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The Adventures of Gary the Snail: Remastered

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Here we go. It's hard to believe I'm remastering stuff from when I was 11, but I'm having fun with this nostalgia. Here are the first four remastered episodes of Season 1. I'll be posting these in blocks:

1. Gary the Snail

Gary is seen sleeping on his cozy newspaper in SpongeBob's room. SpongeBob's alarm goes off, waking the two up for the day. SpongeBob goes off to the Krusty Krab for work, saying he'll see Gary later. Gary has the house all to his self, and relaxes. He then goes out for a day out, strolling around Bikini Bottom. Unfortunately for him, he gains the attention of a Snail Catcher, who chases Gary around through the city with whacky hijinks. Gary manages to barely escape the Snail Catcher, and safely makes his way back to the pineapple. He sits back on the couch, as SpongeBob returns home, whistling. He asks Gary what he did today, who awkwardly whistles, and SpongeBob laughs. SpongeBob tells Gary he's happy to have him by his side, and promises they will have many fun adventures together for years to come. 

First Appearances: Snail Catcher

Notes: First episode. This is the only episode to have its title changed from the original (which was just "Pilot").


-While Gary is strolling through Bikini Bottom, a poster for "Boys Who Cry" can be seen.

-During the chase, the following stores from the show can be seen: Palace of Pranks, Flipper's Donuts, Wigs & Hairpieces, and Ice Cream.


2. Pet Troubles

One day, Gary sees a lone snail outside SpongeBob's house. Gary meets the snail, who is named Daniel. Daniel explains to Gary through meowing that his owner lost him. Gary offers for Daniel to stay at SpongeBob's until his owner finds him. Daniel agrees, but he soon becomes an obnoxious house guest, from stealing Gary's food to his bed. SpongeBob and Gary start to get tired of Daniel, but his owner, Fred, knocks on the door. SpongeBob opens it, and Fred asks if they've seen his snail, showing a picture of Daniel. Daniel sees this and reunites with Fred. Daniel gives Gary an apology for how he acted, and is happy to be reunited with his owner. Gary bids farewell, and is happy that he's the only snail in SpongeBob's house again. The two then watch some football. 

First Appearances: Daniel the Snail


-Daniel's owner is Fred Rechid instead of Tom like in the original.

-A Stingray 5000 album can be seen in SpongeBob's room.


3. Gary and the Kelp Patch

One day, SpongeBob takes Gary for a walk through the park. Gary sniffs something strange coming from a kelp patch near the lake. Gary wanders over into there, as SpongeBob follows after. Gary finds a hidden kingdom where several nematodes live, who openly welcome Gary and SpongeBob to their home. 

Trivia: The nematodes go "meep meep" just like they do in the show.

Goofs: At one point, Gary's shell is missing one of the purple dots on his shel.


4. Gary's Toy

One day, a new snail toy is all the rage in Bikini Bottom: the Snail Spinner. SpongeBob sees an ad for the toy on his television, and Gary happily looks at it. SpongeBob sees this, so SpongeBob goes to the pet store and buys a Snail Spinner for him. The toy is popular with quite a few snails in Bikini Bottom, but Gary becomes too obsessed with it. SpongeBob eventually snaps him out of his obsession...that is until the next toy fad arrives: the Snail Boomerang.

Trivia: The cashier at the pet store is Harold.

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Here's the next batch:

5. Gary's Day Off

One day, after SpongeBob goes to work, Gary decides to take the day off, just relaxing. He then sees an ad on the television for a popular snail spa, the Snail Resort. Gary decides to go there and relax with several other snails, including Daniel. Gary has some nice bonding time with Daniel, as the two relax at the resort. Daniel apologizes to him for how he acted previously when he was at his house, but Gary is willing to forgive and make a new friend with him. The two leave the resort, and decide to go sight-seeing in Bikini Bottom. However, the Snail Catcher sees the two, and gives chase. Gary and Daniel are able to escape him. Daniel makes his way back to Fred's house, and meows to Gary that he hopes the two can hang out again sometime. Gary heads back to SpongeBob's pineapple, where he listens to some cool music. 


-Daniel (from "Pet Troubles") reappears. Starting in this episode, he is now a reoccurring character.

-The Snail Catcher (from "Gary the Snail") reappears.

Goofs: At one point for a brief second, a door at the resort is missing its window frame.


6. Gary's Band

One day, Gary hears a song by Ned and the Needlefish on SpongeBob's radio. This gives Gary the idea to form his own band: The Shell Kings. He forms the band with SpongeBob and Daniel. Gary takes the vocals, Daniel takes the guitar, and SpongeBob takes the drums. They start off rocky since most of Gary's lyrics are "meow", but eventually the band finds their footing and gathers the attraction of multiple pets across Bikini Bottom. They are then set to perform their first gig at Snail Mart, the biggest pet store around. They perform, and their show goes well, as many pets and Bottomites are happy in the store. However, Gary starts acting rather selfish after the show, and acts more controlling toward SpongeBob and Daniel. This slightly ruins their next show at an animal shelter. Gary is able to make up with SpongeBob and Daniel however, giving them a major apology for how he acted. The three decide to put The Shell Kings on the back-burner for now, agreeing that they're not ready to be a big band yet, but they have other ways to still be their own, cool group.

Trivia: An album from The Sonars can be seen in SpongeBob's house.


7. Pet Games

One day, Gary decides to enter in the Snail Park's Pet Games. SpongeBob helps train and coach Gary, preparing him for the big games. SpongeBob and Gary go to the park, where they meet Patrick, who is using Rocky. Gary and the other pets go through a multitude of games, such as seeing who is fastest to climb a tree, ball throw, ring toss, and lastly, an obstacle course. Gary is neck and neck with several snails in the obstacle course, but finishes in second place, losing to a skilled snail named Speedy. Gary feels disappointed, but SpongeBob is still proud of Gary for making second place, along with the fact he didn't care if Gary won, as long as he had fun. The two then play frisbee together after the games are over.

Notes: First time Patrick appears in the spin-off.

First Appearances - Speedy


-Larry the Lobster makes a cameo at the Pet Games with his own red snail.

-Tom makes a cameo with his own snail at the Pet Games.


8. Gary and the Missing Food Bowl

One day, SpongeBob and Gary wake up, ready to eat their breakfast. SpongeBob gets out a can of Snail Po, only to realize: Gary's food bowl is missing! The two search everywhere across the house, but cannot find Gary's food bowl anywhere. Gary goes on a detective case, and searches everywhere for it. In the end, after much sleuthing, Gary discovers the food bowl was stolen by a notorious snail bandit named Clyde. Gary sees him leaving Patrick's rock with a large bag. Inside of it is stolen food of Patrick's in the bag, along with Gary's snail bowl. Gary gives chase to Clyde, and is able to stop him. A police boat stops near the two, as the officer gets out, seeing Clyde. The officer arrests Clyde, putting handcuffs around his eyes, and thanks Gary for his service in stopping this thief. Clyde vows he'll get revenge on Gary, as he is taken away in the police boat. Gary gives Patrick back his stolen food, who is sleeping. He takes the food bowl back to SpongeBob's house, where he happily eats his food.

First Appearances - Clyde

Trivia: In the beginning of the episode, a newspaper can be seen on SpongeBob's table with an article about Clyde, which acts as foreshadowing.


9. Gary and...Squidward?

One day, SpongeBob and Patrick are going to a Bubble Blower Convention in New Kelp City. SpongeBob tells Gary he's going to have to stay behind, but he'll be back in three days. This upsets Gary, but SpongeBob tells him that Squidward is going to watch over him. Gary isn't too thrilled with this, but SpongeBob has said that if anything goes wrong this time, Squidward or Gary can give him a call on his emergency phone. SpongeBob says he'll miss him, as him and Patrick board the bus, and it leaves. Squidward then comes over, looking a bit annoyed, as is Gary. However, as the day goes by, Gary and Squidward actually start to...like each other. They begin to bond, and Gary even surprisingly enjoys Squidward's clarinet playing. Three days later, SpongeBob and Patrick return. Gary is happy SpongeBob is back, but disappointed he has to say farewell to Squidward for now. Squidward actually says he'll miss the snail, but hopes they can bond again someday. 

Notes: First time Squidward appears in the spin-off.

Trivia: Gary and Squidward make a reference to "I Was a Teenage Gary".

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Here's the next block, concluding Season 1:

10. A Close Shave

One day, Gary is scheduled for an appointment at the snail groomer. Unfortunately for SpongeBob, Gary is too terrified to go. SpongeBob now has to hunt Gary down throughout his house to find him. After many antics and chases, SpongeBob finally catches Gary in a cage. Gary meows sadly, but SpongeBob assures Gary that the appointment will go okay. Gary trusts SpongeBob after thinking it through, as the two go to the groomer. Gary gets a nice cleaning and shave by the groomer. He feels much better now about going to the groomers, and he relaxes. 

First Appearances - Snail Groomer

Trivia: A help wanted poster for "Fancy!" can be seen.


11. Pet Party

One day, Gary gets bored and decides to host a party at SpongeBob's house. He invites Daniel, his nematode friends and some jellyfish to the party. SpongeBob tells the nematodes to not eat anything belonging to him or he'll call pest control. The nematodes understand, as the pets all have a nice party. They play several board games, watch television, eat pet food and then play a game of truth or dare. Eventually, the party comes to a close, as the nematodes and jellyfish leave. Unfortunately, they have left SpongeBob's house a total mess. SpongeBob then tells Gary and Daniel that they better clean up the house or he's giving them a time out, so the two get to work at once.


-The nematodes from "Gary and the Kelp Patch" reappear.

-Eels and Escalators and The Flying Dutchman's Treasure Hunt can be seen as party games.


12. Gary's New Shell

One day, Gary realizes his shell is cracking and falling apart! SpongeBob realizes this is no good, so he takes Gary to Angry Jack's Shell Emporium to get him a new one. Angry Jack escorts Gary and SpongeBob around, as they look through the large inventory of shells. Gary focuses his attention on a beautiful green and orange shell, similar in size to his old pink shell. SpongeBob can tell Gary loves it, so he buys it, much to Jack's happiness. Gary tries the new shell on, and enjoys it for a while. But as Gary lives his life, he soon begins to realize...he misses his old shell. However, eventually Gary discovers something is...off with his new shell. He realizes that a whelk has been hiding in the shell this whole time! The whelk wakes up and angrily attacks Gary, as he lets go of the shell. Gary then sends the whelk and the shell flying out of SpongeBob's house. Later, SpongeBob goes back to Angry Jack's and gets a refund for the shell. Gary then sees a shell that looks exactly like his old one that was just added to the stock. SpongeBob buys it, and Gary happily puts it on, as it fits him perfectly. Gary feels the shell is just right. SpongeBob remarks that "it's different yet the same", which is Gary is content with.

First Appearances - Angry Jack

Trivia: Angry Jack and his store from the episode "Shell Shocked" appear.


13. Gary TV

One day, SpongeBob takes Gary for a walk. SpongeBob holds out some snail food, and has Gary do tricks to earn them. A fancy man sees this, and is impressed by Gary's talents. He approaches the two, introducing himself as Donny Paul. Donny says Gary has the talent to be a star, and offers him his own tv show called "Gary TV". Gary takes up the offer, as his show becomes a hit. SpongeBob is proud of Gary, but Gary eventually becomes distant towards SpongeBob thanks to Donny. SpongeBob misses Gary's presence at home, and feels sad. As Gary films a new episode, he too begins to miss SpongeBob, and isn't very happy with this new life. He eventually realizes this life as a reality star isn't what he really wants. Gary gives up the tv business and goes back home to SpongeBob, where they happily reunite. Donny is disappointed that he lost Gary's talent, but he soon finds a brand new star: Puffy Fluffy! "Puffy Fluffy TV" becomes a popular new show in Bikini Bottom, which SpongeBob and Gary reasonably decide not to tune into, as they turn the tv off.

First Appearances - Donny Paul, Puffy Fluffy

Trivia: A poster for "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: The Series" can be seen outside the tv studio.


That's all for Season 1. The Season 2 remasters will start next week.

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Season 2 activate!

14. St. Gary's Day

One day, it's St. Patrick's Day, so Bikini Bottom goes green. The town holds a St. Patrick's Day parade to celebrate, so SpongeBob, Gary and Daniel go downtown to watch the parade. While at the parade, Gary and Daniel an Irish green snail named Shawn. The three have some fun together, as they search for a pot of gold, discovering it in the Kelp Forest. In a subplot, Patrick discovers he is Irish and tries to find the pot of gold too, but gets lost in the Kelp Forest.

First Appearances - Shawn

Notes: St. Patrick's Day themed episode, and first holiday themed episode. This episode rarely airs.

Trivia: Flats makes a cameo at the parade.


15. Tales a Snail Nothing

One day, SpongeBob takes Gary to the vet. While Gary's health looks good, the vet tells SpongeBob that Gary never passed certified training at their pet program. So unfortunately, Gary must partake in this training. While there, Gary meets an old friend: Snellie! It is revealed Snellie also needs to pass this pet program. Gary and Snellie catch up on old times, and flirt a bit. In the end, both are able to pass their tests. SpongeBob and Squidward both go there to pick up their pets. Gary and Snellie hope they can meet each other again someday.

First Appearances - Veterinarian 

Notes: First time Snellie appears in the spin-off.


16. Livin' Like Gary

One day, while Gary, SpongeBob and Patrick are at Goo Lagoon, they see Larry doing some cool stunts, wowing an entire crowd. Gary is impressed by Larry's skills, and after finishing, Larry sees some potential in Gary. Larry has Gary become a sidekick of his, though this concerns SpongeBob. Larry promises to SpongeBob that Gary will be fine in his watch. This relieves SpongeBob, who decides to make video with Patrick of their own extreme stunts. Larry and Gary safely do a multitude of stunts, as Gary has the time of his life. 


-This is a crossover with The Cartoon's old spin-off, "Livin' Like Larry".

-First time Larry appears in the spin-off.


-Don the Whale makes a cameo.

-An ad for the Drastical Radicals can be seen on the beach.


17. Easter Snail

One day, it's Easter in Bikini Bottom. Multiple eggs are hidden throughout Bikini Bottom, so SpongeBob and Gary go on an egg hunt together. While hunting in the library, Gary finds a story book about the legendary "Easter Snail". He reads it, fascinated by the Easter Snail's origins. SpongeBob and Gary then finish the egg hunt, and as a prize, SpongeBob and Gary get costumes that look like the Easter Snail, making both happy.

First Appearances - Easter Snail (pictured in story)

Notes: Easter themed episode, so thus, this episode rarely airs.

Trivia: Bunny Buns makes a cameo as one of the egg hunt locations. 

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18. Snellie and Gary

One day, Gary and Snellie meet up again when Squidward and SpongeBob decide to arrange a play date for the two. Gary and Snellie have fun together, but Gary wonders if he should keep pursuing his romantic feelings for Snellie. The two later decide to go on a romantic date. Gary is nervous by this, but keeps his cool. The two head to Fancy!, where they are seated outside at a special table for snails. The two then leave the area, when the Snail Catcher spots them. The two make a run for it, as they joyfully play tricks on the Snail Catcher while evading him. Gary and Snellie manage to both make it back to SpongeBob's house safely. Snellie says she hopes the two can have fun like this again sometime, and proceeds to kiss Gary.


-Le Schnook (from "Le Big Switch") makes a cameo at the Fancy! restaurant.

-There is a Lady and the Tramp reference while Gary and Snellie eat their food.


19. The Krusty Snail (Part One)

One day, SpongeBob takes Gary to the Krusty Krab for "Bring Your Pet to Work Day", where multiple pets have been brought along. SpongeBob offers Gary to help him at his job today, and Gary happily accepts. Gary helps SpongeBob cook the food and deliver the food to customers. He does a great job, as many pets cheer for Gary. Mr. Krabs is impressed by Gary's skill, and hires him to be a full-time employee at the Krusty Krab, giving him his own ha. SpongeBob is excited by this, happy he can be with Gary all day long now. However, Plankton catches wind of this and decides to create a robot snail, which spies on Gary in the Krusty Krab...


-This forms a two-part special with "Plankton Steals Gary".

-First time Plankton appears in the spin-off.

Trivia: Bubble Bass makes a cameo at the Krusty Krab.


20. Plankton Steals Gary (Part Two)

Plankton's robot snail continues to spy on Gary while he works, as it slowly crawls throughout the restaurant. As Gary is about to deliver some food, the robot snail approaches Gary, confusing him. A net then comes out of its robot shell and catches Gary, taking him to the Chum Bucket! SpongeBob hears Gary's crying, wondering where he has gone. Gary is taken to Plankton's lab, where Plankton tries to demand Gary tell him the formula. Gary cannot communicate with him, nor does he even know the formula. Gary is able to break his way out of the trap, and beats up Plankton. Gary happily makes his way out of the Chum Bucket, where SpongeBob reunites with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs has some bad news: he can't afford Gary, and so he fires him, much to SpongeBob's dismay. But Gary is content with this, accepting he doesn't need this job to be closer with SpongeBob. SpongeBob then offers Gary to help him cook one last order before his shift ends, as the two do so.

Notes: This forms a two-part special with "The Krusty Snail".

Trivia: The analyzer from "Plankton!" makes a cameo in the lab.


21. One Snail's Shell Is Another Snail's Treasure

One day, while SpongeBob is taking Gary for a walk, the two find a bright golden shell hidden in a bush. Both are amazed by the shell, as SpongeBob wonders how much this shell could sell for. Fred walks Daniel nearby, who both see this golden shell, and are also fascinated by it. Daniel warns Gary to be careful, since a ton of people could want this shell. He turns out to be right, as while SpongeBob and Gary keep walking along, many pets and fish become obsessed with the golden shell, trying to steal it from the two. Gary then gets an idea to paint the golden shell just like his normal shell, in hopes this will stop gathering attention. The idea works for a while...that is until the heat starts to melt the paint off. SpongeBob and Gary are both able to make it to Angry Jack's Shell Emporium, and ask Jack how much the gold shell can sell for. Jack is angry by this, telling them that the treasure has been damaged thanks to their paint, and thus, he can't take it. SpongeBob and Gary are upset by this, but realize they didn't need money anyways. The two go back head back home...that is until Patrick approaches them, showing them a fancy, large diamond he found. 


-Scooter makes a cameo.

-The Adult Learning Center and Weenie Hut Juniors both make appearances.

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22. Cool Cult

One day, while SpongeBob takes Gary for a walk, Gary sees how other snails are with their owners. Gary feels that he is not "normal" like other snails in Bikini Bottom. Gary then sees an poster for a snail club called: "The Acting Cool and Being Normal Club". Gary decides to join and is welcomed fondly by the snails there, who teach him in the arts of "acting cool" and "being normal". Unfortunately, Gary becomes too far ingrained into this club, and starts to ignore SpongeBob thanks to the club. This upsets SpongeBob, who feels Gary has changed himself entirely to the point of not being Gary anymore. Gary eventually realizes his fellow club members are self-centered jerks, and that this is not who Gary is. Gary quits the club and goes back to SpongeBob, happily reuniting with him. Gary doesn't care if he's "not normal", and continues to enjoy his life.

First Appearances - The Acting Cool and Being Normal Club members

Trivia: A poster for Sizzling Spring Sauna can be seen.


23. Up, Up and Down!

One day, SpongeBob decides to take Gary to Jellyfish Fields. Gary sees how the jellyfish are flying in the sky, and wants to fly like them. SpongeBob sees Gary's interest in the flying jellyfish, and this makes him happy. SpongeBob proceeds to tell Gary a folklore story about an old snail that is rumored to have once flown in the sky. Gary wonders if this old snail is still alive, so he goes on a quest to search for the snail. After following some cryptic riddles and gossip from several snails, Gary eventually finds the legendary snail hidden away in Jellyfish Fields. He is an old snail, introducing himself as Greg. Gary wonders if the flying legend is true, and Greg replies that it is...sort of. Greg did fly once, but only because he flew on top of several jellyfish, much to Gary's amazement. Greg tells Gary that if he puts his heart into it, he can fly on the jellyfish too. SpongeBob later catches some more jellyfish. Gary hops on a jellyfish, and flies into the sky while on top of the jellyfish. SpongeBob is surprised by this, so he also hops on a jellyfish, flying alongside Gary.

First Appearances - Greg

Trivia: Several jellyfish species like the Blue-Crested Blaster, Two-Fisted Jumper, Gold-Throated Singer and Speckled Squirter can be seen.


24. Gary's Playdate

One day, SpongeBob sends Gary to the Snail Daycare, where Snellie and Daniel also are. The three are about to have fun, until they discover something shocking: all of the toys have gone missing! The three set out to figure out what happened to their toys. After much investigating, the three find out that Clyde is the one responsible, who is trying to make a getaway with the bag of stolen toys. The three are able to defeat Clyde, and get their toys back. A police boat pulls up outside, as the officer gets out and arrests Clyde again. Clyde angrily vows to return, as the boat drives away. Gary, Snellie and Gary don't really care though, as they go back to enjoying their playdate. 

Trivia: Clyde (from "Gary and the Missing Food Bowl") returns.


25. A Million Dollar Snail

One day, Mr. Krabs decides to adopt a snail called Little Dollar. Mr. Krabs surprisingly shows a decent amount of love and care towards Little Dollar, happy to have another pet in his house. He introduces Little Dollar to Mr. Doodles, who gets along well with him. Little Dollar comes in a rare green color, making him extra special. Mr. Krabs takes Little Dollar for a walk, but some Bottomites make fun of Little Dollar for being green. Mr. Krabs is angry at this, so he says he'll show them. He decides to enter Little Dollar in the Pet Games. SpongeBob and Gary are there to watch and support the two. Little Dollar comes in 3rd place, but Mr. Krabs is happy regardless, and realizes he doesn't care what others think of Little Dollar, as long as he loves him. Mr. Krabs then decides to take Little Dollar to the pet store to buy him a toy.

First Appearances- Little Dollar


-Mr. Krabs' rarely seen pet from the show, Mr. Doodles, makes a brief appearance.

-The Pet Games appear again.


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26. Pet Store Sponge

One day, SpongeBob is on vacation from the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob sees a poster that seeks help at the pet store. SpongeBob decides to apply for a temporary intern job there given his love of animals, and takes Gary along too so the two can have fun together at this temporary job. The manager, Steve, leaves the two be as he heads out for a lunch break. Unfortunately, the pets end up escaping from their cages, causing chaos. SpongeBob and Gary work together to round up all of the animals, and put them back in their cages before Steve returns. Steve returns and is happy to see the store is in good shape. Unfortunately, SpongeBob's tenure is over, but he gets a decent payment out of it. SpongeBob is just happy he was able to spend time with Gary, and buys him some special snail treats before they leave.

First Appearances - Steve

Trivia: The Snail Spinner and Snail Boomerang (from "Gary's Toy") can be seen in the pet store.

Goofs: At one point in the pet store, an animation error has SpongeBob wearing his Krusty Krab hat.


27. YoYo Snail!

One day, a famous hip hop snail named YoYo visits Bikini Bottom. YoYo is known for producing many great hits enjoyed by pets all over the seven seas. Gary meets up with YoYo, and the two get along well. YoYo then asks Gary if he'd like to be a part of his musical act, which makes Gary nervous. After much confidence and encouragement from both SpongeBob and YoYo however, Gary is able to perform with YoYo. Their show goes well, and Gary is happy to have spent time with YoYo. YoYo then hands Gary a signed autograph and departs for now, but tells Gary he'll hang out with him more often, saying he's decided he'll be staying in Bikini Bottom for a while.

First Appearances - YoYo

Trivia: The Shell Kings (from "Gary's Band") are referenced.


28. Snail Wax

One day, Gary sees a commercial on television for "Snail Wax". A handsome, golden snail is promoting the product, showing how the wax has made their shell shine very well. The commercial then states that they are accepting auditions to be on the next Snail Wax commercial, which gets Gary's interest. SpongeBob takes Gary to the studio, where Gary decides to audition. Gary gets the role, and becomes the star of the next Snail Wax commercial, making SpongeBob happy. SpongeBob takes Gary on his way home, happy his pet is now a star. Unfortunately, several civilians and paparazzi see Gary, immediately wanting his pictures and autographs. SpongeBob and Gary run all over, trying to avoid them. SpongeBob gets swept away in the mob, so Gary must do this solo now. Gary is able to hide safely at the pet daycare, and stays there until the next morning. The crowds are gone, and Gary is able to safely make his way back home to SpongeBob's house, realizing the life of fame is not for him. However, Gary then sees a new Snail Wax ad, this time with Daniel as a star. The cycle repeats as Daniel and Fred now gets chased around Bikini Bottom, while Gary wonders what happened to SpongeBob. SpongeBob is seen being carried way by the mob.


-Posters for "Fab and Fancy!", "The Guitar Lord", "Crustacean Crime Theater", "As the Tide Turns" and "Bikini Bottom Car Wash" can be seen at the studio.

-The locations K-BLUB, Reef Cinema, Hook Museum and Sea Chicken Shack make cameos.


29. Whichever Way the Snail Blows

One day, SpongeBob and Patrick have to leave for a jellyfishing catching contest, noting how it is a nice, windy day. SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs to watch Gary while he's gone. Krabs accepts, as he brings Little Dollar along. Little Dollar and Gary have fun while Krabs watches both of them. Krabs is admiring his wallet, and one of the house windows is also open. Suddenly, the heavy wind blows through, and the wind ends up blowing Krabs' dollar away! Gary and Little Dollar both work together to get the dollar back, as they try to chase after the flying dollar, leaving the house. Krabs is worried for the two of them, as he also gives chase. The dollar ends up landing inside a boatmobile, which has Pearl and her friends inside. Pearl picks up the dollar. The boatmobile stops at Goo Lagoon, as Pearl and her friends exit the boatmobile. Gary and Little Dollar are able to catch up, and meow to the girls, who are unable to understand. Krabs then catches up and tells Pearl that's his dollar, and is also annoyed at the two snails for running off without his permission. They both meow sadly, but he realizes they were just trying to help him, so he can't be mad. Pearl doesn't really care, and gives the dollar back if it makes them go away, much to Krabs' glee. He takes the two back to SpongeBob's house. Three days later, SpongeBob and Patrick return. SpongeBob asks Krabs what fun shenanigans Gary and Little Dollar got into, as Krabs gives out a hearty laugh, telling him he handled it.

Notes: First time Pearl appears in this spin-off.

Trivia: Grubby Grouper makes a cameo.

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Here's the last batch for Season 2.

30. Frost Fright

One day, it's winter time in Bikini Bottom, and it is snowing outside. SpongeBob and Gary both play outside in the snow for a bit, having fun. However, some kids throw a ton of snowballs at Gary, frightening him by the onslaught. Gary flees back inside of SpongeBob's house, and is so scared that he will not come outside for the rest of the day. SpongeBob chases after the kids with Patrick, as they want payback for what they did to Gary. YoYo then visits the house, and sees how scared Gary is to go outside, as he nervously looks at the snow. YoYo tries to cheer Gary up and help him conquer his fear of the snow, trying to tell him that he shouldn't let the rude kids ruin snow for him. SpongeBob and Patrick catch up to the group of kids, and pelt them with snow, who surrender. SpongeBob scolds the kids for pelting Gary, and they apologize for it. Gary is able to go outside again thanks to YoYo's support, as he happily builds snow sculptures with YoYo. 

Trivia: One of the kids who throws snowballs at Gary is Monroe.


31. Veggie Snail

One day, Gary eats his classic snail food, and realizes: he's getting sick of it. He can't bring himself to enjoy it anymore. Gary decides to put himself on a veggie diet, as he starts to enjoy vegetables instead of his normal snail food. Gary enjoys this new diet at first, but he then starts to get teased by other pets and people for his eating choices. Gary starts to become too obsessed with his vegetables thanks to this, and declares war on all normal foods, wanting vegetables to be superior. Daniel and Snellie think Gary has gone crazy, and manage to talk him out of this obsession. Gary realizes he has gone too far, realizing he shouldn't care what others think about him. Gary eventually has enough of his vegetable diet, realizing it's not what he truly desires anyways. Gary happily goes back to his old snail food.

Trivia: Officer Nancy makes a cameo.

Goofs: At one point, a cabinet in the kitchen is colored in wrong.


32. Where's SpongeBob? (Part One)

One day, Gary wakes up to see SpongeBob is not in his bed, confusing him. Gary searches through Bikini Bottom, including the Krusty Krab, and even the Chum Bucket. Gary enters here, and confronts Plankton, suspecting he had something to do with SpongeBob's disappearance. Plankton swears he knows nothing about where SpongeBob is, confused on what Gary is talking about. Gary cuffs Plankton to a machine, leaving him trapped there. Gary then seeks out the help of Daniel, YoYo, Snellie, Little Dollar, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and Sandy to help find SpongeBob.


-This forms a two-part special.

-First time Sandy appears in the spin-off.

Trivia: Glove World, The Salty Spittoon and Shady Shoals Rest Home make cameos during Gary's search.


33. Where's SpongeBob? (Part Two)

The gang continues their search, but has no luck in their quest. Sandy suggests they should search out of town in order to find SpongeBob. The gang all regrettably heads to Rock Bottom in hopes they can find SpongeBob. They try to ask several civilians if they've seen SpongeBob, but none of them can understand their *psst* accents. They all end up getting lost. Suddenly, Plankton appears on a flying robot, laughing. He reveals to them he lied and that he's known where SpongeBob is the whole time. Plankton then traps everyone in bubbles, but the bubbles pop into rocks, freeing them. A SpongeBob-like robot then flies down, ready to attack everyone. Plankton reveals he kidnapped SpongeBob, using his body as a power source for the robot which he'll use to rule the world. The gang all works together to defeat the SpongeBot, and manage to free SpongeBob from it. The remains of the SpongeBot are tossed at Plankton's floating robot, which explodes, sending him falling into the abyss, as he yells. They all laugh, as they leave Rock Bottom and everything goes back to normal.

Notes: This forms a two-part special.

Trivia: The Red Angler Fish (from Rock Bottom) makes a cameo.

Quotes: "I WENT TO COLLEGE!" - Plankton

Season 3 remasters will come this week!

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Season 3 activate!

34. Diary of a Curious Snail

One day, Gary reads a book about the life of a famous snail. Gary realizes how many animals across the seven seas, and wants to have his story heard just like them. Gary then spends his next few days working on a scholarly written, 211 page novel titled: "Diary of a Curious Snail". Gary submits the book to a publisher, and within a week, it gets published. The book becomes a hit seller with many pet owners, who are fascinated by Gary's story. SpongeBob hears about this, and is surprised upon learning it. SpongeBob buys the book, and is proud of Gary after reading it. However, he wishes Gary had told him about it beforehand, but is still happy for Gary. Suddenly, a bunch of news reporters surround SpongeBob's house, begging to get an interview from Gary. Gary caves into a few interviews, but after a few days, he gets tired of them. SpongeBob and Gary both realize that becoming famous really is not for either of them. Gary wants to be a regular pet again, and SpongeBob wants to be a regular pet owner again. Eventually, Gary's book is forgotten when the next bestseller comes along, thus ending Gary's brief time of fame, making both Gary and SpongeBob happy. The next bestseller on the market is: "The Life and Adventures of Puffy Fluffy".


-The books "Snail Jokes", "How To Be A Fancy Waiter in Less Than 20 Minutes", "The Physics of Fun", "Field Guide" and "How to Open Things" make cameo appearances in the background of SpongeBob's library.

-Second time Puffy Fluffy makes a cameo in the spin-off.


35. Love Hurts

One day, it's Valentine's Day in Bikini Bottom. Love is in the air, and many are feeling it. Except for Gary. Squidward has taken Snellie away on vacation, so Gary cannot spend time with her on Valentine's Day. Gary sends her a love letter, which makes him feel better, but he still feels lonely without her physical presence. Fred and SpongeBob meet up, with Fred suggesting a playdate for Gary and Daniel. At the Snail Daycare, Gary and Daniel have fun together, when some snail girls start to tease both of them, including an insult towards Snellie. Gary and Daniel get into a prank war with these girl snails. Snellie then arrives at the daycare, surprised at the commotion. Gary tells them what happened, as Snellie growls at the girl snails, and they runaway. Gary is happy Snellie has returned, as the two share a sweet kiss.

Notes: Valentine's Day themed episode, so thus, this episode rarely airs.

Trivia: The Valentine's Day Carnival makes a cameo in the beginning.


36. Flashback Attack

One day, SpongeBob drops Gary off at the Snail Daycare again. SpongeBob is going to have a busy day at the Krusty Krab, and hopes Gary has fun. Gary plays with Daniel and Snellie there. They play around with a ball, and the ball goes bouncing off. Gary chases after, as do Snellie and Daniel. The ball goes bouncing into a storage closet. The three snails head inside, when the door accidentally closes behind, locking the three inside. Unfortunately, the three have no way out. Gary, Snellie and Daniel decide to recount their past adventures while they wait for one of the daycare workers to enter the room. After the three spend a lot of time reminiscing, one of the workers hears them meowing. They open the door, letting the three free. The ball goes bouncing out of the room as well, but none of the snails want to play with it anymore. The worker apologizes to them for not coming sooner, and gives them more toys to play with, as they leave the room. Gary says to Snellie and Daniel that after being trapped in a closet, they probably won't be doing this again anytime soon, as they agree. SpongeBob, Squidward and Fred then all come to the daycare to pick up their snails after a long day.

Trivia: Flashbacks from the following episodes are used: "Gary the Snail", "Pet Troubles", "Gary's Day Off, "Gary...and Squidward?", "Gary TV", "Tales a Snail Nothing", "Snellie and Gary", "The Krusty Snail", "Plankton Steals Gary", "Gary's Playdate" and "Where's SpongeBob?". 


37. Halloween Snail

One day, it's Halloween in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob puts on a ghost costume, and then the doorbell rings. Snellie, Daniel, Little Dollar and YoYo are at the door in their own cute snail costumes, ready to go out trick or treating with Gary. SpongeBob tells them all to be safe, as the five snails head off. Patrick then arrives at the house in a skeleton costume, and is ready to go trick or treating with SpongeBob. The two head out laughing, and end up finding their way into a creepy forest. Meanwhile, the five snails go around collecting snail treats. Suddenly, as the snails walk down a quiet road, The Flying Dutchman appears before them, scaring the five. He tells the snails that there is a haunted treasure in Floater's Cemetery, and whoever takes it will be given untold riches. The snails out of curiosity decide to explore the cemetery to find the treasure. However, Plankton had overheard this, and also seeks out the haunted treasure. Both the snails and Plankton find the haunted treasure, which is a large green jewel, hidden in the middle of the cemetery. The snails battle Plankton for it, throwing their candy at him. Before the snails can get the diamond, The Flying Dutchman appears and takes it from them, thanking all of them for giving it to him. He laughs, as he disappears with it. The snails are upset, but still have the rest of the night to have fun, as they leave the cemetery, while running over Plankton. Unfortunately, SpongeBob and Patrick are still lost in the forest.


-Halloween themed episode, so thus, this episode rarely airs.

-First appearance of The Flying Dutchman in the spin-off.


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38. Gary Squad

One day, Squidward calls upon the help of Gary, Daniel and Snellie. The three, having nothing to do, decide to aid him. Squidward explains to them how he is having a prank war with Squilliam, and needs their help to defeat him. Gary, Daniel and Snellie agree to this, feeling like it could be fun. And so, they help aid in Squidward's prank war against Squilliam's team at a paintball field. They help Squidward win many prank battles, and this makes Squilliam very angry. Squilliam, using his expenses, creates three robot versions of Gary, Daniel and Snellie to combat this. These robot snails turn out to be major issues, copying every prank of the regular trio, knowing their every move. The robot snails then malfunction and go berserk, confusing Squilliam. Squidward and Squilliam's teams declare a truce, and work together to stop the robot snails, as they are able to make them explode. The prank war comes to an end, as Squidward and Squilliam shake tentacles, promising to have another prank war sometime in the future. Squidward thanks the snails for their service, and says that if the right time calls, he'll ask for their help again, as he salutes them.

Notes: This is a crossover with Clappy's old spin-off, "The Squid Squad".

First Appearances - Squilliam

Trivia: The Palace of Pranks makes a cameo.


39. Gary and Monroe

One day, SpongeBob takes Gary to a park. Monroe is there, who looks at Gary in admiration. Monroe approaches the two, saying how he finds Gary so cute and would like to play with him. SpongeBob carefully thinks this over, given the snowball incident a while ago. Monroe promises he'll behave, and SpongeBob cautiously allows Monroe to play with Gary, but tells him to be careful. Gary and Monroe have fun together, playing around in the park, and also playing a board game. But Plankton is spying on them, who is still vowing revenge on Gary. Plankton secretly kidnaps Gary while Monroe isn't looking! Monroe looks around worried, and wanting to get Gary back. Monroe is able to track Plankton down, and rescues Gary from his clutches. The two head back to the park, as Gary thanks Monroe for rescuing him, and is happy to have bonded. Monroe says farewell for now, but hopes they can play again someday, as he heads home.

Notes: This is a crossover with 66ers' old spin-off, "The Monroe Show". 

Trivia: The events of "Frost Fright" are mentioned.


40. Gary Idol

One day, SpongeBob, Gary, Snellie, Daniel and YoYo decide to go to an idol concert, where auditions are being held for Underwater Idol, which has made a brief visit to Bikini Bottom. Gary and Snellie get to be on the show together, as they give their audition. Most of the song just consists of "Meow", and this causes the audience to be annoyed, unable to understand what the snails are saying. Meanwhile, many are surprised to see YoYo at the area, so many fish begin to follow him and Daniel around the area, annoying them, as the two try to avoid their presence. The audience keeps getting frustrated at Gary and Snellie, but SpongeBob tells them sometimes you don't need to understand a song for it to be good. The audience eventually warms up to Gary and Snellie's duet, as many enjoy it. Although Gary and Snellie don't win the idol, they still had fun doing it together. Unfortunately, YoYo and Daniel are still trying to escape the wild fans...

Notes: This is a crossover with DC Dude's old spin-off, "Underwater Idol".


41. Rocking The Truth

One day, SpongeBob and Gary decide to visit Patrick's rock. Upon entering, Patrick has a surprise to tell them. He has discovered that Rocky was actually a snail the whole time! Rocky shows himself, revealing a brown snail body under the rock. Rocky was actually a hermit snail, using the rock as a clever disguise. Gary is surprised by this reveal, and the two decide to hang out together, having fun. Suddenly, while the two walk past a shop, some brown paint spills on Gary's shell due to an accident, making his shell look like Rocky. While Gary and Rocky are amused by this at first, Gary realizes it won't come off, and he doesn't want to get another bath from SpongeBob. Gary and Rocky try to find a solution before SpongeBob finds out. Rocky is able to find a special cleanse for it, but SpongeBob happens to be at the store, so Rocky must do his best to avoid him. Rocky is able to purchase the cleanse, and washes Gary's shell with it, turning it back to normal. SpongeBob exits the store, and is happy to see the two getting along. Gary thanks Rocky for helping, and promises to hang out again with him sometime.

First Appearances - Rocky

Trivia: "Gary Takes a Bath" is referenced.

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42. Truth or Snail?

One day, Gary hosts another party at SpongeBob's house. He invites Snellie, Daniel, YoYo, Little Dollar, and Rocky. While the party goes on, the pets decide to play a game of truth or dare. The snails are all dared to do the following for 24 hours: YoYo must not sign any autographs, Snellie must not groom herself, Gary and Daniel must not see each other, Little Dollar must bond with Pearl, and Rocky must stay out of his rock. The six snails begin to commit to their dares, but they find it difficult, nearly caving at some points. After many struggles though, the six snails are all able to successfully pull off their dares without caving. 


-A Boys Who Cry poster makes a cameo in Pearl's room. 

-Pretzel Pals, Certified Public Accountant, a Whirly Brain and the Magic Conch Shell make cameos.

-Events from the first party in "Pet Party" are references.


43. Snail Frenzy!

One day, Snellie and Squidward both get hired to be on a fashion commercial. The two leave town to audition, heading to New Kelp City for the audition. Gary and SpongeBob then decide to visit the two at New Kelp City. The two find the building where the auditions will take place, as the two barge right in, seeing Snellie and Squidward. Squidward is annoyed that SpongeBob followed him, and warns him he better not mess anything up. However, the director, Robert, is impressed by SpongeBob's clothing style, and also wants him to be a part of the fashion commercial too, much to Squidward's annoyance. SpongeBob and Squidward end up having a rivalry for who is the better fashion wearer for the commercial. Gary and Snellie work together to get the two to stop their petty feud. SpongeBob and Squidward eventually come to a truce, and kindly star on the commercial together. 

First Appearances - Robert

Trivia: A Foxy Grandpa hat can be seen.


44. The Eye of the Snail

One day, a pet training dojo opens up in Bikini Bottom. Gary and Daniel are excited about this, so they head there together after approval from SpongeBob. The sensei, Wu Han, welcomes them to his humble dojo. He then introduces them to his own snail, Shell Ku. He explains Shell Ku will teach them in the art of "snail fu", and that they will work their way through the ranks to earn their belts. Gary and Daniel are able to earn their white belts, but Shell Ku and Wu Han warn them that the training will only get harder. And the training does get harder, as Gary and Daniel go through many trials and challenges to work their way up. Gary and Daniel then both must fight Shell Ku one at a time to earn their black belts. In the end, they are able to defeat him in their matches, and earn their black belts. Wu Han and Shell Ku bow to the two, as Gary and Daniel are honored.

First Appearances - Wu Han, Shell Ku

Trivia: "The Eye of the Tiger" plays in the background during the training montage.


45. Snail Sale

One day, SpongeBob decides to test Gary's skills and the house security in case their house ever gets robbed. SpongeBob pretends to be a burglar, and Gary is tasked with finding a pepper spray can to deter off SpongeBob. Gary searches all over the house for it, but cannot find one. Due to this, Gary can't stop SpongeBob, who is disappointed. Gary meows to SpongeBob that their house has too much junk. SpongeBob agrees, and decides to sell off all the unneeded junk. He has a yard sale, putting out many things he doesn't use or need anymore. It goes well at first, until a shady businessman approaches him. The officer tells him that the Bikini Bottom law requires all civilians to have a "yard sale license" in order to do this. SpongeBob realizes he doesn't have one, and panics. The businessman tells him to get one soon, or he'll be shutting down this yard sale. SpongeBob leaves Gary in charge and goes to get his yard sale license. Gary gets overwhelmed by all the requests, and hopes SpongeBob returns soon. SpongeBob then goes to the address the businessman gave him, but it takes him to an abandoned store, much to his confusion. It is revealed that the businessman was really a robot disguise of Plankton, and there is no such thing as a yard sale license. He tries to steal some of SpongeBob's stuff, but Gary is able to defeat him, sending Plankton running away. SpongeBob returns and Gary explains to him it was all a hoax. SpongeBob thanks Gary for saving his stuff, as the two continue to sell their junk.

Trivia: The following items make cameos at the yard sale: Seanut Brittle, Boomerang Pet Ball and Bran Flakes.

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