudly at them from a bridge. The duo begin striking all sorts of water attacks and combos at the comet. Skyvern fires its missiles, Supricus fires an energy blast, Knighyura throws its blade shield and Gigantus throws a seismic punch. The comet starts to crack, but still isn’t enough to slow it down. “…It’s too late, isn’t it?” Barnacle Boy feared. “No, we’ve come this far, I refuse to believe this is the end!” Mermaid Man defied. Mermaid Man looks at Skyvern and Supricus, who display knowing expressions. MermaidMan realizes what he must do, so he grabs Barnacle Boy. “What are you doing?” Barnacle Boy asked, confused. “Goodbye, Kyle. I have to be the one to finish this. I’ll see you again, I promise.” Mermaid Man tearfully said to Barnacle Boy. Using enhanced strength, Mermaid Man pushes Barnacle Boy safely away from the scene, sending him flying. He lands near Supricus’s shrine in Nordavia. Homesurfer helps him up, wondering what happened. Mermaid Man uses all of his boosted power to strike the comet alongside the titans’ attacks. The comet explodes, taking Mermaid Man with it in the blast. Everyone across the sea sees the comet’s destruction and cheers. The heroes and villains across Bikini Bottom celebrate, and work together to clear the falling ice shards. Mighty Max has a grim look, knowing Mermaid Man likely sacrificed himself. He salutes him. Barnacle Boy and Homesurfer look up at the explosion from the distance, seeing Mermaid Man is nowhere in sight. They take a moment of silence to process what happened. “…He saved us all.” Homesurfer realized, unable to believe he’s gone. Barnacle Boy is at a loss for words, unable to process what transpired. Homesurfer comforts him, as the two mourn Mermaid Man’s sacrifice. Barnacle Boy wishes he had more time with his trusted partner. Butcher mourns with them from afar. “He was a true hero.” Butcher said, saluting him. The titans look at the explosive view from their respective locations. Mermaid Man’s borrowed energy returns to the titans, who take pity on him for his sacrifice. They will never forget the team’s hard work. They turn back into their shrines to rest for good this time. Edgar is seen outside the IJLSA headquarters with the team and Charon on a podium. He is holding a press conference once again, and the news he’s about to deliver brings him no pleasure. Everyone’s faces on stage are a mix of sadness and peace. “The mass superhero and villain slayings are over, you can all finally rest. The one responsible for these heinous acts was named Frostiles, a wicked being with no heart that almost destroyed this entire city. We are happy to report that he has been taken out of the picture thanks to the combined efforts of the IJLSA and their founders, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Unfortunately, Mermaid Man gave his life in the process of saving us from the comet. He will be dearly missed. You can rest safe knowing this menace has been brought to justice, which is what Mermaid Man would want.” Edgar said tearfully. The crowd gives him a standing ovation. He declines to answer any questions at this moment. Days later, Mermaid Man’s funeral is held in a park. The scene is packed and Barnacle Boy preferred to keep press to a minimum, not wanting to make a huge spectacle out of it. Some of the people in attendance are: Homesurfer, Blue Arrow, Miss Appear, Emerald Enchantress, Mighty Max, Lighthouse Lass, Edgar, Charon, Butcher, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs. Man Ray and Dirty Bubble are also secretly in attendance wearing disguises. Even his greatest foes came to pay respects, showing how the almost cataclysmic event united both sides together, just for a little bit. Dark Ice, Coral Lad, Shell Gal and Courageous Crustacean are also honored during the ceremony. The IJLSA, Edgar, SpongeBob, Sandy and Barnacle Boy are notable speakers during the service, with Barnacle Boy finishing it off. After the service, Barnacle Boy and Homesurfer look at Mermaid Man’s gravestone. “True Friend” is displayed on the gravestone, just as he wanted. “I hope he’s having fun up in the great beyond.” Barnacle Boy said warmly. “I’m sure he’s looking down, happy to see we’re okay.” Homesurfer said to cheer him up. “Will you take me home?” Barnacle Boy asked. “Of course.” Homesurfer replied, escorting him back. After the funeral, life goes on. Bikini Bottom continues to serve as the metropolis for superheroes, however, the commercialization of them slightly goes down due to Edgar’s changes. The villains went back to their ways, but there was an unspoken respect between the sides after these events. Mighty Max joins the IJLSA, replacing Riptide Rider’s spot. After hearing about how he helped unite heroes together in spite of their differences, the team felt he was the perfect candidate. He manages to fit in well despite his earlier apprehensions. Homesurfer becomes a better hero and a lot less egotistical, inspired by the duo’s words. He also listens to his team’s thoughts and feelings more often, adjusting plans accordingly. Barnacle Boy decides to live out his remaining days in peace, putting the hero career behind him for good. He knows Mermaid Man would’ve wanted this. He’s approached by several movie studios asking for his permission to make a movie about the duo’s mission against Frostiles, but he rejects every single one. He does not want his partner’s memory and sacrifice to be exploited for media entertainment. Edgar pays Butcher a fortune for his work, and is now free from his service. Butcher takes Hughie to a tropical resort, relaxing. Man Ray and Dirty Bubble both permanently retire from villainy, opening a circus in their new home. Leif and the Frostheim villagers continue living in peace, no longer afraid of Frostiles. At some point, statues of Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Homesurfer are built near Supricus’, honoring them for what they did. The IJLSA are shown in the Mermalair. They’ve decided to use it as their new base of operations, paying tribute to Mermaid Man. They begin renovating it to accommodate their needs and changing society, but still keep the spirit in tact to honor the duo’s vision and legacy. “I like it better than a business building.” Blue Arrow approved. “After years of seeing it only through pages and screen, it’s surreal to actually set foot in here.” Mighty Max said, geeking out. “There’s certainly more room for me to practice my tricks.” Emerald Enchantress said, impressed. “Brings everything full circle in a nice way. This is a museum of IJLSA history.” Miss Appear said happily. Homesurfer looks at a picture of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy resting on the main computer. He gently picks it up and puts it in the middle of the meeting table. That way, the duo will never be forgotten and serve as a symbol of inspiration. “Goodbye forever, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.” Homesurfer said honorably with closure, and the team prepares for their next mission. The End Notes/Trivia: -Deaths: Mermaid Man and Frostiles -Flashback Timeline: After Man Ray and Dirty Bubble’s flashbacks, before the IJLSA debut In Loving Memory of Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway Overall, I'm very satisfied with how this turned out and felt it shows how far I've come as a writer. I'm content having this be my last entry in the Jjsverse, SpongeBob work, and major writing in general. Maybe someday I'll share something completely original if a great idea strikes, but for now, I'm good leaving my SBC writing career off here. I'd also like to extend a special thanks to terminoob, wherever he is now, for giving me the kick to improve my writing long ago, and teenj for giving me to push to see this one through. It's been real, space cowboys.
  23. Friday, June 9th: 7:00pm EDT: [1st] Cards Against Humanity 8:00pm EDT: [1st] Turntable Party Whoever wins CAH will receive 1,000 doubloons and 300 experience points. Several prizes will be raffled off at turntable. Edit: Congrats to Meko who won CAH and those who won turntable prizes!
  24. We have skins to capture the summer spirit available during this event! Tiki Paradise: The default, designed by @sbl. Join Squidward in his enchanted tiki land. Hoo haw tiki tiki. Krabby Land: We give you...Krabby Land in all its glory! Unfortunately there's no Krabby the Clown, but hopefully we made up for it. Designed by @Nosferatu!.
  25. For the second minigame of SBC's Surfing Summer, fish up valuable treasures from Goo Lagoon! Here's what you can possibly earn, which will be randomly generated: Junk item (nothing) 100-400 doubloons 20 experience points Tiki collectable Surfer Badge Just say you want to fish or something to indicate such. You can only play in this once every 24 hours.
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