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CSI: SBC was a literature made by jjsthekid and later run by SpongeMaxwell when Max picked it up in late 2012. The show premiered November 20, 2010, and had three episodes (plus a sneak peek). More than two years later, the rights were given to Max (the rights were given to sbs1fan previously). According to the plot, the show "involves the adventures of SBC users solving crimes." Max later quit doing the show, leaving this show permanently cancelled, as it has been taken off of jjs' store.


jjsthekid Era

1. The California Crazyman (November 20, 2010)

2. Canadian Plead (November 20, 2010)

3. Case of the Stolen Britain Jewel (November 21st, 2010)

SpongeMaxwell Era

No episodes were released, as Max cancelled the show.