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Michaelmn (currently known as I'M A TRASH CAN and sporting a profile picture of a trash can) is a user and former Band Geek that joined on July 1st, 2012. Michaelmn was the EOTM in March 2013. He was drafted to the Band Geeks on July 4, 2014. He is currently inactive, having been so since November 28, 2014.

Spin-Offs and Lits

SpongeBob SuperSponge (Canceled)

Battle For Goo Lagoon (Canceled)

Robot Pirate Island (Canceled)

SquarePants Wrath of Plankton (Cancelled)

The Sponge Critic (Canceled)

What if the ending ended this way? (Cancelled)

Hall Monitor: The Series (Cancelled)

Karate Choppers Unlimited (Movie) (Cancelled)

Cartoon All-Stars (originally continued under the supervision of CNF1, then cancelled)