April Fools 2012

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April Fools 2012 was an event on SBC that lasted from March 31st to April 2nd, 2012. There was a contest hosted by jjsthekid relating to this event. Whoever found all of the pranks first would receive 1,000 doubloons. Nobody actually found them all, but jjs decided to give the players 100db (The Idiot Box, teenj, and ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1).


  • Usergroup names turned upsidedown and backwards.
  • Doubloons were named "Barnacles".
  • The Category names were turned upsidedown and backwards.
  • The forum names were a different language (SBC was German, Special Forums was French, Nautical Nonsense was Spanish, Off-Topic was Dutch, Written Literature was Italian, and Entertainment was Japanese).
  • SpongeBob and Off-Topic Lounge were switched.
  • Current Spin-Offs and Literature were switched.
  • Hassan, tvfan95, JCM, 4EverGreen and Goosebumpsfan2 "returned".
  • Fake threads were made about certain things.
Picture of the event.