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The Spin-Off Awards were an event and award show held to celebrate spin-offs. They were originally named The Spinnys, the original version from Bob_Ball was the creator and host for the first 4 Spinnys. There is a special award called the Hall of Fame where creators and spin-offs get picked and put into Jjsthekid's signature. (originally Bob_Ball's) 70s continued the tradition on The SpongeBob Community with the Community Spin-Off Awards, which had 8 editions held.

A picture of the 8th Spin-Off Awards.

They were continued into the Golden Community Awards.

Hosts (Spinnys)

Spinnys 1: Bob_Ball (February 15th - February 21st, 2009)

Spinnys 2: Bob_Ball (March 29th - April 5th, 2009)

Spinnys 3: Bob_Ball (May 31st - June 7th, 2009)

Spinnys 4: Bob_Ball (July 10th - July 17th, 2009)

Spinnys 5: jjsthekid (August 28th - September 4th, 2009)

Spinnys 6: The_Cartoon (October 31st - November 24th, 2009)

After the 6th edition, there were no more Spinnys on due to it dying. Instead, they were continued into the Spin-Off Awards on SBC, with the actual award being called a Spinny and the ceremony being called the Community Spin Off Awards.

Hosts (Community Spin-Off Awards)

Community Spin-Off Awards 1: 70s (January 30th - February 5th, 2010)

Community Spin-Off Awards 2: jjsthekid (March 25th - April 1st, 2010)

Community Spin-Off Awards 3: tvguy347 (May 2010, Cancelled)

Community Spin-Off Awards 4: 70s (June 11th - July 26th, 2010)

Community Spin-Off Awards 5: Wumbo (July 26th - August 17th, 2010)

Community Spin-Off Awards 6: ExKizuna (October 1st - December 5th, 2010)

Community Spin-Off Awards 7: tvguy347 (February 28th - April 3rd, 2011)

Community Spin-Off Awards 8: jjsthekid (June 21st - July 15th, 2011)

Hosts (Spin-Off Razzies)

A joke award ceremony, only one edition was ever held.

Spin-Off Razzies 1: Elastic Dog (July 14th - July 28th, 2011)