The Adventures of Gary the Snail

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The Adventures of Gary the Snail
Show Info
Premiere Date January 3, 2009
End Date February 23, 2009
Status Ended
Type Spin-Off
Created By jjsthekid

The Adventures of Gary the Snail was jjsthekid's first spin-off. It was about Gary and his crazy adventures with his snail buddies. CDCB later bought the rights for a 5th season, but he never fully continued it. He did eventually post two special episodes in 2013. The rights were then reverted back to jjs. Jjs released a remastered version of the spin-off in 2018 to celebrate 10 years of spin-offs.

Plot: The spin-off was about Gary the Snail. He went on a bunch of adventures, meeting new snails such as YoYo, Little Dollar and Daniel, and old friends such as Snellie.


Season 1

1. Pilot

2. Pet Troubles

3. Gary and The Kelp Patch

4. Gary's Toy

5. Gary's Day Off

6. Gary's Band

7. Pet Games

8. Gary and The Missing Food Bowl

9. Gary and... Squidward?

10. A Close Shave

11. Pet Party

12. Gary's New Shell

13. Gary TV

Season 2

14. St. Garys Day

15. Tales A Snail Nothing

16. Livin Like Gary

17. Easter Snail

18. Snellie and Gary

19. The Krusty Snail (Part 1)

20. Plankton steals Gary (Part 2)

21. One Snail's Shell is Another Snails Treasure

22. Cool Cult

23. Up, Up, And Down!

24. Gary's Playdate

25. A Million Dollar Snail

26. Pet Store Sponge

27. YoYo Snail!

28. Snail Wax

29. Whichever Way the Snail Blows

30. Frost Fright

31. Veggie Snail

32. Where's SpongeBob? (Part 1)

33. Where's SpongeBob? (Part 2)

Season 3

34. Diary of a Curious Snail

35. Love Hurts

36. Flashback Attack

37. Halloween Snail

38. Gary Squad

39. Gary and Monroe

40. Gary Idol

41. Rocking The Truth

42. Truth or Snail?

43. Snail Frenzy!

44. The Eye Of The Snail

45. Snail Sale

46. Something Slimey This Way Comes

47. Surf Snail

48. The Package

49. The Snail of July

50. Catch The Phrase!

51. Snails, Squids, and Squirrels!

52. Gary's Great Adventure (Part 1)

53. Gary's Great Adventure (Part 2)

Season 4

54. Oh Gary The Snail, Oh Gary The Snail!

55. The Snail Of All Records

56. Whistle While you are a snail

57. The Vacation

58. Gary and Larry

59. Gary's Nightmare

60. Alien Invasion (Part 1)

61. U.F.O Attacking! (Part 2)

62. Ahoy Snails!

63. Pranking the Snail!

64. Wild West Snail!

65. All Alone

66. Professor Gary

67. Gary's Paradise

68. Snail Jacked

69. The Snail on the Other Side of the Sea

70. Gary and Mermaid Man!

71. Cancelled! (Part 1)

72. Cancelled! (Part 2)

CDCB's Revived Special Episodes

73. Revived!

74. Gary's Bikini Bottom Adventures


  • Season 1 is the only season to contain less than 20 episodes.
  • An episode known as "Snail City" was intended for Season 4, but was axed. It was going to be a crossover with Star City.
  • Several episodes in the 2018 remastered version had their titles changed:
    • Pilot --> Gary the Snail
    • Oh Gary the Snail, Oh Gary the Snail! --> Gary's Christmas Tales
    • Alien Invasion --> U.F.O. Attack
    • Gary and Mermaid Man! --> Mermaid Gary and Barnacle Daniel Unite!