The Golden Ticket Race

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The Golden Ticket Race was a race on SBC where users (except for staff) had to find a golden ticket hidden somewhere on the forum. They had to follow the clues to it. If a user finds it, they would PM an Admin the image of the ticket and how they found it. If they found it, they received early access to v7 and 1,000 doubloons. The 5 people who found it were:

1. SOF

The announcement about the contest.

2. teenj12

3. abney317

4. Sabre

5. OMJ


Hint 1 (Location = Indiana Jones)

"Shit, I could've sworn I saw the temple somewhere around here... wait, no I haven't! It's a temple! They say the last time anyone saw the Temple, it was surrounded by a vineyard and orange trees!"

(Note: You had to go to the "Oranges" thread and click the bottom image to get to Clue 2)

Hint 2 (Location = Ooh, Ghosts!)

"That's right! The ancients who lived in the Temple believed in spirits! Legend has it that the ghosts actually liked slashing them."

Hint 3 (Location = Slasher Films)

"Apparently, the ancients also invented the first modern form of drugs. Look! Somebody left a trail of shrooms..."

(Note: You had to click the "SHROOMS" link to get to Clue 4)

Hint 4 (Location = The RACB Store)

The shrooms lead to here... in ACS's store! A clue!:

"The Temple has been hidden

Years of bitten nails

Over a screen

Never kept clean

Now it's dead

Hidden Underground

A place so silent

We've never heard a sound"

Temple Location (Location = Tetrix 2 Egyptian AKA The Temple)

"You've found the Temple! All this time, it's been hidden in the Arcade!"