Band Geeks (skin)

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This page is about the skin. You may be looking for the group of the same name.

Band Geeks was a skin created by MDPP, released on March 1st, 2016 for March Madness 2016. The skin represented the Band Geeks. It later returned for The Super Spongy Square Games, but slightly modified by JCM. It returned for the following events: March Madness 2017, March Madness 2018, Sponge Cup and March Madness 2019. Each return of the skin saw constant changes to its design and format. The skin was retired in 2020 with the dissolution of the Band Geeks.



  • This skin, along with the Drasticals skin, are the first two event skins in SBC history to return later in the year and be slightly changed for another event.