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The Deputy Director of SBC dealt with day-to-day tasks, often touching base with the moderating teams. They orchestrated events, make sure forums are organized and clean, help attend to those who need support, and oversee the overall conditions of the forum as the day goes on. They worked primarily with the Director in Chief to share information. If a DC was unavailable, the Deputy Director was allowed to take over his/her duties until they return. This was acceptable, for example, if the DC was on vacation. The position, along with the other SpongeBob Universe titles, was abolished when the concept was scrapped.

List of Deputy Directors

1.) jjsthekid - 1 term, July 7th, 2012 to June 5th, 2013

2.) Clappy - 1 term, June 5th, 2013 to November 2nd, 2013