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Nickelodeon Heroes

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Back in my TV.com days, I used to write fanfic stories. Yeah, looking back, they weren't very good. One was a TDI story of CN characters, that turned into for odd reason, a SAW fanfic series.

It took the Loud House to get me to write fanfic stories, including one big one that took me a year to finally write. Now, I've created my own fan series:

Basically, it's a reboot of the Nicktoons Unite universe, with a lot of inspiration from the MCU. I call it: Nickelodeon Heroes. 

Part I is right here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12691055/1/Nickelodeon-Heroes

(Premise: The Nicktoons Unite crew forms again to stop the Evil Syndicate, now led by Vlad, with another plan to take over the world. What they don't expect is Lincoln Loud to join them. After getting kidnapped by Spectra and Bertram, now Lincoln must help the Nicktoons save the world, while learning to become a hero. Meanwhile, the Loud sisters meet Jenny and seek her help to find their brother.)

Followed by Part II: Rise of the Cluster: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12889012/1/Nick-Heroes-2-Rise-Of-The-Cluster

(Premise: The Nicktoons crew forms again to save Earth from Vexas and her army of Clusters. They also find new members, including Manny and Frida, and a certain Irken who wants to reclaim his mission. However, as their team grows, the stakes get higher, and both their hearts and their friendship becomes at risk. Meanwhile, the Loud Sisters meet new friends and pair up to escape New Cluster Prime.)

Now, it's on Sidekicks: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12922502/1/Nickelodeon-Sidekicks

(Premise: Irken Invader Tak kindaps the eight heroes, and now their friends and family must save them in an intergalatic space trip, while dealing with new enemies. However, while the group has the skills, what they lack is the co-operation.) Yes this sounds like The Lego Movie 2. Believe me, I started writing this weeks before I saw the trailer. XD.

I honestly appreciate the criticism. Heck, criticism is what made me fix the stories.

BTW, this was co-written by Fanfic user PKSmashbros. He designed the Thumbnails.


Nicktoons heroes.jpg

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I do advise, you might want to read Part I and II first to understand somethings.

Chapter 1: New Heroes

A giant portal beam was in the middle of Amity Park, blasting a large ray of light into the clouds. The skies were dark and cloudy, as the giant beam's ray was sprouting through the clouds. On top of the roof of the beam, one brawl was beginning to taking place.

"So, Neutron. How's about we finally settle the score?" Beautiful Gorgeous said. "I'm about to finally get my revenge on you, for imprisoning my father! Granted, he's a pest, but I shall avenge him!"

Jimmy was inside his Robo-Walker, next to Goddard. "And I'm about to send you there with him!" Jimmy pressed his button, as the Robo-Walker turned into a full-on suit.

"Then bring it on, fudge-haired genius." BG responded, cracking her knuckles and waving her fingers.

Then, another villain came on the left of BG, and it was the master of technology himself, Technus.

"Human ghost child!" Technus shouted. "I, Technus, will rid the world of your existence, and continue using my minions to accomplish world domination!"

On the right of Jimmy, came the legendary half-ghost, Danny Phantom. "Yeah, yeah. Heard it all before." Danny said. "Seriously, you're really annoying, you know that?"

"Why I'd never!" Technus responded.

Then, followed by Technus, it was the legenedary young villain, Black Cuervo.

"Well, El Tigre!" Black Cuervo responded. "We don't have to end it like this! You could always join forces with me!" She started to act flirty. "We could make such a loving evil couple! Imagine the two of us, destroying all the banks while flying like doves!"

Manny, who was on the right of Danny, clawed Cuervo.

"Even though I'd love to be a villain, I'd never do anything to betray my friends! So take your deal and stick it down your garganta, Cuervo!"

"But, we'd be lovely…"BC shook her head. "I mean, SO BE IT!" Black Cuervo responded. Then, following her, it was Denzel Crocker, the crazy fairy hunting teacher, and the nemesis of Timmy Turner, in his Abra-Catastrophe suit (The original, not the one from Part I).

"So Turner, I might've failed the last time with destroying you, but not this time! My fairies are in my hands once again, and sooner YOUR SOUL!"

"Well, you might've captured Cosmo and Wanda!" Timmy, on the right of Manny responded. "But I won't let you win again."

"Well, get ready for failure, as in F!" Crocker gave an evil laugh. Then, following Crocker, was not a villain, but a kid who was once an ally to the Toons.

"So Zim, I'm ready to defeat you, and when this is over, the whole world will know about your existence!" Dib said.

Zim appeared on the right of Timmy. "Dib, I'd honestly expected more for a pathetic human like you, but if it's brawl you desire…" Zim's Pak turned up. "It's a brawl you get!" He took out his Plunger of Doom.

Dib stuck out a few guns. "Very well then."

Then, following Dib, was Plankton, in a robot suit.

"So, Spongebob. Ready for round two?"

"Oh, I'm ready, Plankton!" Spongebob responded. "And when this is finished, you will give back the formula to Mr. Krabs!"

"Nonsense! The Krabby Patty formula is forever mine!" Plankton gave an evil laugh.

Following Spongebob, was Jenny, who was completely annoyed at her villain.

"You're not getting away with this." Jenny said, with her eyes directly off her target.


"Seriously, why is he my villain?"

"For fan service!" Plankton responded. "Besides, he built this beam!"

Then, running towards the gang, was Lincoln.

"I don't have an arch enemy, but I am ready to help fight with my friends!" Lincoln said. "That, and I've learned my lesson about family that I forgot again!"

"But you do have an enemy!"

"Who, again?"

On the right of Lincoln, was a real life paper draw Lincoln, who spoke in a crazy gibberish language.

"Oh yeah, Doodle Lincoln! I should've never touched that pen…wait, that's really the villain you're giving me?" Lincoln said to the author.

"Enough stalling! Let's fight!" Beautiful Gorgeous said. The villains charged after the heroes.

"Let's boogie!" Spongebob said. The heroes jumped in the air, as the heroes and villains were going to collide with each other.


Down the beam, two boys, three girls, a robot and a starfish were about to face Technus' minions of robots.

"Well, you guys ready to save Amity Park and the world?" Sam asked.

"Hey, how come we have to deal with Technus robots?" Carl said.

"Because we're the sidekicks, Carl! We're supposed to help the heroes!" Sheen said. "And be the real stars of these adventures!"

Patrick was busy finishing a Krabby Patty. "Now I'm ready!" Patrick stomach rumbled. "Nope, I'm still hungry!" Patrick ate another Krabby Patty.

"I'm ready to party, you machines!" Frida said, holding the Plata glove in her hands.

"WHEE-HEE!" GIR cried out. "You're all my friends! BUT…I MUST DESTROY YOU ALL!" He took out guns in his hands with his Red eyes. "Friends!"

"We're going to send you robots bolting out of here!" Luan laughed. "Get it?"

GIR gave a completely forced and loud laugh. "I don't get it." he replied.

The robots took out their weapons.

"Get ready guys!" Sam said.

"Wait, we need a song to brawl to!" Sheen said.

"What are you talking about?" Luan responded.

"We always have a song playing when we do our climatic fight! Quick, rocker lady, sing something!"

"But I didn't write anything!" Frida said.

"I got you guys prepared!" Patrick said, as he threw a tape at Sheen. "Throwback Jams? This is a bunch of old music!"

"We can't use real music!" Carl said. "We might get sued!"

"Carl, this is just a story! That evil company with a V can't get to us!" Sheen said.

"Yeah, but didn't that movie about the raccoon and the tree in space do it before we did?!"

"Oh yeah, I remember that one." Sheen said. "I think it was called the Grinch! But anyways, they don't care! Now time to crank up the tunes! Goddard, my man!"

Goddard flew down from the fight, and Sheen threw the cassette. Goddard ate it up, as his body turned into a boombox. Soon, the opening drums of Dancing With Myself started playing. The robots started to come closer to the gang, as the gang prepared their weapons. Then, the robots started to charge.

"Here comes the chosen one!" Sheen said, as his Ultra Lord wings popped up, and he flew past the minion of robots.


Sheen fired lasers from his glove, blowing up a section of robots, while flying in the air. Then, he landed on the ground with his feet, and started dancing to the music. While with that, he launched a few kicks to attacking robots. He did a riverdance stomp on top of one robot, and then he square danced with another robot, sending him flying towards another one, causing an explosion. "I love this job!"

A-when there's no one else in sight, A-in crowded lonely night, Well, I wait so long for my love vibration, And I'm dancing with myself

Patrick then started to dance, while still eating his Krabby Patty. He was completely oblivious to his surroundings. Meanwhile, in the background, the heroes were off the platform, and were fighting each other. Spongebob threw Plankton's robot down, and started punching the robot's glass cover.

"Hi, Spongebob!"

"Hi, Patrick!"

Oh oh, Dancing with a-myself, Oh, oh, dancing with myself, Well, there's nothing to lose, And there's nothing to prove, well, Dancing a-with myself

Both continued doing what they were doing, with Plankton lunging on Spongebob, but Patrick's Krabby Patty and hand was now in the mouth of a giant robot creature. "Get that out of your mouth!" Patrick said, as he then used his hand to punch the creature's head, and then he stomped on it with all his force. The creature spit out the Krabby Patty, which now had a green substance covering it. Patrick tried sniffing it, but then continued to eat it. Meanwhile, in back of him, Beautiful Gorgeous was kicking and punching Jimmy's robot armor, but then, Patrick, without noticing, threw the rest of the Krabby Patty at BG's face.

"My face! My beautiful $40 waxed face!" Jimmy immediately sent BG flying back.

If I looked all over the world and there's every type of girl but your empty eyes seem to pass me by and leave me dancin' with myself.

Carl was now running away from the Cluster bots, avoiding each and every passing robot, even ones trying to grab him. In back of him, Jenny fired at the Technus bots, blowing all of them up with missiles. Then, next to her feet, Killgore appeared. "I WILL SEND YOU TO YOUR DOOM!" Killgore said, slowly walking towards Jenny. However, after rolling her eyes, Jenny gave the little toy a soft kick, knocking him over, as he was struggling to get up. Carl quickly lifted him back up. "Thanks, puny human! SURRENDER!" he went back to attacking Jenny, as she went back to Carl and crossed her arms. "What?! He's adorable!" He continued running. After stopping in an alley, he looked to see how much destruction there was from the robots, and was happy to see how many robots he has dodged.

If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance and I'll be dancin' with myself, oh oh

Frida jumped in the middle of the Technus bots, laughed and threw the Plata glove in the air, hoping to make it land on her hand. Instead, it hit her head, and fell to the ground. "OW! I should really practice at this!" Frida then popped the glove in her arm, turning into "PLATA PELIGROSA! Jr.!". She then lunged at one Technus bot, throwing him into a herd of them, and then picked one up, and started slamming it into more of the robots. In back of her, Manny was fighting Black Cuervo in the air, as both of them were spinning, passing Frida each time. By the third time, both of them were salsa dancing with each other. Frida had to slap Black Cuervo out of Manny's gasp to get the hero the message.

Luan ran behind her and then had her pies behind him.

"You'll like this pie!" Luan said. "The flavor really does HIT you!" she threw a pie bomb at one of the robots, and then turned to another.


"You really need more good TASTE!" she threw another pie at one of the robots.

"I'm not a dentist, but I can give you a FILLING!" BOOM! As she laughed again. In back of her, Timmy and Crocker were fighting, with the crazy teacher using his new scepter to hit Timmy, but he jumped over the passing stick, but then grabbed Timmy. Poof then lifted his feet up, and started pounding him floor to floor, eventually throwing him in the air, blowing a raspberry at him.

"HELLO!" GIR said, as he was about to jump into a crowd of the robots. However, he ended up taking out a swarm of them, while dancing to the music. However, more robots surrounded him, and he turned red, firing at more of the robots. Passing him, was Dib falling on the ground. The Plunger of Doom was on his face, as he was trying to pull it off. Zim lifted him, and flew back in the air. GIR then got punched in the face by a Tech-bot, and then started dancing again. Even Goddard, who was playing the boombox, was tapping his head while shooting out of the turret from his back. In back of him, Technus was fighting Danny, who he trapped with mechanical tentacles, zapping him. Frida quickly picked him up, and slammed him into the wall.

Finally, Sam turned on her upgraded suit, shooting at the Tech-bots. She blasted them into pieces with both of her arms, then flew up in the air to get a better aim at the ground ones. Some even flew after her, but she quickly shot at their heads, making them crash down to the ground.

Then behind her, Danny used his ghostly wail at Technus, who smacked into the beam, electrocuting it, and stopping all of its' functions, shutting it down for good, and then Carl used the shrink ray to make it under his foot and then crushed it, as the music stopped from Goddard.


The villains were then tied up by a metal rope, except Dib. Timmy broke Crockers' scepter, freeing the two fairies.

"This isn't over, children!" Beautiful Gorgerous said. "We will be back, and we will get rid of all of you! One by one!" Beautiful Gorgergous then gave her annoying laugh.

"Seriously lady, your laugh hurts my ear systems!" Technus said.

"Oh shut up, Metal Slimer!" Beautiful Gorgeous said. "As opposed to the middle-aged teacher's laugh?"

"Hey! At least I'm not so bad looking for a middle aged teacher!"

"Yeah, that's why you still live with your mother!" BG replied.

"Not my fault, I don't get paid enough!" Crocker said. "Besides, at least my wife isn't a computer!"

"You've told me you've dated computers before too!" Plankton responded. "All of them destroyed their systems a second after they saw you!"

"Not any better than my dates!" Technus responded.

"You guys are all pathetic!" Black Cuervo said.

"This is why you should just stick with school, kid!" Beautiful Gorgeous told Black Cuervo. "So you won't end up like these lonely clowns!"

The group was thrown into the police car, to be thrown into one of the biggest maximum security prisons. Dib was standing by the car. "Um, no hard feelings right?" Dib responded.

"Guys, I wish the traitor was back home!" the fairies poofed Dib back to his house.

"What do we do with Killgore?" Spongebob asked.

"I SHALL SEEK MY REVENGE ON YOU PUNY HUMANS! FOR MY NAME ISN'T KILLGOOOOOOOO….." The toy then stopped moving. "Leave him." Jenny annoyingly said, as SB looked worried.

"Well! We saved the world again!" Timmy said.

"That was an awesome adventure! With action, character development, and much more!" Manny said.

"And we couldn't have done it too without our friends!" Spongebob said, looking at the sidekicks.

"Anything for you heroes!" Sam said.

"Well, I guess it's time to go ho." PEW! The eight heroes were quickly beamed into a spaceship from the air. However, it wasn't a Cluster ship this time, but a much larger ship. It then flew off into space.

Everyone quickly looked at each other, and then gave a long scream.


"AHHHHHHH!" Everyone was screaming, as all the pedestrians around them kept doing their regular business.

"Alright, let's stop with the screaming!" Sam said.

"What are we gonna do?" Patrick asked. "Spongebob was taken by the flying Frisbee!"

"They took Lincoln!" Luan said. "I can't believe this is happening again, except it's him instead of me and the sisters!"

"I can't fight without Manny!" Frida said.

"My master, Zimmy!" GIR said.

"We have to save Jimmy!" Sheen said. "Who knows what those aliens will do to him?! They could dissect him, or eat him, or make him hear poetry!"

"Oh no, POETRY!" Carl said. "Actually, poetry is a beautiful form of writing!"

"I mean, TERRIBLE poetry!" Sheen said, as Carl screamed. "Wait, how would that…?"

"TERRIBLE POETRY!" Sheen snapped in his face.

"Guys, guys!" Sam said. "I have a plan, why don't we just…?"

"I know! We'll get all of our friends together and help save them from that evil force we don't know!"

"I was about to suggest that until you cut me off!" Sam said.

"Oh no! What if it's Vlad, or Vexas and the Clusters again? Who knows who would want Jimmy?!" Carl said. "Actually, I think everyone, but still, THE HORRORS OF THE UNKNOWN!"

"How can it be the Cluster?" Frida asked. "We defeated them with our own bare and dirty hands!"

"Look, let's just stick with the plan. Did any of you guys bring your recaller things?" Sam asked.

GIR pulled one out of his head. "I'm gonna visit the piggy!" GIR laughed as he used his recaller to transport back to the base.

"GIR, don't!" Sam said. "Well, now that the psycho robot is gone, it's just us."

"Yeah, um. We didn't bring ours." Carl said with Sheen.

"I might've misplaced it with Mr. Coconuts!" Luan said.

"Your puppet?" Sam annoyingly asked.

"Hey, he wouldn't stop lumbering around!" Luan laughed. "Get it? But seriously, it was my fault."

"Your excuse?" Sam turned to Frida.

"A dog ate it, and gave it to Santana of the Dead!" Frida said.

"What really happened?" Sam asked.

"I…ate it." Frida said.

"Come on, Frida! It wouldn't hurt to tell the truth!"

"Yeah, that's my excuse!" Patrick said. "Are you copying me?"

"I ate it!" Frida remembered the visual. She was tearing into the top of the recaller, biting the top off and eating it's wires, while looking like she was in an insane asylum. "I was…in a bad mood that day!"

"What, did someone eat your churros that day?"

"Actually, it was a lot more than that, for you see…"

"No time for flashbacks!" Sheen said. "To the lab!" Sheen looked around to see if they were transporting to the lab. "Um, this is the part where we all teleport to the lab!"

"Look, here's my recaller!" Sam threw it to them. "You guys go to Jimmy's lab! I'll get Tucker and meet you guys there!"

"Now to the lab!" Sheen said, as the characters teleported to Jimmy's lab with it. Sam then saw Tucker running towards her. "Sam!" he called.

"Tucker, Danny's been…"

"I know! I saw the whole thing! He got kidnapped by aliens, again! Alright, that actually sounds pretty cool!"

"Focus, Tucker! We can't let Danny be turned into a weapon again!"

"I'm already prepared!" Tucker said. "I got my PDA with me, and no agonizing family trips to stop me this time! With me, we'll easily find Danny!"

Sam started preparing the recaller. "Alright, to Retroville, and then, we're going to space!" Sam was about to transport them to Retroville, when…

"WAIT!" Jazz blocked the two of them. "You guys are not taking off to save Danny without me!"

"Oh no." Sam said.

"Sorry Jazz, but we are in a hurry!" Tucker said.

"I won't let you guys just throw me on the sidelines again! As Danny's older sister, I.."

"We know!" Sam said, as both Tucker and Sam repeated this. "It's your responsibility to watch out for him and make sure he's safe at all times!"

"Yep, you guys know! Plus, as a member of Team Phantom, I believe I should aid you two! Also, I've already got my weapons!" Ghost weapons were already in back of her.

"Jazz, I really don't think this adventure is your type of thing." Sam said. "We might be going into...space!"

"I don't care! If I have to pull Danny out of a black hole or blow up an asteroid for him, then I'll do it!"

"There's one more thing! We're uh…out of room for our team, and they already have me!" Tucker said. "The one tech genius who can guide ourfellow heroes to victory!"

At that moment, Tucker was grabbed by his parents again.

"Come on, son! We're late for the family reunion!" Mr. Foley said.

"What?! I thought we had no plans this week!" Tucker said.

"We already told you the family reunion moved from next week to today!" Mrs. Foley said.

"But wait, I can't go! Danny's trapped in space!"

"And your grandfather is trapped in a retirement home! Now come on!" Mr. Foley said.

Tucker screamed once again, as he drove off. "NOT AGAIN!" Both looked at Tucker drive off.

"Now you have to let me in!" Jazz happily smirked crossing her arms.

"Fine. Jazz…you're one of the heroes now." Sam said, as Jazz smiled. "I promise, I'll offer as many services as I can to this team!'

"Hold on, did Danny forget his thermos again?" Jazz asked.

"Look I don't know, but can we.."

"If he didn't, then I'm giving him another brother to sister lecture!" Jazz said.

Sam groaned. "At least she doesn't know about the Clusters turning him into a killer."

"Who turned Danny into WHAT?!" Jazz said. "Did something happen to Danny on that last adventure?! This is why you guys need me!"

Sam sighed again. "Me and my big mouth."

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Chapter 2: A Hack Tries To Hack

Back in Retroville, Carl, Sheen, Frida, Patrick and Luan were teleported to Jimmy's backyard, and near the front of his lab.

"What are we gonna do now?!" Carl asked.

"Carl, stop worrying! You should know by now Jimmy always has something useful and convenient in his lab!" Sheen said. "Quick, think of something that could help us find them!"

"His hypno beam?" Carl nervously asked.

"Carl, be real! What use would that do?" Sheen asked. "What? Are we just gonna hypnotize the aliens and ask politely to bring our friends back?" Sheen then thought about this. "Hey, I should've thought of that! We just need a big satellite!" He then saw the satellite on top of the Neutron house. "And we've found it!" Sheen said, trying to climb on the walls of the Neutron household. "Hey Patrick! Throw me up here!"

"At your service, little boy!" Patrick happily walked to Sheen.

"Wait, since Jimmy's a genius, doesn't he have a GPS or something?" Luan asked.

"That's right! He has one on Goddard!" Carl said. "And I bet Jimmy has it on his smart computer thingy!"

"Wait, my idea will work!" Sheen now being held by Patrick. "Throw me up there, Patrick!" Patrick threw Sheen in the air, but instead of landing on the roof, Sheen landed in back of Patrick. "I think it's time for a tooth fairy visit!" Sheen said. "Alright, I forfeit! To the lab this time!" Sheen said.

"Aw man!" Frida looked at VOX. "I think we need a password!"

"No, just some of Jimmy's hair!" Sheen said. "Carl, pull out your bag of Jimmy's hair!"

"Um, what?" Frida asked.

"You keep a bag of Jimmy's hair?" Luan asked.

"That is a lie! I don't know what he's talking about!" Sheen pulled out the bag from Carl's back pocket.

"Liars never prosper!" Sheen raised his finger. "Just look at Richard Nixon, or Milli Vanilli!"

"Why do you even have that?" Luan creepily asked.

"What? It's what friends do!" Patrick said. "Spongebob and I keep each other's armpit hair as mementos!" Luan got creeped out by this.

"It's not mine, no really, it's…I…um…I got it from his brush thinking it was Judy's..."

"How do you sleep at night?" Frida asked.

Sheen pulled hair out of the bag, and used VOX to scan it. The door then opened. "Well enough of that, let's get Jimmy's inventions!"

"Wait, I though Jimmy doesn't like girls in his lab!"

"Are you kidding?" Luan said.

"Oh come on!" Frida said.

"Nonsense Carl! That only applies to Cindy!" Sheen said. "Besides, these are cool girls!"

"Yeah, we're cool!" Patrick said.

"Patrick, you're a guy!" Luan said.

"Really? Because biology tells me.."

"JUST GET INTO THE LAB!" Sheen barked.

The girls ran in to the front entrance. Frida started sniffing the place.

"Why does this place smell like chocolate?" Frida happily asked.

Luan walked into the lab, but then the alarm went off, as a hand grabbed Luan's skirt, and threw her into the trash. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I pranked him. Unlike me, at least it didn't go to WASTE." She laughed.

The toons were then sucked into a slide on the floor, leading them to the main invention and computer room.

"Whoa, this place looks awesome!" Frida said. "I WANNA TOUCH THAT!" Carl grabbed Frida's arm. "Oh no, we cannot touch anything in Jimmy's lab, as respect for him!" Frida groaned. "Come on, I just wanted to see his inventions and steal the…I mean, treat them with kindness and respect!" Frida's eyebrows twitched.

"You know, I'm surprised Jimmy doesn't have his own little security robot or something to keep us out!" Sheen said.

"Sheen in the lab unattended!" the computers voice said. "Automatic lockdown commenced!" Every table and invention was covered by a metal sheet. One even cut off Patrick's arm, as he was touching an invention. "It's okay! I can make a new one!" Patrick's arm grew back. "See? Now the kiddies won't have nightmares!"

"I'm guessing he hasn't forgotten about the rocket incident! Well, GET OVER IT!" A hand slapped Sheen in the face. "Alright, I had that one coming!"

"Great, now how are we going to use the computer?"

"Let's try asking nicely!" Carl said. "Oh, Jimmy's security thingy! Jimmy is in trouble, and we need to use the computer to search for Goddard's chip gizmo! Don't worry, we promise we won't let Sheen break anything!"

Sheen blew his lips. "Like I was going to touch your stupid inventions anyhow!"

The keyboard opened up for Carl.

"See? Honesty does pay off!" Carl said.

"LET ME TOUCH THE KEYBOARD!" Sheen came running to the keyboard, as Patrick grabbed him. "Get your fingerless arms off me, beast!"

"Fingerless?" Patrick started tearing up.

"Now to find Goddard!" Carl said, using the keyboard. However, the screen was on a password page.

"A password?!" Luan said.

"Curse you technology!" Sheen called out.

"Hey, that was my line!" Patrick said.

"Don't worry guys!" Frida pushed Carl off the keyboard. "I got this one in the bag! I know how to hack into computers! All you have to do is guess as many passwords until you get it right!"

"Um, I don't think that's how it works." Carl said.

"Well, it's worth a shot!" She typed in SCIENCE. ACCESS DENIED. "Well, let's try again!"

"Don't worry, I got this, guys!"



"I really think you should stop typing passwords!" Carl said.

"I got this!" Frida said.


"Why did you think that would be Jimmy's password?" Luan asked.

"Hey, have you tried a churro?!" Frida barked. "It fuels the mind with intelligence!"

"Please, let's just leave this alone!" Carl said. "Or else something worse might happen!"

"You're right! What was I thinking?" Frida asked looking down. "Let's just go for help!"

The computer screen was back to the regular password screen. Frida went back to the screen and typed PASSWORD. ACCESS DENIED. 30 MINUTES UNTIL NEXT ATTEMPT.

"30 MINUTES?!" Frida barked.

"Way to go, you hack!" Luan laughed. "But seriously, now how are we going to find Lincoln and the others?"

Now, teleporting into the lab was Sam and Jazz.

"Um hello? Where's the security in this place?" Sheen asked.

"Have you guys found Danny and the others yet?" Sam asked.

"Sadly no, and we're not going to in the next half hour, because Frida over here locked us out of the computer!" Luan pointed at Frida.

"Hey, at least I was making the effort!" Frida said.

"So I guess this is our team?" Jazz asked. "Well then, allow me to introduce myself, I'm…"

"We already know who you are!" Sheen said.

"Your Danny's sister!" Carl said. "Say, do you know about what the Clusters did to Dan…" Sam instantly covered Carl's mouth. "Silly Carl!" Sam said. "You mean blisters! You'll find out when you reach puberty!" She then turned to Carl's ear. "She CANNOT find out about what happened with Danny, or she'll never leave him alone again!"

"Since we're locked out, we might as well assemble a bigger team!" Sam said. "Everyone, we have to split up this time! We're going to have to get as much friends as we can!"

"But we don't have enough recallers!" Carl said.

"It's okay, we have more in here!" Sheen said, as he was near a cardboard box near recallers. "At least he didn't booby trap these!" Sheen was shocked by them. "Never mind!" Sam grabbed the recallers, and gave them to the group.

"Do all of you know where to go?" Sam asked.

"We're on it! Carl and I will go to Dimmsdale to find Timmy's friends!" Sheen said.

"I'll go back to Royal Woods to get the rest of my sisters!" Luan said.

"I'll go with you!" Jazz said. "Sister to sister!"

"Please don't say that again." Luan said.

"I'll go to the Bikini Bottom to get Sandy, and Squidward!" Patrick happily said.

Meanwhile, back in the BB, Squidward was busy tanning, until he sensed something. "No, not again!" Squidward ran into the house, and it sunk into the sand.

"Frida, you're coming with me!" Sam said. "We're going to Tremorton!"

"Oh good! I'm still supposed to be grounded after running away to stop the Clusters!" Frida said.

"Well, you're safe with me, kid!" Sam said. "Now, everyone, do your thing!"

Everyone used their recaller to transport to their destination…except Patrick. "Wait, I don't know how to use this!" Patrick said. "Oh well!" Patrick stuffed the recaller in his mouth, and teleported.

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Chapter 3: Return of the Hideous Girl

Jimmy woke up with his head lying on Goddard's back. After rubbing his eyes, he felt nothing but confusion of where he was, and even tried to see what time it was. However, his trademark watch was off of his arm.

"My watch!" Jimmy said, as he looked around him again. In front of him was glass, surrounding an entire area around him. "Where on Earth am I?" Jimmy said, as he started tapping the glass. In back of him, Goddard woke up from his sleep. "Goddard, blast us out of here!" Nothing came out of Goddard's back. "Quick, ultra-sonic sound!" Out of Goddard's mouth, nothing came out, but a burp. "What is going on here?"

All of the other six toons, along with Cosmo and Wanda were passed out.

"Guys, wake up!" Nothing happened. However, Goddard did have one tool inside him, which was an air horn. "At least I still have this...for some unexplained reason. This will hurt me equally as much as them." He blew the airhorn, waking everyone in the ship up.

"My ears!" Lincoln said.

"What's the deal, Neutron?!" Timmy asked.

"Yeah, you ruined my dream!" Manny said. "I was the greatest ballerina in the wor...I mean, the greatest VILLAIN in the world!" He gave a fake laugh.

"Well Timmy, my deal is that we've been kidnapped!" Jimmy said.

"Where are we?" Danny asked.

"We're trapped inside a glass vase!" Spongebob said, banging on the glass.

Lincoln looked out the window from inside the glass "Whoa! We're in space!" Lincoln said. "This is awesome!"

"Dude, did you forget the whole kidnapping part?" Danny asked.

"No, but it's always been one of my dreams to visit space!" Lincoln said. "Though this isn't how I'd imagine it."

"I've had enough of this! I'm getting us out of here!" Danny tried to turn invisible, but nothing happened. "Oh no, my ghost powers aren't working!"

"Step away, Danny! It's my turn now! Guys, I wish we were back on Earth!" No points for guessing what happened. "Our magic isn't functioning!" Wanda said.

"Shocker." Jimmy responded, as Wanda quickly hit Jimmy's head with her wand.

"Don't worry guys! Jenny will help us out!" Spongebob saw Jenny passed out on the floor, with her eyes shut off. "Jenny, you can wake up now!" Still nothing. "Jenny?" Spongebob started poking her with a stick.

"She's been shut off!" Jimmy said.

"Time to unleash the power of..." Manny tried spinning his belt, but nothing was on his pants. "My belt! Someone stole my belt too!"

"You fools!" Zim said. "All of your powers are worthless inside this glass! For this is one of the Irkens' strongest security materials for keeping prisoners! MegaDoom Glass!"

"Is that really the name of this material?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Zim asked.

"That's actually a pretty cool name!" Lincoln said.

"No, it sounds ridiculous! Couldn't your Tallest or whoever named this material think of a more scientific name?"

"You dare question the Irken naming system?!" Zim pointed out.

"Wait a minute, if you know all about this Doomy glass, that means you trapped us in here!" Timmy asked.

"What proper logic! Blame the alien for trapping you in something he's trapped himself in!" Danny said. "Besides, I don't think Zim is responsible for this!"

"The ghost boy is right! This isn't my doing!"

"Well, who else could be responsible for this?" Timmy asked.

The heroes then heard steps coming near the glass.

"Oh no! He's coming!" Spongebob said.

Stepping in front of the glass tank was an Irken, this time with purple eyes. By her side was a SIR Unit. "Hello, heroes."

"Tak!" Zim said, stepping on the glass. "You're behind this!"

"Tak? Reminds me of someone else!" Cosmo said. "Sounds like a forgotten magic character long past his prime!"

"And I dread seeing you too again, Invader Zim!"

I told you this once, and I'm gonna tell you again… YOU CANNOT HAVE MY ROBOT BEE!"

"Yeah, you're not taking his..wait, what robot bee?" Spongebob asked.

"Yet you still haven't changed a bit since our last encounter." Tak said.

"You two know each other?" Spongebob asked.

"Of course I do! She attempted to steal my mission! "

"You mean reclaim what is rightfully mine?" Tak responded.

"Reclaim what's yours?" Jimmy asked. "You mean you want the Earth too?"

"What else would I want, human with over-sized head?" Tak said. "Yet, Zim and his friends have foiled my first plan of draining the Earth's magma!" A television screen appeared on MiMi, showing the last adventure.

"When was this?!" Danny asked. "I don't remember that ever happening!"

"Wow, Jorgen wasn't kidding about mind-wiping the Earth!" Timmy said. "Hang on, I thought the Irkens didn't want to take over Earth!" Timmy said.

"Wrong, Turner!" Zim said. "Have you forgotten about my Tallest's secret mission?!"

"And his mind is still in la-la land!" Jimmy said.

"Listen, Irken!" Lincoln said. "You won't get away with taking over our planet! We stopped the Cluster from stealing it, so stopping you will be a piece of cake!"

"Is that so?" Tak asked. "None of you have your weapons to escape my glass, and might I say, all of your weapons will be beneficial to me, EXCEPT THE SPONGES ACID WATER!"

"Better be careful Tak, or else there will be a lot more to soak in!" Spongebob laughed.

"However, at least your little artificial female comrade had all the weapons I could ever desire!"

"What did you do with Jenny?" Danny asked, while SB and Cosmo were poking Jenny. "Yay, my favorite game: Poke the robot!" Cosmo said. "My mother was wrong about this game! Though I still had thirteen stitches the last time I played it!" Jimmy pushed the two out of the way, and opened up Jenny's head.

"Simple, I disarmed the combat android. However, don't get any ideas for her being your little escape tool, because all of her weapons are gone from her body! I didn't waste them though, for I donated a good chunk of them to Mimi here!"

Out of Mimi's hands were Jenny's guns and buzzsaws. "I adore my new weapons, master." She said in a male British voice.

"Mimi? Isn't that a girl's name?" Timmy asked.

Tak groaned. "She is a female! It's this new voice chip! I absolutely loathe it!" Tak said. "Remind me to get you a new voice chip, servant!"

"How were you able to locate us?" Jimmy asked.

"I saw that bounty placed on all of your heads." Tak said. "Then, I found out about all of you being Earth's defenders, from both those phantoms, and the Cluster! I knew that I couldn't conquer Earth with any of you roaming around!"

"Well good luck on collecting that bounty!" Manny said. "Jenny here and her friend Melody blew up the Cluster, so ha, you're not getting any money!"

"This isn't about money you fool!" Tak said. "You think I care about greed?"

"Then, does that mean you're going to kill us?" Spongebob frighteningly asked.

"Kill you? What good would that do?" Tak asked. "Instead, I'm turning you peasants in to the Nebulon-7 Maximum Prison!"

"Prison? But I have a snail to feed!" Spongebob said. "Oh, how hungry and hopeless my snail must be right now!" Back at the Bikini Bottom, Gary was throwing a party at the house, with a bunch of snails. (Picture the music being Ska-Boogie)

"I had another option, which was turning all of you in to your supposed opponents, but I've witnessed how all of you overpower them, so that was doomed to fail! Keeping you separate from your home planet was my only option."

"You know Tak, keeping us alive was a pretty smart option, because when we get out of here, all of us are going to kick your green little butt!" Danny said.

"But you have no escape routes! This is the strongest glass in all of the universe, and all of you are deemed powerless to me! What other options do you have?" Sje laughed. "Now excuse me, I have to return to my destination: your eternal incarceration!" Tak started heading towards the door in back of her.

"What will you do to our planet?!" Manny asked.

"Oh, tiger boy, just wait and see, for I…have yet to figure that out, but I'll come up with something after I turn you fools in." Tak responded, and then she left the room with Mimi.

As Tak was busy talking, Jimmy was busy repairing Jenny's head. She then turned on, as she groaned and rubbed her head. "How long was I out?" She looked around, noticing that all the toons were trapped. "Stand back, boys! I'll get us out!" She tried to transform her hands into guns, but nothing happened. "My weapons! What happened to all my weapons?" Jenny asked.

"An Irken stole them, Jenny." Jimmy responded. "She both trapped and weakened us, and stole all of our weapons."

"You mean we're stuck on an alien spaceship?!" Jenny asked, trying to bang on the glass. "We've got to get us out of here!" She kept banging on the glass, with each blow being faster and harder, but the glass remained unharmed. "How strong is this glass?!"

"There has to be a way out of here!" Lincoln said, also banging on the glass. "I can't go to a space jail! I haven't even walked on the moon yet!"

"Wait guys, I have an idea!" Timmy said.

"Can it help us escape?" Jenny asked.

"No, but it's our only option: let's not do anything!"

Everyone didn't know how to respond. "What?" Manny asked.

"Let's just kick back this time!"

"You know, you're right, Turner! Maybe our minds will conjure up a plan to escape this ship!"

"Or maybe we won't let Tak see how threatened we are, since she's sparing us!"

"Actually, I'm only saying that because our friends will save us anyhow."

"And there goes your credibility. Timmy, are you nuts?" Jimmy asked. "Tak is going to incarcerate us millions of lightyears from our homes, and then destroy Earth! Our friends can't possibly face off with that without us!"

"But they helped us fight the Cluster and those ghosts! Why can't it be the same for this?"

"Timmy, I can name two reasons why our friends can't get us out of this predicament!" Jimmy responded. "For one thing, none of them possess the skills me, Zim, Jenny, or even you have to survive space!" Jimmy said.

"Um, didn't Sheen survive on another planet?" Danny asked. "And then flew back to Earth?"

"Danny, are you trying to convince me Sheen will be the main figure to bust us out?"

Danny thought about this. "You're right. Forget what I said."

"Back to my point, second, they don't know our precise location. Tak took all of our recallers, and we do not have any other communication gadgets to make a distress call or track where we're at…unless…Goddard, show us your location on the screen." Goddard's screen appeared, showing where the gang was. "Ha! Looks like Tak didn't take everything from you, boy! She removed the GPS in Goddard's head, but not the back-up lodged in his skin!"

"A back-up chip?" Manny asked.

"Of course!" Jenny said. "You must always carry a back-up inside you for emergencies!"

"Exactly, Jenny!" Jimmy happily said. "However, there's one flaw with this. The only way to track Goddard's chip is through my computer, and neither Carl, Sheen or any of our friends know the password to my computer! That, and I've been real tight with my security for Sheen!"

"But what other option do could they have?"

"The only one who could possibly know about my lab as much as me is.." Jimmy thought about it. "No. Absolutely no. Both of them are going to get it if they let Cindy into my lab!"

"Cindy? I thought you two were…" Timmy tried to suck his words in. "DATING."

"We are, but that doesn't mean we still have a rivalry!"

"Wow, I didn't expect Earth relationships to be so hostile." Zim said.

"Eh, that's only love to them apparently." Timmy said.

"But who cares? Let's hope she's able to find us!" Timmy said. "I mean, what could you be embarrassed about? Your password?"

"Actually, um…"

"What is it?" Timmy asked with a smirk on his face.

"Never mind that! It seems like our friends are our only hope, and since they still have recallers, and if Timmy is correct, then they'll come together and bust us out of here!"

On the other side of the wall, MiMi, using Jenny's supersonic hearing aids, was overhearing the whole thing. "Aw, what useful information!" he said. "The master would surely like this!" He ran to where Tak was.

"I have full faith they will succeed!" Spongebob said.

"I hope so." Jimmy said.

"So…what do we do now?" Lincoln asked. Inside Goddard's back, was also the hyper cube.

"Thankfully for emergencies, I've stored both board and video games in my cube! Anybody want to join?" Jimmy asked.

"Aw sweet, do you have any Nin….Pingendo games?"

"Lots of them! Perhaps the entire library from the past two decades!"

Lincoln's eyes lit up. "I love Science!"

"I'm starting to feel wrong for doing this." Danny said. "Leaving our friends to do all the saving for us."

"Danny, we're powerless!" Timmy said. "Besides, don't you want at least one break from saving the world?"

"Yes, but my family is more important than…!" Danny said, but then he saw Neutron's TV poof up the video games. "The largest video game collection I've ever seen!" Danny's pupils were sparkling, but then he sighed. "I wish good luck for Sam!"

"Wait, are you serious guys? You're just going to give up trying to escape this ship?!" Jenny snapped.

"It's apparently our only option, XJ9!" Zim said. "Besides, if it makes Tak feel less threatening, then I'm in for whatever Earth games my so-called "comrades" have stored!"

"But our friends!"

"They helped us defeat the Cluster, didn't they?" Lincoln asked.

"Well then, I guess I'll join you guys!" Jenny said, huddling around the TV.

"Wait, where's my baby?" Wanda asked. "Oh no, Poof is still at Spellementary School! I left my baby alone!"

"Mother of the year!" Cosmo said, as Wanda hit him. "What? At least you're not a pageant mother!"

Wanda was not slamming on the glass. "I have to see my baby again! He's probably alone and scared!" Wanda was pounding harder on the glass.. "When I get out of this vase, I'm gonna give this Tak a beating of a lifetime!" Wanda snapped.

"Oh please!" Zim said. "You wouldn't stand a chance against an Irken like her, floating thing!" Wanda then picked up Zim by the shirt. "You never mess with a mother, Zim!"

"Easy for you to say! My mother was a mechanical arm!" Zim said.

"Wanda relax! Poof will be fine! After all, he'll have that one girl to keep him company!"

"Um, who is this one girl?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, um…"

"You found a girlfriend, Timmy!" Spongebob said. "Congratulations!"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Timmy said. "But she's kind of sweet, and cuckoo…"

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Chapter 4: Collecting The Heroes (Really three chapters put together from Fanfiction.net)


Carl and Sheen were now back in Timmy's hometown, as they were standing in front of the Turner residence.

"Woo-hoo! I'm flat again!" Sheen said, but his smile faded as he kept moving around. "Hey! Why do I move so choppy?"

Carl moved at the same pace too. "Eh, I don't feel the difference!"

"That's because your back breaks every 3 minutes, Carl!" Sheen said. At their spot, a bus came from the sky, as Poof poofed out of it. "Poof Poof!" he waved at the bus.

"Hey, it's that witch baby again!" Sheen pointed.

"It's Poof!" Carl said, grabbing him. "Oh hello, Poof! Wait a minute, those aliens took Cosmo and Wanda! I can't break the news to the little guy!"

"It's alright, Carl! We'll just do what our parents do: lie to us to prevent any scars at early adolescence!" Sheen turned to Poof. "Oh, I can't handle this! THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY! THE TOOTH FAIRY IS A MYTH! YOUR DOG DIDN'T RUN AWAY TO A PUPPY FARM! THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE AS POTTY LAND! YOUR PARENTS AND TIMMY HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS!" Sheen ended up getting a giant egg thrown at him."Shut up, ya non-believer!" The Easter Bunny said next to him. "Oh hey look, it's the Easter Bunny!" Sheen said.

Poof then started acting frightened after hearing that. "It's okay, little guy. Don't let the mean man with a large head shaped like a pizza scare you! We'll find them, after we find Timmy's friends."

"Did somebody say Timmy's friend?" A voice said, as swinging from a vine, and doing a backflip came a little blonde girl, with a purple tie, and a yellow dress.

"Who are you?" Sheen asked.

"I'm Chloe Carmichael, the sweetest and nicest girl in all of Dimmsdale, and Timmy's #1 best friend!"

Both Carl and Sheen looked at each other, and started laughing, falling to the ground. Of course, Carl strained his back again when lying on the floor. "Yeah right! Now would you mind, little girl, telling us where Timmy's real best friends are!" Sheen said.

"I am Timmy's best friend!" Chloe said.

Sheen died laughing on the floor again. "You? As Timmy's companion?!" Sheen said.

"Poor Timmy. He really must've not taken well Cindy dating Jimmy." Carl said.

"Well, Timmy and I are not a couple! We're just good friends!" Chloe said.

"Oh really?" Sheen asked. "Then what happened to the one with the braces and the basketball head?"

"Yeah, what happened to AJ and Chester?" Carl asked.

"I've moved on to College!" AJ said teaching a classroom.

"The network retconned…GAHHH!" Chester was stung by a tazer stick. "I mean, I moved!"

"Why must they pave paradise and put up a parking lot?" Sheen said, then he looked to his right. "Hey, is that the tooth fairy?" Sheen got a bag of teeth thrown at his face. "Did you get my letters?"

Carl was near Elmer and Sanjay holding signs that say "We're Timmy's friends!". "Hey, what about these two guys? They look like Timmy's friends!" Carl put his hand on Sanjay's shoulder. However, both of them fell flat to the ground, and Carl screamed, running to Sheen.

"It's okay! They're just cardboard cut-outs!" Chloe said.

"Why were they even there?" Carl asked as Sheen was holding on to him, but then dropped him to the ground.

"The mayor put them there to attract tourists." Chloe said.

"But wait, I thought Timmy's only girls was his crazy baby-sitters' sister, or that Trixie Tang girl!" Sheen walked near Trixie doing a pose. "Oh, there you are! Why hello!" Sheen screamed as he found out Trixie was yet another cardboard cut-out. "She's cardboard too?! WHAT IS LIFE?!"

"Yeah, he really put a lot of them here! I guess to fill up space!" Chloe said. "But anyways, what do you need me for?"

"Well, if you're really who you say you are, then…TIMMY'S BEEN KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS AGAIN!" Sheen shouted.

"What? Oh no!" Chloe said. "I have to save him! Let's go guys!"

"Hang on, why should we accept you on our super team, little girl?"

"Because I'm a strong, independent woman who has great fighting skills!" Chloe started chopping things around her, and chopped her mailbox in half, only for it to grow back somehow. "I'm also great at being the peacekeeper!" Chloe stopped two squirrels from fighting over a nut, as she gave the other one an extra one. "That, and I'm one of the most sweetest girls in the universe, and I don't have a sour touch!" Chloe rested her hand on a tree, which slowly rotted, as all of its leaves disappeared and turned to dust.

"Hmm, must be the seasonal rot!" Chloe said.


"Well the squirrel kinda fills your role, but we need to fill a universe quota. So you're in!"

"YES!" Chloe started cheering and dancing. "I'll save the world and melt with you!" she started singing.

"But this is a dangerous mission, Chloe!" Carl said. "We're going to space, with scary aliens and giant rocks and no cable and…!"

"Space?! That sounds cool! Wait, this means I'll get to be like my favorite character from Space Wars, May! Maybe I can learn to use the Grab! In fact, let me get my costume for this!" Chloe ran into the house, and jumped out the window. She was now in a sleeveless white robe with a brown belt wrapped around her, and her arms were covered in white sleeves.

"Wow, you changed in two seconds! You're perfect!" Sheen said. "In fact, you're too perfect! Quick Carl, she might not be human! If the worst comes, pull the trigger!"

"Let's go save Timmy!" Chloe said, pulling out her laser sword.

"I kind of have a bad feeling about this." Carl said.

"Wait kids! You wouldn't leave without Timmy's father, would you?" Timmy's father was dressed in an astronaut suit.

"Say, when did Timmy's dad start caring about his son?" Carl asked.

"Oh, he started hanging out with us more often for some reason!" Chloe responded.

"Time to save my boy!" Timmy's Dad said.

"Sorry, Timmy's dad! This is a mission for us friends only!" Carl, Sheen, and Chloe teleported the three of them back to Jimmy's base. Timmy's dad smile broke, as he started tearing up. "No. I will not back down! I'll be back for the climax!" Timmy's dad shouted. However, his body felt a tingling sensation. Then, he started moving normally again. He started running fast, and jumped high. "It's gone! I can move regularly again!"

Another citizen noticed this. "We don't move like poorly animated zombies anymore! It's gone! THE CURSE IS GONE!" Everyone in the city started cheering, and then partying.


Royal Woods. Inside the Loud House, all nine sisters were doing their normal everyday things. While Lucy and Leni were upstairs, Lori was on the phone with Bobby, Luna was jamming on her guitar, Lynn was kicking a bowling ball, Lana was chasing Lola with Hops, Lisa was doing math calculations and Lily was playing with a ball.

At that moment, Luan and Jazz busted in. "Guys, LI…DUCK!" Luan jumped out of the way, as a bucket filled with ketchup covered Jazz's head. "I forgot, I was saving that for Lincoln when we got back home! After this, he's got a lot to ketchup on!" she laughed, as Jazz lifted the bucket angrily. "But seriously, guys, Lincoln's in trouble!"

"What happened, Luan? And why are you with Danny Fenton's sister?"

"Lincoln's been abducted by aliens!"

"Along with my brother and the other heroes!" Jazz added on.

"What?! More aliens?!" Lana asked. Upstairs, Lucy heard this, and ran to her room. "I'm literally sick of aliens!" Lori said.

"They took my brother and the other guys too!" Jazz said. "As sisters, we must unite as one sisterhood to save the heroes! For all sisters of the world!" Everyone had no response at this. "What? I'm just trying to boast all of your confidence with motivational words!"

"Yeah whatever." Lori said. "But where are these aliens?"

"That's what we have yet to find out!" Jazz said.

"Luckily, I was able to chip Lincoln's pants." Lisa said, as others were creeped out by this. "It was for experimental purposes."

"You better not have put chips in our clothes!" Lori said.

"RIIIIGGHHHTTT." Lisa looked around suspiciously with a fake smile, pulling out her tracking device. "According to this tracker, Lincoln should be located about..." The tracker started acting haywire. "Aw great, another malfunction!" The tracker exploded in her hands, making her wig fly off. "Eerie, I believe I saw a cat during those last few seconds." Cliff climbed up the stairs suspiciously in a dark coat and a hat.

"Now how will we find Lincoln?" Luan asked.

"Actually, from those brief seconds, I believe Lincoln is moving past Saturn."

"Saturn? You mean we have to take another space trip?" Lori asked.

"They were kidnapped by extra terrestrials, so I presume you had a belief they were heading to Florida."

"Please don't tell me this means another three hour trip!" Lola said.

"I'm in! The Lynn-diator is back!" Lynn said.

"If it's for the little bro, then we'll do it!" Luna said. "Fly us to the moon, dudes!"

"Let's go girls!" Lori said, as everyone almost ran out of the house screaming for Lincoln, until…

"Hold it right there!" Lynn Sr. said, blocking the door. "Now that we're present for once, you girls aren't going anywhere!"

"Dad, Lincoln is in trouble!" Lola said.

"Our bro needs us!" Luna said.

"You might've survived those herd of ghosts, or all those alien robot bugs, but a trip to outer space? No way!" Lynn Sr. said. "Though that sounds AWESOME!"

"Dad, we can handle ourselves just fine!" Luan said.

"How can you not trust us after we literally survived those other adventures?"

"You know, Lori's right honey!" Rita said. "They did end up alright after those other times we had to find them!"

"Honey, they are our only daughters!"

"But this is about Lincoln, Lynn dear."

Lynn Sr. looked down. "Alright fine, you can go! But we're coming too!"

"Lynn! Let the kids have their adventure!"

"But we can't just let them leave without parental supervision! Besides, I want to visit space too!"


"Alright! But…the children stay, the young adults can go!"

"What?!" Lana said. "But I want to go to space too! I want to eat cheese on the moon!"

"Annnd I'm already visualizing myself slowly meeting my hand with the center of my face." Lisa said, still writing down math equations.

"Sorry guys." Lori said. "I guess it's just me, Lynn, Luna and Luan this time!"

"Hold on! All of the young adults!" Lynn Sr. said.

"You mean, we have to bring…"

Leni came screaming as she was up the stairs. "Guys! I can't find my make-up anywhere! I last remember putting it in my pocket, and now I can't find it!"

Everyone stared at her. "Did you try looking in your pocket?" Jazz asked.

Leni followed this. "Wow, you really are smart, Jazz!"

"At least somebody respects me!" Jazz smirked.

"Leni, come down here. You're coming with us!" Lori rolled her eyes.

"Ooh, are we going to the mall?" Leni asked.

"No, we're going to…space."

"Space?! You mean there's a secret city inside the keyboard?!"

"She means outer space!" Jazz said.

"Wait, you mean off of Earth? That's so gross! Please don't tell me we're going back to Clusto Prime Rib!" Leni said. "Why are we going to space anyways? Is Lincoln dragging us on one of his adventures again?"

"Actually, he's why we're going to space!" Lori said.

"Our little bro's been abducted by the space people!" Luna said.

"And we can't leave unless you go with us!" Lynn said.

"It's too gross, but I love Lincoln!" Leni then thought of something. "Like, Is there a mall in space?" Leni asked.

"Umm…sure?" Lori responded.

"Then I'm in!" Leni ran to the gang. "Let's swim to space!" she cheered, as the teenagers went outside.

"Sorry you little guys can't go." Jazz said to the kids. "Hey, wasn't there five of you?"

"Hey." Jazz got startled by Lucy. "Why does she keep doing that?!"

"Where were you, Lucy?" Lana asked.

"Asking for help from a spirit friend of mine." Lucy said.

"I really don't think we need any ghost troubles right now!" Jazz said, walking out of the house. "By the way, I know it was you who keeps sending those depressing love poems to Danny!"

"Gasp, how do you know?" Lucy said.

"Not even Sam writes poetry about how sad chocolate bars are, or how Danny is your rotten peanut butter to you dark ketchup!"


But then a water balloon struck her in the face. "Forgot about that one too!" Luan said. "You can't have ketchup sauce without the dip!" She laughed, as Jazz growled. She walked with the older Loud sisters, as the parents looked worried.

"Peace out, mom and dad!" Luna raised her peace sign. Both parents slowly waved sadly, though Rita had confidence. However, Jazz suddenly felt a strange wind in back of her, as if a figure was zooming.

"Did you guys hear that?" Jazz said, starting to reach for the weapon in back of her. "Sounds like a ghost is around here!"

"Probably just the wind or something." Lori said. In back of them, was something with green eyes giving a smirk, as the sisters teleported back to the lab.

"We should really get our mind off of this." Rita said.

"Hey, who wants to break their bones in a game of Twisty?!" Lana asked, as all the parents and kids happily cheered, as they went inside to play the game.


Back at the Bikini Bottom, Sandy was in the process of another experiment.

"Almost done here!" Sandy said. "I'm just prayin' nobody appears out of thin air to smash my entire research for finding a cure for Hibernation!" She pointed towards an entire table near her, as she was busy pouring one little drop into a beaker. "Come on, little drop! Get in that beaker!"

No points for guessing who appeared off the ground calling the squirrel's name seconds later, though this time, Sandy caught Patrick with a tractor beam. "Ha! I finally beat Murphy's Law!" The entire set then exploded for no reason. "Never mind!"

"Sandy, we need you!"

"Patrick, what brings you flyin' into my dome?"

"Spongebob needs us! A flying robot ship thing made him disappear!"

"Aliens, again?!" Sandy said. "I thought we taught those bug fellers a lesson!"

"Quick, we have to grab Squidward and go save our friend!" However, Patrick stopped talking as he saw from the treedome something odd: Squidward's house was flying in the air. "SO LONG SUCKERS!" Squidward laughed, as he escaped the Bikini Bottom. "Hey, I didn't know Squidward's house can talk!"

"Luckily, I still have that chip inside Spongebob's brain!" Sandy said.

"Ummmm…that's creepy Sandy!" Patrick responded.

"It's for experimental purposes!" Sandy said giving a fake laugh.

"Still creepy!"

"You shouldn't be throwin' stones. You watch people sleep at night like a snake stalking it's prey!"

"I do not! By the way, you could really loosen up on the nuts! You look fat when you sleep!"

Sandy sighed in annoyance, and started putting on her space suit. "Luckily, I still got Neutron's recaller from our encounter with the Clusters! Now, if I can just connect the brain chip with this communication device, I might be able to…" Sandy connected the two devices, and on the screen, appeared the heroes playing cards. "Walla! I found them!"

"Would you stop looking at my cards?!" Jenny shouted at Manny.

"It's called strategy robot!" Manny responded.

"Space? Spongebob's in outer space? I have to get him out…Wha..?" The screen started fading into static, showing a black cat with red eyes.

"My apologizes!" said the cat.

"AHHH! IT'S A CAT! I mean, aww, it's a cat!"

"This ain't no regular feline!"

"This ship prohibits outside communication! Attempt this again, and you'll be eliminated off your location! By the way, this message will self-destruct in ten sec…now!" The recaller blew up in Sandy's hands, covering her face with ash, making her cough.

"No! You killed the cat!" Patrick screamed.

"That dark and creepy thing was no cat!" Sandy said. "That must've been what kidnapped Spongebob and the others!" Sandy starting putting on her space suit. "Looks like we're going to fly through the Milky Way to save our yellow buddy, Patrick!"

"Yay, the Milky Way! I hope it's Chocolate!"

"Wait, the recaller blew up!"

"It's fine! I got mine in here!" Patrick said, patting his belly.

"You swallowed yours?" Sandy said.

'Where else was I gonna put it?" Patrick annoyingly responded. "I'm already using my rock for storing my Krabby Patty collection!" Back inside his rock, the entire collection consisted of a giant mountain of mold.

Sandy look annoyed. "You know, sometimes I worry why I'm not worried about you nowadays. But forget it, let's go save our friend!"

"I'm on it!" Patrick burped, teleporting the two back to the lab.


In Tremorton, a battle was going on in the streets. Of course, it wasn't Jenny fighting, but another teenage cyborg, who was dueling a human.

"Melody my dear, this hurts me just as much as it hurts you!" Dr. Locus said, shooting a laser gun at his "daughter".

Melody fought back while flying in the air. "Oh Daddy, why won't you let me be a normal girl?" She continued shooting back.

"You might be my daughter, but you're also a machine, one that is programmed to serve me, and destroy!" she shot another beam at her.

Melody then grabbed her creator by the neck. "I don't serve you anymore! I don't serve anyone, but myself!"

"I was afraid this would happen." Dr. Locus replied, "This is why I came prepared!" He lifted the remote control from his pocket. "And thus, you will serve your purpose once again!" Brad immediately kicked the remote out of his hand. "Take your stinkin' paws off her, you darn dirty Locus!" he said. "Go long, Tuck!" He threw Tuck the remote, who ran off. However, a tentacle pulled Tuck, which was from Dr. Locus' back. Then, another tentacle pulled Brad away. "Ha! Foolish children!" He immediately took the remote out of a frightened Tuck's hand. "You can't outwit the evil genius like me."

"Brad! Tuck!" Melody called out, as she broke from her father's grasp. "No one messes with my friends!" Her hands turned to giant laser beams, which shot at Locus, sending him back to his underground lab. "This isn't over, daughter! You'll be in my grasp once again!" He gave an evil laugh, as Brad closed the door on him, slamming his fingers. "OW!" The big man slid his fingers out of the door.

"Another victory for the greatest robot girlfriend in the world!" Brad said.

"Oh Brad!" the both of them kissed. "Alright, take it where the children won't see you!" Tuck replied, disgustingly.

"You know, I really like being a normal teenage girl." Melody said. "Other than those jerks at school. I'm glad I'm no longer that hideous mechanical monster anymore! Plus, I have you!" Melody flirted with Brad. "But I still feel bad for Jenny dealing with everyone picking on her. I hope she's okay on that adventure of hers."

"Yeah, one that I didn't get to join!"

"Here we go again." Brad said. "Tuck, I didn't go with Jenny too! Besides, you're still a little rat to be dealing with these adventures!"

"What?! I can do great on as an adventure hero!"

"Please, you can't even go on the merry go round without holding my hand!"

"Aw, that's adorable!" Melody added.

"It's not adorable, and besides, you're telling me something like that isn't a death trap?"

"Case proven." Brad smirked. "When you're older, I won't need to "hog your spotlight" or whatever you call it."

"But I don't need you for cool adventures! What about those ants from that New Cluster Prime planet?"

"You wouldn't have gotten on those bugs if it wasn't for those Loud sisters!" Brad said.

"What about me helping defeat those Clusters with the others?"

"Without anyone around you, I doubt you could've stopped the Clusters with a watergun!"

Tuck growled, and tried to punch and kick Brad's leg. Of course, his weak attacks had no effect on Brad, who was smirking at this. "That's another point for me."

"I don't care what you think! Next adventure, even if it appears out of nowhere, I won't need you!"

Suddenly, in front of the three, two girls appeared, standing on the floor.

"Sam?" Brad asked.

"Frida? What are you girls doing here?" Tuck asked.

"We come from the future!" Frida bluffed. "Just kidding! But still, JENNY, MANNY AND OUR FRIENDS ARE IN TROUBLE!"

"Those Clusters took her again, did they?"

"We don't think it was the Cluster, this time." Sam responded. "But we're trying to get as many friends as we can, because we might be visiting outer space for this one!"

"Outer space?!" Tuck said. "I'm in!" Brad blocked him. "And I'm coming too!"

"Melody! They rebuilt you!" Sam happily said.

"Yeah, and life is great here!" Melody said.

"Say, you want to come with us?" Frida asked.

"You want me to go with you guys?"

"Look Melody, you don't have to go." Sam said. "After everything you've been through on our last quest, you deserve a break."

"But she's a robot with weapons!" Sam nudged Frida.


"Melody, it's fine. You can stay here." Sam said.

"Come on, Melody. We got this!" Brad responded.

"Actually...I want to come with you guys!" Melody said, as everyone was shocked, especially Brad.

"Are you serious?" Sam asked.

"Yes, Jenny is my friend too!" Melody said. "Besides, your adventures sound pretty cool."

"But you blew yourself up the last time!" Tuck said.

"It's fine. She has me to watch her back." Brad said.

"You sure about this?" Sam asked.

"I'm the only crime-fighting robot here, aren't I?" Melody asked.

"Well, then, I guess we'll go together! Onward to Jenny!" Brad said, joining the two, as Tuck was suddenly fuming with annoyance. However, as Sam started using the recaller, Tuck then got an idea. "Brad look out! Dr. Locus is coming for Melody!"

"What?! Where?!" Melody frighteningly asked.

"Don't worry, baby! I'll protect you!" Brad stepped out of the circle, as Tuck laughed. "Ha! Now it's my turn to be the hero!" Tuck blew a raspberry.

"Ooh! That was a good one!" Frida and Tuck high-fived, as the gang left.

"Wait! Don't forget me!" Sheldon came running to the gang at the moment they disappeared. "Oh man!" Sheldon threw his gun to the ground, while him and Brad was now in the middle of the street. "TUCK!" Brad's pants then fell down, which a bunch of crossing ducks laughed at, but stopped after crossing the street and causing multiple crashes, though the drivers inside the cars also laughed at Brad.

"Ugh, I gotta stop Tuck!" Brad ran out of the city with Sheldon following him, and in his house, where he knew he had his own spare recaller.

"Hurry Brad, I can't let my future wife be in any peril!"

He ran to his room and opened the drawer. Instead of seeing a recaller, there was a note that read "Sorry, still my adventure! Looks like you're grounded! – Tuck.".

"He is so dead!" Brad said.

"And that wasn't even a good joke!" Sheldon said.

"There has to be a way to get to them!" Brad said. "I can't let Tuck go alone on this journey with my girlfriend!"

"Tuck isn't that bad in combat!" Sheldon said.

"Shelly, you do not get it! Tuck wouldn't survive in space! The boy is afraid of blood, gore, and potato salad!" Brad said. "I must find him before he gets himself hurt...or annoys the rest of the group to death!"



Back in Zim's chaotic city, two human kids walked into the Irken's base. One was a short boy with orange hair and the other was a girl who was a bit taller with brown hair. After the boy shut the door, they quickly pressed buttons on their arms, changing their appearances, which were really holographic disguises used by veteran Irken invaders Skooge and Tenn.

"You know, I thought going to SKOOL would be a bad thing, but all our teacher does is repeat the word doom all day." Skoodge said.

Tenn shook her head "Better than the academy that's for sure: one mistake and they shock you." She shuddered.

"But they did that at there too!" Skooge asked. Minimoose came floating in squeaking.

GIR then appeared outside the door, walked in quietly and sat on the couch to watch TV.

"Hey GIR, how are you? Say, where's Zim? Haven't seen him all day." Skoodge asked.

"Oh, and the teacher told us to bring him this note!" Tenn lifted a note that read "CUT CLASS AGAIN AND I WILL COME AFTER YOU."

"Oh he's fine!" GIR said in a casual voice, drinking his soda. "He got abducted by a ship by the way."

Skooge and Tenn had their smiles fade. "WHAT?!" Tenn asked.

GIR sipped on his drink still watching the TV. "This is a good show!" he said, but after a few seconds, he spit out his drink, and started to scream and run around the room, causing Tenn to freak out and start taking deep breaths, due to what her counselor told her to calm down. (Yes the school psychologist covers Robot attacks).

"GIR, calm down!" Skooge said, as GIR stopped screaming. "Okay!" He continued watching the TV.

"Why does this keep happening?!" Tenn screamed at herself. "Now they've taken Zim?!"

"Tenn, we have to find him! He's gotta be somewhere deep into space!" Skooge said, as he opened up GIR's head and started searching for something. "Maybe GIR here has something that will help us find him!" After rummaging and finding a some junk, including a dead bird, gum, and a coupon for body donations, he found a remote like device in his head, Tenn had calmed down and recognized it. "I know what that is! It's one of those recaller thingies Jimmy gave Zim on our last adventure."

"Oh yeah the fellow short guy, he seems to know his stuff. Maybe he can help us!"

"But Jimmy and Zim aren't friends!" Tenn said.

"What other options do we have?"

"So what are we going to do then?" Skooge shrugged.

"I don't know, Zim was always the plan guy in our group, and I was the muscle."

Tenn snickered at that "You? The muscle? Weren't you the guy that cried when you were sent to Blorch?"

"Um...I don't care about the past! I'm still the same Invader who conquered that planet, even if I'm done with the Irkens!"

"I'm watching TV here!" A voice startled the two, as Gaz was now on the couch.

"How...how did you get in here?!" Skooge barked.

"Dib is being insufferable again, some stupid stuff about plungers!" Gaz said.

"Look, this is Zim's private base, so why don't you..?" Gaz gave a stare at Skooge. "Never mind!"

"Wait, I can't return to space!" Tenn said.

"We have to do this for Zim, Tenn!" Skooge said.

"But space has brought me nothing but near-death experiences and pain and misery-inducing migraines! All because I listened to those Tallest!"

"Tenn, we are not Invaders anymore! We're done with any commands from the Irkens! Clearly, they don't want us anymore!"

"But I just can't do it!"

"You have to get a grip on yourself!"

"What do you know? You haven't experience what I've experienced!"

"I've been tricked, lied to, and almost murdered by those Tallest jerks! Of course I've been in your shoes!"


"Forget the human figure of speech, let's just go already!"

"But…" Skooge tried to keep Tenn from shaking. "GIR, take us to where this Neutron is!"

GIR laughed, and Minimoose gave his usual "Nyeh!'

"Wait, you have to stay here!" Skoodge told Minimoose. "We can't leave the lab open for any intruders!" Minimoose then pointed at Gaz. "She's different! We're be fine!" Minimoose squeaked sadly, as the two immediately vanished to Jimmy's lab.

"Hey computer." She asked bored.

"Yes, Gaz?" It responded equally bored.

"How long will be they be gone?"

"Estimated: all day."

Gaz put her feet on the table. "At least I have a TV in peace." Minimoose started squeaking, and Gaz got annoyed. "Go find your stupid friends!" Minimoose flew out of the base, and Gaz continued watching her TV.

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Chapter 5: Sidekicks Unite

Sheen, Carl, Poof and Chloe were inside the lab. "Ooh! I look so bulgy!" Chloe looked at the lab, which wasn't covered in security anymore. "Wow, look at this lab!" Chloe said. "This looks like one of the coolest places ever!"

"It's just our friend Jimmy's lab." Carl said. "He has inventions for everything!"

"Someday, I hope to have a lab like this! I also hope to be a scientist that will cure all diseases for the world!"

"Will you be able to cure Carl?"

"Sure, what does he have?"

"I actually wrote it down!" Carl pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.

"Don't forget to wipe!"Chloe read off the paper.

"Poof Poof!" the baby swung his rattle happily.

"Wait, that's not it! That's just a note! Here it is!" Carl then pulled a long list from his pocket, which made Chloe's eyes widen.

At that moment, every group around them transported into the lab. First, it was The Louds and Jazz.

"Whoa dudes, I look psychedelic!" Luna said looking at her fingers.

Leni screamed at her fingers. "I look so hideous! Am I a doll?!"

"It's fine, Leni!" Luan said. "This is just how the universe looks!"

"Are we inside that computer?!" Leni barked.

"Hey, it's you guys again." Lynn said to Sheen and Carl. "And…who is that?"

"My name is Chloe Carmichael, nice to meet you!" She then shook Lynn's hand.

"Hey, that's my throwing hand!" Lynn snapped away.

Then, it was Patrick and Sandy.

"Wow, look at this laboratory!" Sandy said. "Looks like I'm up for some rivalry!"

"Sandy!" Lynn said. "You made it!"

"Hello, my name is Patrick!" Patrick said to Leni.

"Hello, my name is Leni!"

"Leni, we already know Patrick." Lori said.

"Gasp! Have you been spying on me?" Patrick asked.

"Um, we literally saved the world with you twice!" Lori said.

"And how'd you know about that?" Patrick asked, as Lori facepalmed.

Then, it was Sam and Frida and Melody and Tuck.

"The inventions! They're not locked anymore!" Frida ran to an invention, which ended up shocking her. "Never mind!"

"Guess Jimmy knows about you being a kleptomaniac." Sam responded.

Tuck looked around, and saw all the girls around him, and screamed. "I'M SURROUNDED BY GIRLS!"

"You were locked in that cell with us, dude, and you're still afraid of us?" Luna asked.

"Sorry, it's in the little boys nature!" Tuck responded still shaking in fear.

"It figures." Sam annoyingly responded at this.

"Um, hey everyone!" Melody said.

"Melody, you're not dead anymore!" Lori said.

"Hey, when did Jenny get a makeover?" Patrick asked.

"I'm Melody, Patrick!" Melody said. "You don't remember me?"

"Aw no, Jenny has amnesia!" Patrick said. "I'll snap you out of it!" Sandy held Patrick back. "Don't worry, he's just stupid!"

"Luna, my girl!" Frida rocked on.

"Frida, my little roadie!" Both high fived each other.

"This is still going to be one of the coolest adventures ever!" Tuck said.

"Easy for you to say. You know, that really wasn't cool what you did to Brad." Sam told Tuck.

"Oh please, Brad was being such a pest!" Tuck said.

"He was just being your older brother." Sam responded. "You didn't need to pull a stupid stunt like that."

"Whatever, just don't bring him back." Tuck responded.

"Are you kidding? Of course I…" Sam stopped, and smirked. "Alright, I won't bring him here. If you really can handle yourself, then I'll trust you."

"Finally! Someone who thinks I can handle myself!"

"Sam! What are you doing? We can't leave Brad!" Melody said.

"Don't worry, Melody. I'm just teaching the boy a lesson for him." Sam happily told Melody.

"Hey, HEY! What gives?!" Sheen said. "This isn't our team! What happened to our recruits?!"

"I thought we never hired them!" Carl said.

"Oh yeah, but what about those superheroes with the underwear?"

"Suck it up, Estevez." Sam said. "We're the only team to save Jimmy, Danny and the others!"

"So this is the team!" Jazz said happily. "Hello everyone! I promise I'll put in my 100% for this team, for I have the strategy and brains you need! I'll even create the name for the team, and I already got one: How does the Sidekicks sound?"

"Sidekicks?!" Sam said. "We are not going to be reduced to that, Jazz."

"Besides," Sheen said. "We already have a cool name! The Super Ultra Awesome Of Superheroes Of Everybody!"

Everyone paused. "On second thought, I like the Sidekicks better!" Sam said, as everyone agreed.

However, the sound of two screaming girls came from up the lab, and the two girls fell into the lab.

"AHH, more girls!" Tuck cried out.

"Yes, what did you think we were?" Cindy said. "Chopped liver?!"

"Cindy? Libby? What are you doing here? You know you two aren't allowed in Jimmy's lab!" Sheen snapped.

"Zip it, Estevez!" Cindy said.

"We know all about Neutron getting abducted by aliens again!" Libby said.

"And we're not going to be ditched again by him or any of his stupid friends!"

"Stupid?!" Patrick barked, as Cindy noticed everyone around her. "Oh um, hello all you girls…And you boys!" she annoyingly said. "My name's Cindy!"

Patrick walked up to Cindy. "I'll have you know, it took me eight years to complete school!"

"Eight years? That's actually impressive!" Cindy responded.

"Did he forget to add the fact that those eight years were for elementary school?" Sandy said butting in. Cindy's smile immediately faded. "Great, I really am stuck with another moron."

Sheen pushed Patrick out of the way. "If you want to join us, you have to sign up for the team!" Sheen said.

"Sign up?! I don't need to sign up for anything!"

"Sorry Vortex, but rules are rules! Whiplash, are you getting this down?" Sheen pointed at Jazz.

"It's Jazz!"

"Just let her on our stupid team and let's move along!" Sam said.

"NO! We made these rules for a reason!" Sheen pulled out paper. "Now, let's start with the Q&A. First question, have you ever been infected by rabies?"

"JUST LET ME JOIN ALREADY!" Cindy snapped.

"Alright alright! But you don't' have special privileges without the Q&A, which means you're not invited to the breakfast gathering next month!" Sheen said.

"Hello, welcome to our team!" Chloe shook Cindy's hand.

"Um, do I know you?"

"Why, I'm Chloe Carmichael, Timmy's best friend."

"Timmy? You mean he found another girl? That's adorable! Maybe he did get over me and Jimmy!"

"No no, we're not dating." Chloe laughed. "Though Timmy does like me for my beautiful and strong personality, just like the rest of the city!"

Cindy giggled, but then she whispered to Libby. "I don't like her already."

"Oh come on, Cindy! Give her a chance."

"So, are we really going to space?" Lynn asked.

"I tried tracking Spongebob, and it appears he's located somewhere far in the galaxy, which means we definitely have to make a trip out of Earth!" Sandy said.

"Goddard has a GPS on him!" Cindy said. "Maybe we can track Neutron and his hero friends by that!"

"You know, you kinda sound like me!" Sandy said.

"Meh, I don't see the resemblance." Cindy responded.

"We tried to get in Jimmy's computer, but Frida over here locked us out of it!" Sam responded.

"I bet you I was close on guessing the password!" Frida said.

"You guessed Churros as Jimmy's password!" Luan said.

"And I already told you, it helps fuel intelligence in the mind!"

"Clearly, it sounds like it fuels stupidity as well!" Cindy responded, as she got on the computer.

"Cindy, Jimmy doesn't want you on his computer!" Carl said, which Cindy promptly mocked. "Well he needs to grow a pair for once!"

"You might want to be careful." Sam told Cindy. "I'm pretty sure you'll get locked out for an hour if you get the next attempt wrong."

"Then, I only have one shot at this. What could possibly be Neutron's password?"

"It's Tacos!" Frida whispered. "Even geniuses love tacos!" Cindy brushed this off.

Jazz then thought of something. "Does Jimmy have any crushes?"

"Crushes? Neutron and I are dating, why would he…?" Cindy then thought of someone, and immediately knew where this was heading. "I swear, if Neutron still has that password, then he is so…" Cindy typed in BETTY on the screen.

"You might want to add his last name too."


"Yep, next time I see him, he'll be six feet underground!" Cindy said.

"Gross! I didn't know Neutron had a thing for Cap'N Betty!" Sheen said.

"Sheen, I think that password was about Betty Quinlin!" Carl said.

"Oh…though with a nice shave, Cap'N's not that bad looking!" Sheen responded.

"Thanks. But how did you know that?" Cindy asked Jazz.

"Take it from personal experience with my brother!" Jazz said.

"That's not the only dead give away from him!" Sam said, looking annoyed.

"Does he have… ?"

"You don't have to ask!" Sam said.

"I can already sense it!" Chloe said.

"Of course…" Sam said.

"HE HAS PICTURES OF THE POPULAR GIRL." The three annoyingly said.

"Timmy even has a shrine to Trixie!" Chloe said.

"Thank goodness I threw all of his Paulina pictures out!" Sam said.

"I thought I convinced him to get rid of all his Quinlin memorabilia!" Cindy said.

"That's nothing!" Lori said. "My brothers' friend has statues of me! Though it's kinda sweet, but creepy!"

Cindy searching through the computer. "Let's see: Weather maker, Operation Failsafe, PERSONAL LIBRARY OF QUINLIN…" Cindy still tried to hold her anger at that. "Goddard's data." Cindy pulled this up, showing a variety of menus, and pulling up to his GPS. "So that's where the guys are!"

"Lincoln and his friends are inside the computer?!" Leni said. "That's terrible!" Cindy rolled her eyes at this. "Great, another idiot!"

"I'll save you Spongebob!" Patrick threw a brick at the computer screen, which didn't dent the screen, but sent it flying back at him. "Make that three, girl." Libby responded.

"Maybe we can connect Goddard's GPS with one of Neutrons' recallers." Cindy said.

"I already tried that Cindy, and all I got was some frightenin' looking cat blowing up my own recaller. Whoevers' on that ship has blocked any form of communication, so it's best to leave this one alone!"

"This reminds me, we'll probably need someone who has more knowledge of space than all of us. But who?" Sam asked herself.

At that moment, three figures teleported into Jimmy's lab.

"TADA!" GIR cheered.

They were shocked to see all the humans around him. "Um, hello?" Skooge said awkwardly.

Jazz screamed. "IT'S THE ALIEN!"

"No wait, I'm not…!" Jazz kicked Skooge, making him crash into a self, which tipped on him. "Why did I forget to disguise myself?!"

Cindy was preparing her kung-fu on Tenn, who was scared and shaking. "Wait, no!" Tuck blocked Cindy. "Don't beat her up! She's on our side!"

"And how would you know that?!"

"She literally saved our lives and helped us escape that Cluster Prime planet!" Lori said.

"And Skooge here saved Jimmy and me from Commander Smytus!" Carl said.

"Please, we don't want to hurt any of you!" Tenn said. "We just want to find invader Zim!"

"Invader Zim?! Is that the alien Neutron kept pestering on about?"

"Invader Zim is why we appear here!" Skooge said. "He's our friend! Granted, he yells at us, uses us for experiments and chews us out for leaving garbage on the coffee table, but he's the only Irken we can trust!"

"Why should we trust any of you?" Cindy asked.

"Cindy, you don't got anything to worry about! Look how small this one is! I bet he can't even open a fridge door!" Libby laughed at this, but Skooge immediately grabbed her. "Don't ever call me small EVER AGAIN, human! I've conquered many planets in my lifetime, and I've…" Libby threw Skoodge into another shelf.

"The muscle, huh?" Tenn asked.

"That was a warm-up to whats to come!" Skoodge responded.

Cindy then saw GIR dancing. "Aw, who's robot is this? He's kinda adorable!" GIR started dancing around Cindy while cheering. "And now, he's kinda annoying."

"I say, such a fascinating mind for an android!" Sandy said.

"Okay, now your voice sounds like mine!" Cindy said.

"I say! It really does!" Sandy said.

"Say, we could even be counterparts!" Cindy happily said.


"Okey Dokey!" GIR turned red again and popped out flamethrowers.

"That wasn't a command, GIR! He was just being stupid again!" Sam said, as GIR quickly transformed back.

"If you really are on our side, then do you know how to find our friends?" Cindy pointed to the computer, and Skooge and Tenn saw it.

"I know that location!" Skooge said. "That's near FoodCourtia. One of the planets the Irkens have conquered."

"So you guys do know your stuff about the galaxy?" Sam responded.

"Eh-hem! We've been Irken invaders the second we were born!" Skoodge said.

"Maybe you guys can aide us with our journey to find Zim and the rest of our friends." Luan happily said.

"We'd be glad too!" Tenn happily said.

"Hey, I know about space too!" Sheen said.

"Name one other planet other than anything from Ultra-Lord or that Zeenu you crashed on!"

Sheen thought about it. "Planet Bob? Planet Vogsphere? Planet Orxon? Ooh, Aldeeran! I know that's a real planet!"

"Wow, even Leni can literally name more planets than him!" Lori said. "Leni, name the planets!"

"Sure! Um, Jessica, Angela, Roberta, Eliza…

Melody tried to butt in. "Um, Leni, I think she means.."

"Don't even bother." Lori responded trying not to laugh.

"Well, we found our location, guys!" Cindy said. "We should head off now!"

Jazz pulled out her notes. "Wait! Before we leave, we should get organized!"

"Come on, Jazz! Not right now!" Sam said.

"Sam, if we're to be considered an actual team, we need certain positions and tropes that every good team needs! Look at Danny's team! He's the strong one, Jimmy's the leader, Spongebob's the nice one, Timmy's the independent one, and Lincoln is the one with the plans…and Jenny's the sixth member! If we're to be a team, we need to assign the roles! To start, we're going to need a leader, and I believe that role should belong to none other than…"

"Me! I deserve to be the leader!" Cindy said.

"Um, okay?" Jazz disappointingly said.

"YOU?!" Sheen said. "This whole team was my idea! Now you're stealing my credit!"

"No I'm not, and besides, you'll probably crash us into another planet!"

"You can't prove it was me! I was…with wolves!" Sheen said.

"You crash landed in the middle of Retroville in Neutron's rocket ship! Where else would you be?!" Cindy said.

Sheen said. "I needed a quicker transportation?" He was then punched in the arm by Libby. "By the way, don't think I haven't forgiven you for ditching me like that!" Libby told Sheen.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind if I was the leader!" Chloe said.

"Sorry Chloe, but I have the skills and brains for being the leader!"

"Oh, it's fine! Just as long as it doesn't break any chances of us becoming friends!" Chloe said.

Cindy was still annoyed by that gesture. "Besides, I can prove how better I am as a leader than Neutron!"

"Of course, your main motivation is competitiveness." Sam said.

"Look, who cares about any of this?" Cindy asked. "Let's just go to space already!"

"But I'm not done with the roles yet!" Jazz said.

"Well, I got one for you: the annoying know it all!" Cindy said.

"Ha! I really am the brains of the group!" Jazz wrote this down. "By the way, I knew that wasn't a compliment."

"How are we going to get to space" Chloe said. "Luckily, I know who can help us!"

"Luckily, I know who can help us!" Cindy mocked behind her back.

"What is your problem with her?" Sam asked Cindy. "We've barely known her for a few minutes!"

"Me and Timmy are friends with an alien from a planet called Yugopotania!"

"I know that planet." Skooge said. "The Irkens wanted nothing to do with those creatures during Impending Doom II. I think it's because they're irritating and they prefer vegetables over snacks!"

"VEGETABLES OVER SNACKS?!" Sheen snapped. "These creatures are demented!"

"What sort of sick creatures are these things?!" Frida said with her hands on her cheeks.

"Oh the horrors!" Tuck called out.

"You guys could really use a better diet." Jazz told them.

"Hey! I'm not ending up like him!" Frida pointed at Carl, who was using nasal spray.

"Don't worry, guys! Mark is a nice alien if you get to know him!"

"Does he want to destroy Earth like all of those Cluster dweebs?" Lynn asked.

"Actually, they still would destroy Earth if they could, but you gotta focus on the positives as much as the negatives!"

Sam turned to Cindy. "I think I'm starting to sight with you."

"Say, Poof is right here. Why doesn't he just poof us up a cool ship with a hot tub, and a microwave that makes clam sandwiches?" Carl asked, now diving into his fantasies again, while Cindy and Libby were busy admiring Poof.

"Poof is still working on his magic, so I believe we should go with my plan!" Chloe said.

"Of course, because why not?" Cindy asked sarcastically.

Sheen was busy picking his belly button, until he heard a voice. "SHEEEN." A voice called out, as Sheen started looking around. "SHEEEN."

"Carl, stop it! It's annoying!"

"I didn't say anything." Carl responded.

Sheen continued doing what he was doing. "YOU LEEFFTTT US."

"Oh, it was just that one time, Carl! Get over it!"

"I'm not saying anything, Sheen!" Carl said, as Sheen look suspiciously around him.

"I've already got Goddard's tracker on here! Now let's go to this…"

However, another figure appeared in Jimmy's lab, who was busy breathing. "The McBride, is finally in the house!" Clyde said, continuing to breathe.

"Who are you?" Cindy asked.

"The name is Clyde McBride!" Clyde said. "I'm Lincoln Loud's best friend, one who his sisters left without!" He looked at the Louds. "Hi Luan! Hi Lynn! Hi Luna! Hello Leni! Hello…DOES NOT COMPUTE!" Clyde passed out and was bleeding on the floor, next to Cindy. "EW! He's staining my shoes!"

"Relax, you get used to it." Lori responded.

"Clyde dude, welcome back to the team! Where's Ronnie Anne at?" Luna asked.

"Doesn't she have her spin-o….I mean, she probably has her family to deal with. Maybe we should just leave her alone." Lynn said.

"Wait Clyde how did…" Lori sighed and immediately pulled out of her pocket a headband, which she covered Clyde's eyes with. He immediately woke up, and started breathing. "Clyde, how did you convince your fathers to let you join us?"

"It took a lot of convincing, since they still wouldn't trust me on my own after the whole Cluster battle! But luckily, I came just in time to save my best friend in the world!" Clyde took the blindfold off and..."SYSTEM OVERLOAD!"

"Does he always do that?" Libby asked.

"Yes he does." Lori said. "Again, cute, but pathetic."

"Well then, Yugopotania it is!" Cindy said, as everyone, which includes Sam, Cindy, Chloe, Sandy, Frida, Jazz, Sheen, Carl, Patrick, GIR, Skoodge, Tenn, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Luan, Tuck, Melody, Poof, and Clyde.

"Look out space! The Sidekicks are coming!" Frida boasted.

"Victory will be ours!" Tuck boasted.

"Try not to Space out guys!" Luan laughed.

"Please don't tell me she's going to do that the whole trip." Cindy said.

"You can count on it." Lori responded.

As they was now in a circle, while Chloe hugged Cindy. "Yay! All of us are going to be great friends!" Cindy growled at this, as Jazz heard the same "wind" come into the lab, and started to look suspicious. Then, everyone then teleported to Yugopatania.


"Those fools have what?" Tak asked.

"Master, it seems that our prisoners have allies that are said to be currently on our trail."

"But that's impossible! We have removed all contact from their home planet!"

"It appears that the mechanical canine has back-up tracking devices inside its' skin. Shall I incinerate him?"

"Now now, Mimi. Let's not get carried away here. What purpose would we have destroying the dog? Besides, how can a handful of helpless Earth worms come close to finding us?"

"I believe we should take action to eradicate those humans."

"Clearly, we can't assassinate those fools ourselves, since we're on a tight schedule here…and we're STUCK IN TRAFFIC!" Outside of Tak's ship was a ship traffic jam, where everybody was honking. "We only have one option: we must place a bounty on their heads."

"Master, are you sure a bounty would succeed?"

"On second thought, a bounty would attract attention to those buffoons! We must hire our own bounty hunters. Quick Mimi, get rid of that dog's tracking device, and place the ads."

"Request accepted, master." Mimi zoomed out of the room.

"As if Earth humans were to stop me." TAK boasted, then continue being annoyed in traffic, as ships were still honking.

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Here we go, the next chapter. For the record, I don't hate the new SW movies. Though they do have BIG flaws with the characters.

All of the toons were now transported into Dimmsdale. Quickly, Tenn and Skoodge transformed back into their human disguises.

"Ew, what kind of planet is this?" Lynn asked.

"That's because we're not on a planet, nimrod!" Cindy responded. "We're in Dimmsdale, and…"

"Those maniacs!" Sheen cried out. "They blew it up!"

"Not literally Dimmsdale idiot, this is their dump!" Cindy pointed out with a sign.

"Oh! Well, you spared me the reference." Sheen said. GIR started to run around playing in the dump, putting a muffler on it's head. "This isn't a hat!" he jumped out and started running around.

Patrick was confused after seeing Skoodge and Tenn disguised as humans. "Hey, what happened to those two aliens who were with us?"

"Patrick, it's us! Invader Zim's friends, Tenn and Skoodge." Skoodge said, but was then picked up by Patrick. "Yeah right! Skoodge is an alien, not a human!"

"It's just a disguise!" Skoodge said, turning it off and transporting back to normal. "Skoodge? What are you doing here? What happened to that boy who tried to steal your identity?"

"Ooh, I know!" Leni said near Patrick. "It's a magic trick!"

"Magic? You never told me you were a magician!" Patrick happily said.

"Actually, all I did was project a hologram to cover my body." Skoodge replied.

"Ttt Ttt Ttt. Skoodge, you're not supposed to give away your secrets." Patrick said, as Skoodge had no expression to respond to Patrick's stupidity,

"Do you put with him every day?" Cindy asked Sandy.

"Same as that Sheen of yours." Sandy replied.

"So where is this Mark Chang guy?" Libby asked.

Mark came running into the dump, still as his alias, Justin Jake Ashton, and ran towards Chloe Carmichael.

"There he is!" Chloe pointed out.

"I was expecting something scary, not a…really hot guy!" Cindy said, as some of the girls were struck with love.

"Please tell me he comes from an opposite-Amazonian planet, and everyone looks like that on his planet!" Libby said.

Skoodge tried to butt in. "Guys, that's just a…"

"Chloe, you've got to help me!"

"I'm in a relationship! I'm in a relationship! I'm in a relationship!" Lori told herself with her eyes closed.

"Mark, why are you disguised again? I thought the town accepted you for who you are!" Chloe said.

"I can't be seen in public, because someone is after me!"

"Who is that someone?" Chloe asked. "Is it the government? Because I'll just ask them nicely to leave you alone."

"Yeah, convincing the government to do good. Can pigs fly too?" Cindy asked.

"Actually, I'm good friends with the president!" Chloe said. "I've even been awarded the #1 nicest girl in America!" She held up a plaque for that, which shocked Cindy. "Even our corrupt president adores me, and I both do and don't take that as an honor!"

"Now I'm starting to believe you're not even human." Sam responded. "Even more than Sheen."

"I still got my eye on that girl." Sheen said.

"It's not the government, humans! It's someone far worse!" Mark said. "I have to leave this place quick!"

"Wait Mark, can we go with you?" Chloe asked. "Timmy and the rest of our friends have been kidnapped somewhere in space!"

"That, and we'd love to meet all the hunks…I mean, creatures on your planet!" Cindy said.

"Turner's been kidnapped?" Mark asked. "He, like, help me find myself on this planet, dudes!"

"Dude, I like how you talk." Luna pointed out.

"Gee thanks, human!" Mark responded. "One human at least gets my lingo!"

"Will you just give us a ride?!" Cindy barked.

"No problemo, anything for Turner's friends! But we have to leave quick!" Mark went into the ship, and quickly changed back into his alien self. Now, Cindy and almost all of the girls lost all of their attraction to Mark.

"You're…you're HIDEOUS?!" Lori barked.

"Why thank you, Earth Human! I appreciate the compliment! I really am considered a hunk!"

Cindy ran outside to puke behind a pile. Chloe then ran behind Mark.

"Like, you could totally use a makeover!" Leni said. "Luckily, I brought my kit!" She pulled out of her pocket a small box that turned into a bigger kit of make-up matierials.

"You actually carry that thing around with you?" Sam asked.

"No, because duh, it was in my pocket!" Leni responded.

"Wait, can I do it?" Chloe asked.

"Um, sure?" Mark responded.

"Chloe, are you for real?" Libby asked. "Do you even know how to drive a spaceship?"

"Why, of course! I have full faith in me and the Grab!" Chloe responded.

"Chloe, driving spacecrafts takes experience, which I'm sure you don't have!" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, you should let me drive!" Frida said.

"Are you going to take us to where our friends are, or are you just going to crash us into something?" Sam asked Frida.

"No! I was going to blow up a bank, and then crash us into something!" Frida responded.

"However, I'm going to do what my favorite role model of a character did: pilot the ship without any prior knowledge!" Chloe started turning on the ships controls.

"Time to go dig my grave!" Patrick said, grabbing a shovel out of nowhere.

"Look Chloe, that might've worked for your character in the movie, but this is reality! There is 100% no way that you can fly this ship without any flying experience or train…" Chloe managed to start up the ship, making it fly off the ground.

"Well, bite me a garter!" Sandy said.

"This can't be!" Tenn said. "It took me about nine hundred shocks to master my first spacecraft!"

"How did you do that?! I couldn't even fly Neutron's rocket on the first try!" Cindy asked.

"Why, I was just using the Grab!" Chloe said. "Maybe I really am meant to be like May!"

"Either that, or someone's the universes' perfect little mary sue!" Sam pointed out.

"That reminds me!" Jazz said. "You really are the independent cranky one of the group!" Sam gave Jazz an annoyed look.

The Yugopotania ship left Earth, and was outside the planet's atmosphere, heading past the debris from a satelite. It was now officially in the deep vast infinite place of space. After leaving the planet, Chloe let Mark take over the wheel. Clyde, and the two Phantom girls were impressed at seeing space.

"I never would've thought I'd never reach space by the age of 12." Clyde said.

"I'd never thought I'd see it before college!" Jazz said.

Clyde saw everyone in back of him acting normal. "How are any of you not excited by space?"

"We've already visited it before, plenty of times!" Cindy said.

"At least you didn't have to stay in a spaceship for three hours!" Lori snapped.

Melody looked outside at the black space. She immediately flashed back to a laughing Vexas, which made her close her eyes.

"What's your problem?" Cindy asked.

"Nothing, I'm just getting bad memories here." Melody said. "From when I became a bad guy."

"What are you talking about?" Cindy asked.

"She didn't tell you, huh?" Tuck asked.

"I kinda sacrificed and destroyed myself to save the Earth on our last adventure."

"That's a rare sentence. Then how are you still alive?"

Melody sighed, and stretched her arms. "You're…you're a robot?!"

"Always have been, and always will be." Melody sighed. "But I've accepted it at this point. I may not be a human, but I'm still as real as any of you."

GIR started to happily hug Melody's leg. "Pretty lady!"

"At least someone's got a crush on you already." Libby said, as Melody happily looked down at GIR and picked him up. "Aw, you're so adorable. But I'm already taken." GIR started licking Melody's face. "You taste like tacos!" he laughed.

"Does that thing even have a mind?" Cindy asked.

"He doesn't." Tenn responded. "His only brain is a penny and a piece of chewed gum."

"Hey, we both have something in common!" Patrick said.

Sheen started hearing the voice again after staring at space. "Hey, this isn't the normal voice I hear in my head!" Melody walked off creepily.

Sheen then saw in front of the mirror, some of the stars move and form into a face.

"Sheen…YOU LEFT US."

"Hey, the stars are talking!"


"Don't worry stars, Jimmy told me you'll die many years from now, so nothing to worry about!"

"Sheen, who are you talking to?" Libby asked.

"Oh, I'm just helping the stars contemplate his life, and…" Sheen turned around and saw the stars back to normal. "Must be the space madness getting to me. I better get the axe!"

"Hey, I want to get the axe!" Patrick said following Sheen.

"So Mark, I'm guessing your species doesn't want to destroy the Earth." Jazz asked.

"Actually, the Yugopotanians don't mind blowing up the Earth!" Mark said. "In fact, blowing up planets is a yearly holiday tradition! But putting the casualties aside, Earth is safe, because we just don't feel like blowing it up. Besides, my race doesn't want to be anywhere near Earth!"

"Why is that? Clyde asked.

"Because, puny Earth child, you humans have your strategies, of threatening us with our weaknesses: Sweet and adorable happiness!"

"So to clarify, you aliens, hate cute things?" Sam asked.

"J'Yeah! That stuff is our poison!"

"Oh, then why isn't Ms. Perfect over here ending your life?" Cindy asked.

"Because Chloe here is too amazing for us to count as a weakness!" Cindy growled at this response, as she tried to bite Melody's hand, who quickly took it back.

"I just realized something: do you even know where you're supposed to take us?" Sandy asked.

"Actually, we're coming close to our destination!" Mark said.

"You mean you found Lincoln and his friends?!" Lori happily said.

"No! Like, the Death Ball is having an awesome party!"

"The Death Ball? You mean Dark Laser's planet destroying base?!" Chloe said.

"Dark Laser? Don't you mean Darth Va…"

"Carl, be quiet! We don't own them, remember?" Sheen said.

"An alien party! Awesome! I'm 8 and I'm already attending my first intergalactic party!" Tuck happily cried. "I hope they like Pin The Tail On The Donkey!"

"A party?! You're dragging us to a party? Mark, we have friends to save!" Sam responded.

"For all we know, those aliens are planning on throwing them into a black hole!" Carl cried.

"Actually Carl, that's not scientif…" Sandy was cut off.

"Or even worse, they could be torturing them with terrible poetry!" Carl repeated, which made everyone silent. "That was from him." He pointed at Sheen, who was busy fighting with Patrick over an axe.

Sandy looked over her tracking device. "Actually, our friends are still alive. They're still in the same place as before. How is that possible?"

"Pfff, must be that stupid daily traffic jam!" Mark said.

"It doesn't matter! You're going to take us to find our friends, and you're not dragging us to some stupid party!" Sam said.


The ship pulled up in front of the Death Ball.

"Unbelievable." Sam responded.

"Don't worry, Earth humans! It'll be a quick visit, and then, we'll be off to save Turner!" Mark said.

"Wait, we can't go in there!" Skoodge said.

"You humans will be mush if any alien in there sets sight of you." Tenn said.

"Luckily, I can connect my disguise tech to GIR." Skoodge took off the armor on his hands, opened up GIR's head, and connected a few wires into it, forming a giant beam.

"Oh, I see what you're trying to pull!" Sheen said. "Just because you're depressed doesn't mean you have to kill…"

"It's a disguise beam that turn you guys into aliens. You just have to be within 100 feet of GIR."

"100?!" Leni said. "That's a lot of feet!"

"Step aside, girls! The leader goes first!" Cindy got transformed by the beam. She was a red creature with black hair, which she was disgusted by.

"Whoa dude, you look like the devil in disguise!" Luna said.

"Ugh, can I get another disguise?!"

"Actually, I think that one fits your persona pretty well!" Sam smirked.

Cindy started to lift up Skoodge. "Wait! May I also remind you that the race you're disguised as will add more intimidation?!"

Cindy growled. "Intimidation, huh? Fine, I'll take it!"

"My turn." Sam stepped into the machine, and turned into a bat like creature. She had giant black wings, pointy ears, and black skin. "I'm a bat!"

"Actually, you're a part of the vampire race on Vampiron!"

"There's a vampire planet? I gotta check that out sometime!" Sam said.

"Just make sure those aliens don't bat an eye!" Luan laughed. "Get it?" Sam sighed.

"Go ahead Carl!" Sheen pushed Carl towards it, who was frightened. "Will this thing malfunction?" he asked.

"Nonsense, you're safe!" the beam shot Carl and….if you knew anything about the Jimmy Neutron universe, I'm pretty sure you can figure out his disguise.

"Wow, you look awfully familiar." Sheen though back to his days on Zeenu, where he remembered one of his "best" friends there. In his mind, he saw him spitting whatever juice on Doopy, and then spinning him so fast that his body rammed into an asteroid.

"Nope, nothing pops in my mind."

"MY TURN!" Frida ran into the machine hyper. "DO IT!" Frida turned into a furry wolf creature. "Ooh, am I a werewolf?"

"Actually, you're a party wolf, one of the most festive creatures in the galaxy!"

"Awesome, I'm ready for the par-tay!" Frida gave a quick howl.

Then, all the others stepped up. Lori and Leni had a green face with antennas sticking out of her side, Luan originally turned into a clown with four arms on her side and four arms on her back (I sure am ARMED for this!). However, this frightened Skoodge and Tenn to death, so they turned her into just an alien clown. Lynn turned into a blue creature with tentacles on the back and a black headband, which the race was known as the MI-Laks. Though this wasn't her first disguise, as she was originally a pyrokenetic alien known as a Blazer, whose race are known for being some of the most competitive aliens out there. They had to change this after finding out these disguises inhabit some of the races abilities.

"You guys never let me have any fun!"

"That's why we burned those super-fast boots!" Lori responded.

"Burned them? So those shoes in that suitcase inside Dad's closet are a fake?" Leni asked. "Whoops."

"Whatever, you're not wearing those things after what happened to you that other day!"

"So I turned to jelly, big deal!" Lynn said.

"We had to literally keep Mom and Dad away from you the entire day!" Lori said.

"Aw, don't be so jelly, big sis!" Luan laughed along with Lynn. "Alright, that one was funny." Lynn responded.

Now, it was Luna's turn. "Hit me with your best shot!" she remarked. However, the girls weren't impressed by her disguise. "What, dudes?" She looked at yourself. She was a gray alien with a dark purple suit, and a bald head with markings, with her arms covered with white straps, and a long robe.

"Dudes, I look hideous!" Luna said.

"You make me want to puke!" Lori said.

"Yet, kinda cool, but evil doesn't suit you." Sam said.

Skoodge immediately poofed Luna into another alien. She now had white skin with a red and blue lightning bolt tattooed around her left eye, while in a purple and black sweater with a skull on it. "Rebel Rebel, this is awesome dudes!"

"Ah the species of the planet Laybatritiadon, nice choice." Skoodge replied.

The other disguises consisted of Sheen as a blue alien, Tuck as a green alien, which immediately frightened him the moment he saw himself in the mirror, though he did snap out of it. Libby turned into the same red alien race Cindy was, Clyde turned into a blue-ish troll, and Jazz turned into a green Martian with a large brain, and despite the group finding her ugly, she kept it after finding out about the races intelligence. Poof quickly used little of his magic to poof himself into a pink creature. Patrick, Sandy, GIR and Melody kept their original looks, while Chloe on the other hand…

"You're not going to get a disguise?" Skoodge asked her.

"Of course not, because…"

"Please do not tell me she believes that…."

"Aliens have no reason to fear me."

"I swear, if she is correct one more time, I'm going to gouge my own eyes out!" Cindy said.

"Hang on, shouldn't we act like aliens?" Patrick asked.

"How do you act like an alien? Most of them already act and talk like us!" Cindy responded. "Though Estevez is debatable."

"You know, it's kinda odd that a lot of aliens know human English." Clyde said.

"Either that, or it's just laziness." Jazz said.

"Believe me, I got my impression down real good." Patrick cleared his throat, and put on a monocle. "Pardon me, madam." He said in a very fake British accent, while holding a cup of tea. "I adore these marvelous, spontaneous crumpets. They beautifully replicated the beauties of the ol-timey days where the queen walked the five steps!"

Everyone was dumbfounded by this impression.

"What?" Patrick asked. "Have you seen those romance movies? With words like that, I'm sure they're from Mars."

Everyone was too creeped out by this to have a response. "I give that a B-." Sheen responded.

The toons stepped out of the ship and into the front of the Death Ball, standing on a conveyor belt. Mark started knocking on the main door.

Coming out through the automatic door was not Dark Laser, but someone who looked similar to him. He wore a helmet that resembled a motorcycle helmet. He also wore a black robe, which was tied to his neck. A black t-shirt that read "Fathers stink!" covered his chest.

"What up, losers?" the figure said in a deep and sad voice.

"Dark Laser?" Chloe asked.

"No, that's just my stupid grandfather. I'm like, his grandson, Milo Ben."

"Don't you mean Ky…"

"WE DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS!" Sheen cried, interrupting Carl.

"I'm guessing you freaks came for the party."

"Actually, no, we were on our way to…" Mark cut Cindy off. "Of course, dude!"

Milo sighed. "Welcome to my party." Everyone walked inside the Death Ball, with Tuck, GIR and Frida running inside happily.

"You know, I don't know what he looks like, but already, he's kinda cute." Sam told Jazz.

"Um, Milo, you do know there's a human with us right?" Cindy asked while Chloe was near her.

Milo sighed. "I don't care."

"I've got my eye on you, Milo Ben! But in the meantime..." Chloe cheered. "TIME TO BOOGIE WOOGIE!" she shouted running in the death all, and Cindy started to jab her fingers into her eyes.

"Cindy, you need to stop letting her get to you so much!" Libby said.

"How can I, when everything about her is just too perfect?!" Cindy said.

"Sounds like you're jealous." Libby said.

"Jealous? Why would I be jealous? I don't want to be some prancy little goodie two shoes who gets everything good handed to her!" Cindy snapped, as the two walked in.

However, in front of Milo was a bunch of female soldiers, with a woman in brown dress and pink hairdo in front of him.

"I am General Hairdo, leader of the Resistance, and Milo Ben, you are under arrest! Time to rid the universe of your evil, masculine persona!"

Milo paused. "Gross! What is with your hair? You're so not invited to the party!" The automatic door slammed shut.

"Aw! I wanted to go to the party!"

"Shut up, soldier!" Hairdo replied.

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Now, to repost something from Fanfiction.net: Nick Heroes Short: April Fools Day

Synopsis: The heroes face off with another villain, except she doesn't want to enslave the world. She's just celebrating her favorite holiday.

Inside Jimmy's lab, which was now in disguise mode (the main entrance is underground.), were several of the Nicktoon boys. The day was April 1st.

"Let me guess this straight." Jimmy said. "I brought you and Timmy here just to hide you guys from a prank from your sister, Luan."

"This is more than just a prank!" Lincoln said. "You have no idea what that beast can do!"

"Link told me everything about her, and since Cosmo and Wanda left for Poof's doctor's appointment, and because I've become one of her targets, I'm scared!" Timmy responded. "She sounds like a more friendly Vicky!"

"So then, I got the idea to bring the two of us here." Lincoln said. "Luan can't get us if we're not in the same universe!"

Jimmy then looked at Spongebob. "Why are you here then?"

"Hey, I'm a part of the family too, aren't I?" Spongebob responded. "Besides, she got my friends, and now I'm afraid what she has in store for me!"

"Well, I have no idea of what your sister can pull off, but it seems to me that you guys are acting ridic…"

YOU HAVE: ONE NEW MESSAGE. The computer said. Timmy, Jimmy, Spongebob and Lincoln slowly turned their heads towards it.

"Don't click it!" Timmy said.

"It might be her!" Lincoln said.

"You guys are paranoid!" Jimmy responded annoyed, as he clicked the message.

"Hello boys!" said the familiar comedian on her chair.

Jimmy was shocked to see who it was, while Lincoln, Timmy and Spongebob were all scared.

"I hear you're trying to protect my favorite prank magnet of a brother from me! Well, I saved a special prank for all of you, and it's going to be the BOMB!" She started laughing. "By the way, Lincoln, if you're watching this, here's some advice.." she held up Lincoln's recaller. "You shouldn't leave your toys lying around!" she laughed again, and the message ended.

"She knows we're in here!" Lincoln said. "And she's coming, with a bomb!"

"We have to get out of here!" Timmy said.

"Guys, calm down!" Jimmy said. "For all we know, she's just scaring you guys over nothing!"

"Do you not get it?!" Lincoln said. "She is a MONSTER! And if we don't get out of here, we're going to be covered in whatever's in that bomb!"

"But there is in no possibility that Luan could possibly get in here! The lab's entrance is underground, and besides, she can't get in here without either my DNA or my prior knowledge!"

The boys tried not to panic, but then Timmy got an idea. "What if she has ties…" Timmy said. "..With someone who is good friends with her!" The three turned to Spongebob.

"Why are you here, Spongebob?" Lincoln asked.

"Because she's after me too!" Spongebob said. "Come on, don't blame me! Don't let your fear drive your judgement!"

"Empty out your pockets!" Timmy said. Spongebob took out all the lint, pennies, photos of his family, and bubble gum out. "See, I'm clean!"

"What about your holes?" Lincoln asked, as Spongebob reached inside them.

"Guys, you have to believe me! Luan is my friend, but I'm just as scared of her as you guys are! I wouldn't do anything to betray all of you!"

"HOLES!" Lincoln responded.

Spongebob reaches through his ear holes, popping his hand from other holes. "See, nothing!" Spongebob laughed happily, as the boys stopped focusing on him.

"She probably rigged the place!" Timmy said.

"Wait, I know where to look! But I just have one thing to say…" he then pulled out of his left ear hole a giant blue balloon. "APRIL FOOLS!"

"Oh no." Jimmy said.

"NOOO!" The two boys cried.

BOOM! The entire lab was now covered in chocolate pudding. As the three boys were on the ground, Spongebob was still standing, laughing. "You were right! It was inside my head the whole time!" he laughed again.

Then, as a surprise, behind the door entered a 3D Luan. "Don't worry boys, this is the last time you're PUDDING up with me!" she laughed. "Get it?!" They both laughed, as the boys, and Goddard groaned.

"Geez, thanks for helping me out with this prank, Spongebob!" Luan said.

"You are very welcome! I just enjoy April Fools Day just as much as you! Say, are there any other of us you need my help to prank?"

"No need. I already got them!"

Back in Amity Park, Danny stepped outside his front door, and out poured a large bucket of goop on Danny.

"Loud!" Danny said annoyed.

"Nice new look, Fenturd!" Dash said, as he passed the slime covered half-ghost boy.


Back in Tremorton, Jenny was flying in the sky, a sign that read "Free Make-Overs For Robots Who Want To Be More Popular!" Jenny, with a few second thoughts, stepped inside the building. However, her feet crossed

SQUIRT! PFF! Birds came flying out of the building.

Jenny came back out of the building, covered in paste and feathers, but then began to look mad.

"Luan!" Jenny said.


Back in Miracle City, Manny, as El Tigre, saw Black Cuervo rob a bank, and then spun his belt. However, it fell apart, and blew up in front of his face. Then, as an added bonus, a giant pie on top of the building he was on fell over him. The Black Cuervo laughed manically as she flew away. Manny came out of the pie, with an annoyed expression on his face. Frida, who was right by him, couldn't help but laugh, until another giant pie fell on her, which made Manny laugh.


Back in Retroville, Sheen was playing with his Ultra Lord toys, which all glued to his hands and body. Of course, Sheen tried to get them off him, by rolling on the floor.

Meanwhile, Carl ended up being chased by Llamas, because his pants smelled like grass. "Why am I not happy about this?!" Carl said.


In the Bikini Bottom, Patrick angrily walked down the street with the toilet stuck to his pants, and as in, his pants weren't down. As for Squidward, as he was inside the Krusty Krab, he stepped on a rope that was all over the place, leading to some bags of flour, the wall, a giant fish's butt, all ending towards a trash can. "OH NO." Squidward's leg was caught by the rope, and he started screaming.

Back inside the lab.

"Though, I do have one little alien left, and I do know WATER I'm going to do." She laughed.

Back in Zim's town.

Zim, Skooge and Tenn were waiting for the bus, with the ex invaders wearing a human disguise, which were more realistic then Zim's.

"So why do we have to go with you?" Zim rolled his contacts. "Because Skoodge, if you're living in the base with me, you must not attract suspicion. We must wait for the prison vehicle to take us to SKOOL!"

Meanwhile, in the bushes, Luan was holding a water balloon. Despite pulling off extreme pranks, she just wanted to keep this one simple. Of course, she knew the Irkens had hydrophobia, and even though she doesn't bring in personal fears with her pranks, this was the same alien who wanted to take over the planet.

The kids got off the bus, with Zim and the two new aliens getting off. Eventually, Luan jumped out of the bush, and threw the balloon at Zim, which he quickly dodged, as it hit Gaz, who was passing the alien. Zim and Dib's eyes opened wide, as Gaz just stood there.

"You better run." Dib told Luan.

"Well, at least I got a target! That's definitely a DRIP!" she started laughing, as Gaz rolled her fists.

Back at her house, Luan had a black eye, a couple missing teeth and bruises on her cheek.

"Some people can't take jokes." Luan said. "Well, no pain, no game!" she laughed, while Lincoln crossed the hall. "Next year, it's a civil war!"

Perhaps one of my favorite character chemistries in the story. NO, THEY WON'T GET INTO A ROMANCE. This isn't Shape Of Water.

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Part I of the next chapter.

All of the SKs were now inside the Death Ball, as a big party was going on. Techno music was blasting through the roof to the beat of the multiple colored lights in motion, and the entire metal sphere was filled with many aliens of different races. Almost every room in the giant weapon was filled up, from the hallways, to the ship deck, which was currently being trashed by the party goers.

"Radical!" Mark shouted, bursting in to the party.

"Yeah, this looks great and all, but we have friends to save." Sandy said.

"PARTY!" Frida ran into the crowd, while Sandy called her name. She jumped into a crowd of aliens. She was able to crowd surf from all this, and gave a howl. A few of the toons decided to follow Frida's lead, and dive into the party.

"Can someone get Frida out of there?!" Cindy asked, as most of the gang dove into the party. "Of course, nobody listens!"

Carl ran to the disgusting looking buffet, and started to munch on the food, as he started to enjoy it. Patrick joined this feast with him. "Hey, this is better than the gum under the tables!" Patrick happily said.

"Patrick, what about Spongebob?" Sandy asked.

"Sorry Sandy, but you gotta live in the moment." Patrick said, munching on the food. "Want some?" He lifted up a piece of an alien's guts, which disgusted Sandy. Patrick continued eating it.

GIR was now on the dance floor, dancing to the loud beating techno music, and started spinning his head on the ground. Following next to him was Sheen doing his odd dance moves.

"Clearly, nobody has a clue about the stakes here!" Sam said.

"Libby, why are you dancing right now?!" Cindy called Libby.

"Sorry! You can't fight the funk girl!" Libby said, as she joined the dance floor.

"Wow, I've never attended a party before!" Melody said, starting to walk into the crowd.

"We're not leaving, human friends!" Skoodge said. "We will stay here and serve..." Skoodge and Tenn were immediately carried off into a large crowd, screaming for help. "And that's another two down!" Sandy said.

"Don't worry. I don't care about the party!" Clyde said to Cindy. "I'm just here to help find Lincoln."

"Me too. I love parties, but I'm with you dudes all the way on this." Luna said to Sandy. "I'm not partying until I find my bro."

"Alright dudes, who's ready for some karaoke?!" Everyone started cheering in the room.

"Awesome!" Luna said, running away from Sam . "Sorry, I can't resist."

On stage, a squid alien came to grab the mic. But then, Luna immediately bumped the squid off the stage.

"HELLO, ALL YOU DUDES OF THE DEATH BALL!" Luna shouted on the mic, as she was able to pump up the crowd.

"Yo DJ, throw me a jam!" Luna said, holding the mic. The song started to a slow futuristic guitar riff, which Luna started jamming to.

"A modern day warrior, Mean, mean stride, Today's Tom Sawyer, Mean, mean pride!"

The crowd was cheering, as Leni and Lynn were jamming to the song, while Lori still wasn't satisfied.

"Luna, what about Lincoln?!" Lori asked.

"Like, stop pouting Earth child, and have some fun!" Mark said with two cups.

"Look, Chang guy, we're supposed to be on a mission here!" Lori said, grabbing the cup, and then looking what was inside. "Gross! What is this stuff?"

"It's manure human! A Yugopotanian delight!" Mark started throwing it down his throat, and Lori's face turned green, while throwing the cup.

"Wow, I didn't know our mu…I mean, human music from, Earth, was so appreciated here!" Jazz said in the crowd of the karaoke dancefloor.

"It is." A giant green lizard like alien said next to her. "Music is one of the most wonderful gifts Earth has given us."

"Does that mean aliens accept humans?"

"What, are you kidding? If I ever saw a human, I'd squeeze the blood out of it's head until it pops, and then drink it! Then make a sweater with its remains, and then sell it online." The alien kept going with his thoughts, as Jazz creepily walked away.

Despite the stakes being high, the SKs were split in the party, as while the others wanted to leave (Sam, Cindy, Sandy, Clyde, Jazz, Skoodge and Tenn), the others were enjoying themselves, while Luna was still on stage.

"Though I've tried before to tell her, Of the feelings I have for her in my heart, Every time that I come near her, I just lose my nerve, As I've done from the start, Every little thing she does is magic!"

Near the drink table, one alien tried to sip a drink, only for it to float in the air and appear to be drunk by an invisible force. The alien got scared off, as the force continued drinking, while giving a laugh.

Meanwhile, on the floor, Tuck had trouble finding his way, since he was somehow creeped out by all the aliens around him. He ran into giant green blob aliens with large slobbering lips, ones with 20 eyes, screeching ones with tongues that were lifeforms themselves. This led him to running towards the SKs.

"What's the matter, Tuck? Can't handle the adventure?" Sam taunted.

"Meh, they're not even that scary!" Tuck responded with his arms crossed.

"Boo." Lori said, which set Tuck off screaming.

"Nice move, Loud." Sam happily responded.

"Thanks. Lucy pulls that trick on Lincoln all the time."

"Not funny!" Tuck said, angrily walking off.

Melody was walking around the party, and ran into a gray machine with blue eyes.

"Hello…babe. You look…adorable." The machine said in a deadpan voice.

"Um, thank you?"

"How's about we, processing, date sometime?"

"Sorry, you're adorable, but I already have a boyfriend on Earth." Melody walked off, as the machine looked down depressed.

"Rejected, again. Must drown sorrows with…oil." The machine said, sadly rolling back. He rolled away, and passed by a yellow alien with cat like ears with a small robot with green eyes.

"What a poor sap of a machine!" the yellow creature said.

"Love is a very complicated emotion for every living creatures' mind." said the machine in a British like voice. However, GIR ended up dancing with a lampshade on his head, while screaming.

"I'm thankful every day for my programming." said the machine, annoyed by GIR.

A few aliens ran towards Luan, still in her clown disguise. "Hey look, it's one of the Clownaans! Quick, tell us a joke!"

"I'd be delighted!" Luan responded. "Why did the fish get kicked out of school? Because he was caught playing hooky!" She then laughed. "Get it?"

The aliens were not amused. "Um…why are you making human jokes?"


"The citizens of Clownazon have a way different style of telling jokes than humans!"

"Um…say, I'm kinda having a bit of amnesia today, and I'm not clowning around!" she laughed. "But could you remind me how their…I mean, my friends' of my..race, tell jokes?"

"Easy, it goes something like this."

The Blazers were playing archery, when Lynn, still as a Mi-Lak stepped in. "Sup champs?" Lynn said, jumping near the Blazers.

All of their smiles immediately faded away. "What does a little chump like you want?" one of them asked.

"Chump? Geez, I just wanted to hang out with you guys. I've heard you guys are some of the best champions of the galaxy!"

"Look little on, we appreciate the compliment but…

"We're not gonna listen to a Mi-Lak like you!" one of the Blazers said. Lynn started growling in anger, and immediately, she took one of the fire-covered bows and arrows in her hands, and shot it at the fruit the aliens were aiming at. She shot 5 arrows, all which shot through each other. "You were saying?" Lynn taunted.

"Wow, that was impressive. You really do seem like the champ, little Mi-Lek."

"Seem? I was a gladiator once!" Lynn said, continuing to impress the aliens, as she began to talk with them.

On another area, Leni was happily flirting with other aliens.

"Like, I like those little antennas you got there!" Leni said. "Where'd you get them?"

"Birth." The alien with a deep voice replied.

"Birth? Is that like, a new store?" Leni happily responded.

The crowd was cheering for Luna, who was waving and lifting her guitar. Sheen immediately ran on stage and pushed Luna off it, sending her flying.

"What up, galaxy?! I am the chosen one! DJ, spin me a fiddle!" The DJ didn't respond, and Sheen sighed. "Play a song!" he said in an annoyed tone. Sheen recognized the song. "Ooh, this is my jam!" The crowd still wasn't impressed. Sheen starting shaking his booty to the beginning of the song, and immediately, began butchering the lyrics.

"I hear the drumsticks chopping tonight, but she only craves the sushi with the wasabi sauce…" Sheen kept going, and at this point, was torturing the aliens.

Meanwhile, outside of the party, Frida snuck into the Death Ball's control room, which was somehow empty.

"Hey, how come this room is so empty?" Frida asked. Outside of the room, all of the minions were playing limbo happily.

"Oh well, at least I can have fun with buttons!" Frida was about to indulge on slamming the buttons, until she spotted one big red button, which in her eyes, was shining like a piece of gold. "Can't…resist…IMPULSE!" Frida said, walking near the button, but then she stopped. "Wait, what if this does something terrible? What if this destroys the entire base? I can't risk it…..OOH, SHINY RED BUTTON!" Frida pressed the red button, then pressed a few times. After a few seconds, nothing happened.

"Aw, what a waste of time!" At that moment, many laser beams popped out of the giant sphere. Frida's eyes widended as she heard the sound. She turned around as she saw the lasers travel out of the atmosphere, and they ended up blowing up what looked like a planet from far away. Frida's mouth dropped to the floor, and her eyes fell out of her sockets. She immediately put them back in, and slowly walked out of the room whistling, then ran as she exited out the door.

Meanwhile, on Tak's ship, as Jimmy was busy setting up the TV, the others were playing card games, as they saw the explosion.

"How much you want to bet one of our friends did that?" Timmy asked.

"$20 that was Frida." Jenny said.

Meanwhile, Sheen was still torturing the entire room. One even jumped out of the emergency airlock to not hear the little boy, or in their own mind, a torture device's voice.

"I missed the blazes down in Antarctica! Gonna take some time to eat our leftovers!"

The crowd was booing Sheen, and even started to throw things at him.

"Thank you all, good night!" Sheen started bowing, as he walked off stage, right at the moment someone tried blasting at him. At that moment, Carl walked on stage. "Wow, I love karaoke! Can you guys get me a ballad?" The DJ played a familiar 70's musical ballad.

"Guess mine is not the first heart broken, My eyes are not the first to cry.."

Carl had such an odd voice, but the aliens stopped booing as they began to admire the weakling's voice, believing it to sound like an angel.

Meanwhile, Cindy was still annoyed at everyone, and grabbed Mark.

"Mark, you have about five seconds to get us off this stupid moon!"

"It's not a moon, man." Milo said, walking pass Cindy. "It's a space station or whatever."

"Like, can't you just have some fun, Cindy?" Mark responded, as Cindy began punching Mark in the eye.

"Wow, I didn't know you had such affections for me! My heart, however, belongs to another human on Earth!" Mark said, Cindy growled in return as she continued trying to punch Mark, though it left no effect on him.

Meanwhile, in another neon-lit room, Sam annoyingly sat on a couch, frustrated at being stuck at the party. However, she turned her head and noticed Milo also hanging on the couch.

"So um, you seem to have a unique personality." Sam flirted with Milo.

"The universe is just a bad creation." Milo said. "I always live by those words."

Outside of the couch, Jazz was wandering around, but then gasped as she saw the two on the couch. "Don't interfere. Don't interfere." Jazz tried to tell herself seeing the two, but then ran towards the two, who were still flirting, or at least Sam was, while Milo didn't seem to care.

"Oh Samus, we have a little injury with one of our alien brotherins!" Jazz said, pushing Sam off the couch. "She could really use some assistance right now!" She dragged her away with her wings.

Chloe, along with Poof by her, immediately jumped next to Milo.

"Someday, I hope to become as powerful with The Grab as you!" Chloe said.

"You do know about the whole Grab is supposed to be in your blood law of science thing right?"

"What kind of dumb science rule is that?"

"Everyone asks the same question every day."

Back to the two Amity Park girls, Sam was frustrated at Jazz intervening. "What is your problem Jazz?!" Sam annoyingly asked.

"Look Sam, I know it's none of my concern, or what you call, business about your love lives, but I thought you loved Danny!"

" Jazz, I was just talking with Milo!"

"That's not what it looked like."

"What, you thought I was falling for a guy who wants to obliterate planets? I don't…" Sam then got an idea what was going on. "Wait, why should this matter to you? Who do you think you are, my mom?" Sam asked. "Besides, Danny and I aren't even in a relationship…yet." Sam blushed at that last sentence.

"See? You still got feelings for him. Don't think his sister knows about you two."

"Jazz, you might always be watching over Danny, but you won't do the same for me, so mind your own business, and stay out of my life!"


"HISS!" Sam did this sound with her fangs, but then covered her mouth. "Did I actually just do that?" still angrily walked away from Jazz, who was a little peeved at Sam's response.

"Every time." Jazz told herself.

Back on stage, Carl was still singing the ballad.

"I'm hopelessly devoted to YOUUU! Hopelessly DEVVOOOTTEED TO YYOOOUU!"

Despite his loud voice that shattered little pieces of glass, the crowd loved his performance, and he decided to do another song. Much to Sheen's dismay. "Ppfft. I'm still the better vocalist!" A slimeball then struck Sheen in the face.

"Baby I don't understand, why we can't just hold on, to each other's hands!"

Back to Luan, her eyes widened at the aliens still talking about her "races" jokes.

"…and the warlord said, at least the baby isn't crying!" All of the aliens allowed them started laughing.

"That. Was. AWFUL! That wasn't comedy! That's not even close to comedy! That was the worst and most cruel joke I've ever heard in my life!" Luan said. "Those clowns…I mean, my race actually tells jokes like that?!"

"Clearly, you have the worst taste in humor. Come on guys, let's find the john!" The alien walked off.

"Good riddance to you, good for nothing party poopers!" Luan laughed. "But seriously, UGGHH!" Luan walked off.

Meanwhile, Lynn was still having fun with the Blazers. She was still playing archery with random objects inside the ball.

"You guys really are the coolest aliens out there!" Lynn said.

"Now for our favorite part: Bring in the live bait!"

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be so…wait, live bait?"

The Blazers brought in a small blue shivering alien creature, and then pushed him onto a pillar. He tried to escape, but the two laughing aliens pushed their fire hands towards the creature. Lynn's smile immediately fired. "Um what?" Lynn asked herself.


One alien tore off his shirt for Carl, and next to him, GIR ripped his chest open, which let out all of the bolts inside his system. "Whoopsie!" he said.

"Wait, you want me to shoot this arrow at him?"

"What was your first clue?" one of the Blazers asked.

"But I can't shoot this arrow at that thing! It's just a stupid little alien!"

"Exactly! That's why archery towards other species is a popular game of ours!"

"Now come on, shoot the thing!"

Lynn immediately dropped the bow. "No! This isn't cool guys! How is hurting other aliens fun?"

"What does it matter? Every other alien to us is just inferior garbage. That's why we hardly let hang out with anyone at this party!"

"I guess you proved our point, little Mi-Lek." Lynn immediately walked off. "I take back everything I told you guys. None of you are champions or winners. You're all just a bunch of selfish jerks! I'd never want to be affiliated with any of you losers!"

"LOSERS?!" one started to shoot his flames. "I WILL ROAST THAT LITTLE…"

"Calm down. No need to waste energy on a waste of existence." Lynn still kept walking ignoring those words.

Lynn immediately walked towards Cindy.

"Hey Cindy, can you tell that Mark thing that we want to get off this stupid thing already?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah. These aliens are horrible people!" Luan said.

"I'd never thought you'd ask!" Cindy said.

Frida ran towards the two scared. "Guys, I think I just blew up Mars!"

"What?" Lynn asked.

"Nothing!" Frida said.

"How did you get those beautiful fingernails?" Leni asked.

"Biology." The deep voiced alien responded.

"Biology? Like, that's a gross name for polish!" Leni responded, as Lori quickly grabbed her.

"Now, where's Luna?" Lori asked. At that moment, Luna was playing the guitar in the background of Carl's song, while she was jamming out.

"Can we get some kind of villain to crash this party already?!" Cindy asked.

"MILOOO!" Dark Laser called out, as every single alien, perhaps at the speed of sound, bursted out of the Death Ball, leaving in their ships. Skoodge and Tenn were now free from the crowd. "We can breathe again!" Skoodge said, as him and Tenn were struggling to breathe.

"Dark Laser!" Chloe called out.

"An evil space emperor! Cool!" Clyde said. "But not really!"

While Luna stopped jamming out, Carl was still singing karaoke on stage while staying completely ignorant to Dark Laser. "Dude. Wheezer?" Luna kept bugging Carl to be quiet. DL turned his head and used the Grab to silence him. "GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!" Carl muttered with his mouth closed.

"Grandpa, you ruined my party!" Milo complained in a whiny voice.

"You dare throw another party behind my back?!" Dark Laser said.

"Grandpa, this place is lame!" Milo responded. "I'm only spicing things up!"

"Milo, the Death Ball is supposed to be a weapon to annihilate Earth, NOT A HANGOUT FOR ALL YOUR TEEN FRIENDS!"

"It doesn't matter. I already built my own little Death Ball!" Milo pressed a button, showing a bigger version of the Death Ball overshadow the original one.

"That is incredible, grandson! We shall call our two weapons, The Death Ball, and Death Ball Jr. THIISHEHIDHHASIOJICHSAKLHAHAHA!"

"Nah, I had a different name in mind for it. My Deadly Sphere of Emptiness."

"That's your name? That is absolute idiotic and munda…oh forget it! Together, we shall destroy Earth and rule the galaxy once and for all!"

"Nah, I'm good."

"You're good? What do you mean you're good?!"

"I don't feel like using it right now."

"Grandson, you're wasting good potential!"

"Gosh, will you get off my back for once?!"

"Yep, he's kind of adorable for a villain." Sam said.

"What about Danny?" Jazz said trying to throw her voice while pretending to be one of the only friends. Sam still gave Jazz another annoyed glare.

Dark Laser sighed. "If only your grandmother were here. She'd discipline you…why did she have to go, and leave our wedding reception?" Dark Laser remembered how she left the wedding. His reaction was simple: "NOOOOOOO!"

Lori was crying towards Dark Laser. "That literally sounds awful!"

"How can someone do something as awful as that?" Leni said also crying.

"Um, sisters, the dude is a villain." Luna responded.

"So? We still enjoy giving advice for relationships!" Lori said.

"Oh, you don't know the half of it!" Dark Laser said with tears. "She's the reason my only friend is Flipsy!" he pulled out the toy, as he did his trademark flip and bark, which made him laugh.

"Did she used to take you for amazing walks on the beach?" Lori asked.

"Beaches? BLEH! I hate sand!" Dark Laser responded.

"Yeah, too bad, so sad! Now I think it's best if we actually LEAVE!" Cindy snapped.

At that moment, a hole burst open through the wall. The SKs and the two villains turned around to see the hole in the wall. The figure from the wall had blue metal armor, along with a mask with bright green eyes.

"Oh no! It's who's been chasing me!" Mark cried out.

The figure removed all of its armor to reveal who it actually was. The armor begun to unravel with the legs, revealing skinning yellow legs with a blue dress. Then, pink hair came popping out of the small mask, on a yellow head with a diamond crown. GIR screamed as he squeezed Clyde tightly.

At that moment, Sheen's eyes widened, as in his own mind, she saw the alien as a space warrior goddess smiling at him. "Humina Humina!" Libby, who was next to Sheen, got a little disgusted like this, and knocked him in the head. Cindy gave her a smirk. "What? That was gross!"

"Oh no! It's Princess Mandie!" Chloe pointed.

"Oh my gosh! Who is Princess Mandie?" Cindy asked.

"Some evil princess who wants to marry Mark!" Chloe said. "Timmy's told me about her!"

"YOU FOOL! YOU DAMAGED MY WALL!" Dark Laser ended up getting pinned to the wall with sticks. "Grandson, a little help here?" Milo sighed, slowly removing the sticks.

She immediately made a grab for Mark Chang. "Hello Mark! I believe we have unfinished business to take care of!"

"Mandie! I thought you were like, locked up for trying to assassinate my father and blowing up my planet!" Mark said.

"No prison can keep me away from you! Now, you will marry me, or YOU'LL DIE!" Mandie shouted, holding a beam from her arm in front of Mark's face. Immediately, Chloe grabbed Mark.

"You're not taking Mark, you evil witch!" Chloe said.

"Did she just…insult somebody?" Cindy asked, surprised.

"Stay out of this, Cindy! I don't want any of you to get hurt!" Chloe said.

"Whoa, she's actually showing backbone for once!" Sam said.

"Look, little human girl." Mandie said. "Give me Mark, and I will spare all of you."

"Here, take him! You're welcome!" Lynn grabbed Mark out of Chloe's hands, and shoved the Yugopotaninan towards Mandie, who happily grabbed him.

"Wait Lynn, if she marries Mark, she'll to rule the galaxy and destroy Earth!" Chloe said.

"No, you can't have him! Sorry, not sorry!" Lynn responded, taking back Mark.

"You made a FATAL CHOICE!" Mandie responded, as her hair lit up in flames.

"Oh my gosh! Your hair is on fire!" Leni said.

"Actually, it always does that." Mandie replied calmly. "But now, I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!"

"I can handle this guys!" Sheen said.

"Sheen, she's got weapons!" Carl said, shivering in fear.

"You're talking to a chosen one here, and a love guru!" Sheen said in a flirty voice.

"Love guru? You can't even get a toaster to like you!" Cindy said.

"I'M A GURU!" Sheen shouted. "Now, let the master work his charm!" Sheen walked up to Mandie.

"Yep, he's dead." Lynn said.

Sheen walked up to Mandie. "Hello, beautiful. Since Mark clearly doesn't want you, I could be your lucky man!" Libby grabbed a muffin nearby and was about to throw it at Sheen, as Cindy gave her another smirk.

"You're over him, huh?"

"Alright, so I still have feelings for him!" Libby said. "He's just such an adorable little moron!"

"How's about we fly to the moon?" Sheen asked.

Mandie growled as she grabbed Sheen's arm and threw him at the nearby buffet table, sending him crushing through all the alien food, which Patrick was already at.

"Hey! I wasn't finished with the wings yet!" Patrick said annoyingly.

"Fine! I'll have to destroy all of you to get to Mark first!" Mandie dove in the air with her sword, but then, covering her entire body was Melody's arms.

"You go, Melody!" Luna cheered.

"I'll hold her off for you guys!" Melody said. "Get Mark and the others out of here!"

"Everyone, quick to the ship!" Cindy said to everyone, as they quickly ran back to where the ship was parked. GIR, somehow, turned off the disguises, and everyone was back to their human forms again.

Mandie got out of Melody's mechanical grasp, and was screaming in anger again.

Melody formed a pose, lifting up her small arms. "I won't let you harm my friends!"

"So, you want to take me on, charming little robot? SO BE IT!" she shouted.

Mandie launched onto Melody, who flew away and dodged her from getting chopped by her flaming sword. The princess then took another dive at Melody, who was on the roof, but she flew away again.

While the others were running, Sam turned around to see Melody running from Mandie. The robot tried shooting a few lasers, but the princess dodged the lasers, and then grabbed her arms with one arm. Then, she used her other arm to grab her neck. "Big mistake!" A laser came out of Mandie's back, about to fire at a scared Melody. However, Mandie got a laser fired at her back, striking her down.

Sam had lasers in her hands. "You need a little assistance, Melody?" Sam responded, as quickly, she transformed into her suit.

"Epic suit entrance. Better add that one to the list!" Jazz said.

"Just go!" Sam pointed.

"We should help them!" Lynn said, running towards Sam.

"Time to eat some alien scum!" Tuck said, running with her.

"Yay, fight time!" Frida said, running with Tuck, as Skoodge followed her.

"Now to put my moves back to good use!" Sandy said, running with them.

Mandie tried shooting at Sam, but she quickly dodged her attack with her armor.

"Hey ugly!" Frida called out, throwing her glove in the air. "Ready to feel the wrath of…"

"DOY!" The glove hit Patrick in the head, making him passed out.

"Why can't I get that right?!" Frida complained, running to get the glove.

"Time to be the strong invader again!" Skoodge said, as his PAK legs popped up, and he slowly walked his legs towards Mandie, ready to plant his next attack. However, they transformed back into the metal backpack. "What? They're updating now?!" Mandie kicked Skoodge out into space.

"Get out of here, witch!" Tuck said, as his main attack was throwing apples at the princess, which didn't hit her face, but her chest. The princess felt no pain from this, and was about to smack the little boy out of the space station.

"Now now, I'm not going to waste my energy on a dwarf like you." Mandie responded.

"DWARF?! That's it!" Tuck kept punching Mandie's leg, and she was annoyed by this, and just kicked him onto the wall.

"Couldn't we at least get better defense on our team?" Sam asked, as Mandie pinned her to the wall, while trying to kick out of the grasp. Then, an apple slammed her in the face. As it turns out, Lynn was standing on the crushed buffet table, where Patrick was still passed out sleeping at. Another apple was being bounced in her hand.

"You ready to take on the Lynn-diator, doofus?" Lynn responded, as she threw the apple in the air, and swung it with a large food stick, striking Mandie in the face.

"That's how it's done." Lynn boasted to Tuck, still against the wall. Mandie began shooting her lasers at Lynn, who jumped off the immediately obliterated buffet table, and jumped onto the stage. "You can't catch me!" she taunted, as Lynn jumped onto the karaoke stage. Mandie shot another hit, which destroyed the karaoke machine, but not Lynn. "Too slow!" Lynn taunted again, as she dodged another laser. Mandie growled at this, and took her laser out again. Lynn dodged the attack, or at least if there was an attack, and Mandie shot an arrow, sticking Lynn's jersey to the wall.

"Ha! I got you!" Mandie said.

"Fell for the old "fake attack" trick." Lynn said. "Aw man."

Mandie now lifted her laser towards Lynn, who was trying to get herself off of the wall. "Now, to finish you off!" Sandy then gave her karate cry, using her hand to destroy Mandie's laser. "You'll have to get through me first!"

Mandie growled as she pulled another laser gun from her back, which Sandy chopped in half.

"Ha! Are weapons your only defense?" Sandy taunted, as Mandie ditched the weapons, and stuck out her arms and legs, as both non-human girls were fighting each other.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang was running back to the ship.

"I told you guys, we should've left this party!" Cindy said. "By the way, it was really cool of you to tell of Mandie like that, Chloe. Maybe I underestimated you!"

"Thanks! After that, I would've convinced Mandie to stop being evil and befriend other aliens, restoring peace for both the Earth and all of the galaxy!"

"Never mind." Cindy annoyingly said.

However, Dark Laser's small droid minions slid through the walls in front of the gang.

"Don't worry, I got this dudes!" Luna pulled out her guitar and shot a laser beam at the two.

"There's more coming !" Clyde said as more droids came. Cindy used her karate to kick a couple against the wall, all while Luna was blowing up the rest.

"And another one gone! And another one gone! And another robot bites the dust!" Luna said, destroying three of the droids.

Tenn then turned around, after realizing the other toons out there.

"GIR, help the others!" Tenn pointed at the alien.

"YAY!" GIR's eyes turned red, as giant legs came out of his back, and he started crawling towards Mandie and the others.

Back to the fight, Sandy was dodging Mandie's attacks, even holding her arms back, which Mandie tried to break the grip of.

GIR was still crawling towards Mandie, as from the looks of those red eyes, he was about to rip the princess in half, perhaps separating her legs from the rest of her body, or even decapitating her head. Meanwhile, Mandie broke Sandy's grip, and was holding her by the neck. GIR was now a few feet away from the attacking princess. He jumped in the air ready to strike the evil princess. Then, his eyes became blue again, and he happily screamed as he jumped onto Mandie's head. "Peek-a-boo!" he said.

"AHHH! Get off me, filthy machine!" Mandie said, as GIR covered her eyes with his hands, while GIR started munching on Mandie's hair.

"I'll help you GIR!" Frida threw the glove again, but it ended up as another failed attempt, landing on Frida's foot, which made her cry in pain. "Why can't I get this right?!"

"Just put on the stupid hand!" Lynn cried out.

Mandie threw GIR off her, as her hair was now on fire again, setting GIR running and screaming as he was on fire, as he circled around Mandie.

"I've had it with all of you!" Mandie cried out, as she pulled out her sword. "I'll destroy you all myself!"

"One more time!" Frida threw the glove in the air, sticking her hand out. However, the glove ended up knocking Mandie out, having her pass out on the ground.

"At least you saved us." Sam said.

GIR was quickly hugging Melody's leg again, who was still found it adorable. "Now come on, let's go find the others!" Sam said waving her arm, as she Frida, Sandy, Mandie, GIR and Lynn ran, while pulling a sleeping Patrick away from the snack bar, and Tuck, still mad about being called a dwarf. However, as they left, Mandie immediately woke up with evil red eyes, as she gave a growl.

The crew jumped onto the ship VIA conveyor belt, and Cindy headed for the main control room.

"Now to get off that death trap!" Mark said, going to the control panel.

"I want to start the ship again!" Chloe said.

"No you don't! I'll handle this!" Cindy said.

"Cindy, you don't know anything about driving a spaceship!" Libby said.

"Well if Ms. Perfect here can do it, so can I!" Cindy said.

"Sorry Cindy, but please move over!" Chloe said, starting the ship again by pressing random buttons.

"HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT?!" Cindy barked.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Chloe responded. "Oh wait, yeah I do. It's the Grab!" She smiled as Cindy banged her head on the control panel. "Now to wait for the others!" Chloe said.

The others ran through the destroyed hallways with more droids shooting at the sidekicks, as Melody dragged all of the gang zooming through the battle. Eventually, they made it back to the ship. Even Skoodge managed to get out of space and fly to the ship's door.

"So where's our ships pilot?" Sam asked.

"Take a wild guess by my THROBBING HEAD!" Cindy said.

"Start it up, Chloe!" Mark boasted, as the Yugo ship zoomed away from the Death Ball.

"Wow, that went out of control quickly!" Mark said, continuing to drive the ship.

"Next time you drag us to one of your parties, I'll..." Cindy thought back to what Mark said about cute things. "I'll...feed you chocolate?"

"Gosh, all you had to say was no!" Mark responded horrified.

"Uh guys, quick question, what does "Core Destruct" mean?" Frida asked.

"A massive explosion causing an entire base to be destroyed, why?" Tenn responded.

"Oh no reason..." Frida responded, looking around guilty.


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"Um, has anybody seen my earrings?" Lori asked, feeling her empty ears.

"And has anybody seen my sunglasses?" Leni asked.

"Are you sure they're not on your head?" Sam asked annoyingly.

"No, they're not!" Leni responded. As it turns out, they were off her head. "What do you think I am? Stupid?"

Cindy was about to speak, but Chloe covered her mouth. "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" It felt like Cindy was about to explode at that statement.

"Now that we're out of that insanity, let's finally get back on track on finding the guys." Sam said. However, laser beams started firing at Mark's ship.

"What now?!" Cindy asked. The beams came from a giant ship in back of them.

"It's Dark Laser's ship!" Chloe pointed out.

"What? What could he possibly want with us?!" Sam asked.

"Mark, you got a message!" Libby pointed at the screen on the large control panel. Mark pressed it, showing Dark Laser and Milo Ben on the screen.

"You fools! You will pay for your crimes against me!" Dark Laser shouted.

"Crimes against you? What did we do to get you riled up?" Chloe asked.

"You've stolen a valuable relic from my own hands!" Dark Laser said.

"Can we just hurry this up?" Milo Ben said. "I got a space poetry reading to go to!"

"In a minute, Milo!" Dark Laser shouted.

"Stolen from you, what could we possibly…? Wait." Sam immediately turned his head to Frida, who was whistling. "What?"

"What did you steal from him?" Sam asked.

"Why do you guys always blame me when bad stuff happens?" Frida asked.

"Oh I know the answer!" Carl raised his hand.

"We already know Carl." Sam asked.

"Look, I didn't steal from Laser over there! He's out of his mind!" At that moment, two little pearl earrings popped out of Frida's pocket. "Hey, those are my earrings!" Lori shouted.

"Patrick, can you please?" Sandy asked, as Patrick picked up Frida by her feet, and shook her. A mountain of random objects popped out of her pocket, which turned from money, laser guns, toy robots, a whoopee cushion, sunglasses, and a ball. Finally topping it off was Flipsie.

"AH-HA!" Dark Laser shouted on the screen.

"My sunglasses!" Lori said.

"And that's my ball!" Lynn said.

"And that's my cushion!" Luan said.

"You brought a cushion with you?" Jazz said.

"It's for, you know, just in case…"

"Gas, ha ha, we get it!" Cindy interrupted.

"Hey, you spoiled my punchline!" Luan responded.

"I don't care! Just give him the stupid toy dog!"

"YOU DARE INSULT FLIPSY?!" Dark Laser shouted, still on the screen.

"Shut up!" Cindy told Dark Laser.

"Alright, geez Earth girl." Dark Laser responded.

Sam took Flipsy, and quickly dropped him through an air duct, making him hit the other ship. Dark Laser caught it through the window.

"Now all is right! At least my Death Ball didn't get destroyed this time. HAHAIOIOSSASSALKAJSCKSLA!" BOOM. The Death Ball exploded, as the two were now floating in space.

Dark Laser's smile faded. "OH COME ON!"

"I'm guessing you did that two did you?" Cindy asked.

"Is that why you asked about "Core Destruct"?" Tenn asked.

"No! It was…a test question! For school!" Frida responded.

"Yours too?" Tenn asked.

"You will PAY!" Dark Laser pointed at the screen.

"At least there's still my Deadly Sphere of Emptiness." BOOM. It also blew up. "Alright, now I'm mad." Milo said in his deadpan voice, and then he took his laser sword and started chopping up the computers in front of him violently.

"Hey! My vacation pictures from Niagra Falls were on there!" Dark Laser responded.

Sam turned to Frida again. "Alright, I swear I didn't do that!" Frida said.

"Then who else would've done that?" Cindy asked. At that moment, flying from the ruins of the Dark Sphere was Mandie, growling as her rocket boots gave her flight.

"Oh no. Mandie's coming back!" Carl said.

"Really? Another villain?!" Cindy barked.

"Don't worry, I'll fly us out of here!" Mark said, taking a sharp turn to the left, sending all the toons flying to the left. Patrick ended up crushing Clyde, Tuck and Lynn with his butt, while laughing. "This is fun!" Patrick cheered.

"Oh great, it's the intruder again!" Dark Laser said, seeing the princess with her flaming sword coming in back of them. "This will only take a sec…" Mandie's sword grew, and it sliced the entire ship in half, as Dark Laser and Milo Ben were now floating in space.

"Now it's personal. I'll destroy those brats with my own hands." Milo said still with his deadpan voice.

"My ship!" Dark Laser said. "At least I saved hundreds on my ships insurance by switching to DarkCo! Oh yeah, and HEADS WILL ROLL!" Dark Laser took out his laser sword.

Now the Yugo ship was being chased by Mandie, who shot lasers at the ship.

"I'll take her down!" Tuck said. "Mark, do you have any weapons?"

Mark hit a button, sitting Tuck down on a chair, giving him a helmet. In front of him was a screen showing Mandie.

"Time to prove Brad wrong again!" Tuck pressed a button, only for the lasers to shoot ice cream at Mandie's face.

"Ooh! Vanilla!" Mandie said, licking the ice cream, and then continued zooming towards the ship.

"Ice cream?!" Tuck shouted. "Why am I shooting ice cream?! Where are the lasers, or missiles, or things that go boom?"

"Sorry, little Earth being, the weapons are not to be handled by any of you humans!" Mark said. "It's against my code!" Tuck threw the helmet to the ground grunting in annoyance.

Mandie's sword grew again, and she was about to slice the ship in half.

"Move over, Chang!" Cindy said. "I'll handle this!" She took another sharp turn, dodging the sword altogether, then kept swaying back from left to right, dodging each sword attack.

"Quick Mark, where are the lasers?" Cindy asked.

"I don't know!"

"This is your own ship! How can you not know where the lasers are?!"

"I believe that manure has weakened some of my memory!"

"Quick, do you have some type of instruction manual for the ship?" Jazz asked.

"Oh man, I lost that a long time ago!"

"Am I the only one here who cares about organization?!" Jazz asked.

"Jazz, organization is the least of our problems, especially when a scary evil princess is trying to KILL US!" Sandy responded.

"I know how to get answers!" Patrick said, slowly walking to the control panel. "WE MUST INTERROGATE IT!" Patrick lifted an axe. "NO PATRICK!" everyone screamed.

Cindy continued to drive the ship, and kept dodging Mandie's attacks.

"Now for the brake!" Cindy stopped the ship, as Mandie went head first into the ship. "Never underestimate a Vortex!"

"Wow, you got her real good, Cindy! That's my girl!" Libby responded, as Cindy started up the ship again.

"See, Chloe? That's how you drive a ship!" Cindy told Chloe.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Chloe responded. "You should be the pilot from now on!"

"Wait, you're not jealous?" Cindy asked.

"Jealousy is a bad emotion! I focus on congratulation others instead of feeling so negative!" Chloe said.

"Okay, now I'm convinced: she's more of an alien than Sheen is." Sam said.

"I'm guessing that's from personal experience with my brother?" Jazz happily taunted.

"What are you...oh shut up Jazz!" Sam responded.

The ship swung to it's side.

"What in the Tremors was that?!" Sandy asked.

Clyde and Leni looked out the window, as Mandie was hanging on to it by her sword.

"Boy, she's desperate for Mark." Clyde said.

"Give me MARRRKK!" Mandie roared.

"Like oh my gosh, your crown is so beautiful!" Leni said. Mandie was still roaring in anger.

"So that's how you say thank you? Alright, RAAARRRRRR to you too!" Leni responded.

"Wait, I got this guys!" Melody said, as she stuck her hand down the air compressor, stretched it out, and gave Mandie a small flick, which sent her screaming while flying at a very fast speed. She took out her hand, and quickly blew on it, while flashing an adorable smile. "Did I do good?" Melody asked.

Mandie flew back on her jets, now looking to completely obliterate everyone on the ship.

"Why won't she go?!" Lori asked. However, as Mandie was about to hit the ship, she got hit by a large green beam, which sent her flying back, and then a giant green ball hit her chest, sending her flying away through the galaxy.

"What was that?" Cindy asked.

"Couldn't have been another ship." Sandy said. "None are nearby."

"It must be SPACE GHOSTS!" Carl said.

"Carl, enough of your paranoia! There are no such things as ghosts!" Sheen said. Immediately, Sam and Jazz turned their heads towards Sheen, completely dumbfounded by that statement.

"You're friends with my half-ghost brother!" Jazz said.

"You helped us fight Vlad and his ghosts!" Sam said.

"Did I say ghosts? I meant Florida!" Sheen said. However, standing on the ship was a laughing invisible spirit.

"Alright, now let's get the mission back on track." Cindy said, behind the wheel.

"Wait, I feel like we're forgetting something." Sheen said.

Skoodge then hit the window ceil.

"Hey look, it's that Scrooge alien." Sheen pointed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about him." Tuck said.

"Skoodge, you were out there the whole time?" Tenn barked.

"Yeah, and by the way, thanks for almost leaving me behind, guys!" Skoodge said, as he was let in through an air duct.

"Mark, does this ship have hyperspeed?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, and the buttons right there…"

"Thanks!" Cindy pressed the button, which sped up the ship.

"You didn't let me finish! We got, like, a problem." Mark said at one of the screens. "It totally blows! It could rip this ship to pieces!"

"Way to go, Vortex!" Sam told Cindy.

"You would've done the same thing, Manson!" Cindy responded.

"I can fix it!" Chloe said, opening up the bottom of the control panel.

"I don't think you should be messing around with that, Chloe." Skoodge said.

"It's okay! I used to fix Mr. Turner's machines all the time!" Chloe said, digging into the chest.

"I would figure out what the problem is, but I'd need a visual aid!" Sandy said.

"Maybe you'd have some if someone didn't lose their manual!" Jazz said.

"Wait a minute, I never lost it!" Mark said, as he pulled the manual out of his head. "Here it is!"

"Quick, turn to any chapters about repairing ships!" Jazz commanded him. But at that moment, Chloe ripped out something from the bottom. Jazz and Sandy were stunned, while Mark's pupils grew small.

"What did you do?" Jazz asked.

"I bypassed the motor!" Chloe responded.

"Chloe….that was the battery." Mark said in a low voice.


The ship stopped moving, sending Skoodge and Carl flying towards the windshield.

"You just destroyed all of the ships power." Mark answered.

Luna looked out the window. "Um, dudes?" Libby looked at the window. "And you lost all of our weapons." She said, as many weapons were floating in space. Laser guns, missiles, spike balls, acid rays, An ice cream cone ETC. Then a sink came floating afterwards. "And you lost the kitchen sink too! How is that even possible?" Sandy said.

"We have a kitchen?" Patrick happily asked, as he started to run towards the back.

"Wait, this means you were wrong. You screwed up! Ha!" Cindy started doing a victory dance.

Then, the ship started to shake.

"That can't be good." Clyde said.

The ship started losing control, and started to crash down, while an alarm was heard.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Lynn screamed.

In the back, Patrick opened a door, whose room had a big gaping hole sucking everything out, and then he closed the door, but then what he just saw struck him. "I see a fridge!"

"Fridge? I call dibs on whatever's on the top shelf!" Sheen ran to where Patrick was at while dragging Carl. Patrick opened the door, which started sucking everyone out. Quickly, Melody grabbed everyone with her arms, as they were all screaming from the free fall and the air sucking them out. Cindy had her hands still on the steering wheel.

"You idiots! CLOSE THE DOOR!" Cindy commanded.

"MUST…FEED…PATRICK!" Patrick said, crawling towards the fridge, all while Carl and Sheen held onto him.

"Go for it, starfish!" Sheen rooted.

"Guys, this is too dangerous!" Carl shouted.

Patrick kept crawling, avoiding getting sucked outside, and eventually, reached the door handle. Patrick and Sheen had big smiles on their faces, until they saw what was inside.

"VEGGETABLES?!" Patrick cried.

"WHAT A CRUEL JOKE!" Sheen said. However, the fridge and every piece of green inside it flew into the hole, which sucked Patrick, Carl, and Sheen. Patrick held onto the sides, as all of them were screaming.

"Guys!" Melody sensed they were in trouble, and stretched her arm to get the guys.

"I'm…losing…my grip! Sweaty feet!" Carl said, as his hands started to sweat.

"Carl, did I ever tell you that you have issues?!" Sheen barked.

"Yes, every single day!" Carl said.

"WELL IT SHOULD BE MORE THAN THAATT…" Carl lost his grip, sending both him and Sheen into space, while Melody grabbed Patrick, and took him back to the main control room.

"Wait, where's Carl and Sheen?!" Libby asked.

"Oh no!" Melody said, as she flew out from the back of the ship to find the two. In back of her, the spirit followed.

Carl and Sheen were screaming in space, and in case you're wondering why they're not suffocating from no oxygen, well you see…



"Wait a minute, I still got my Ultra belt!" Sheen lifted his shirt, and pressed the belt's button, giving him his helmet and wings. "I obtain the power of the Ultra Gods!" Sheen grabbed Carl, and blasted out of the area. He flew past Melody, which sent her spinning. "Guys!" she called as she followed.

Carl was screaming, while Sheen was cheering. Sheen even blasted a few passing asteroids with his Ultra glove. "This is wonderful! Nothing can stop us now! NOTHING CAN STOP…" BOOP. The two were sucked inside a giant ship via a vacuum pipe.

Melody hit the ship head first, then got herself off the wall. "Oh no!" At that moment, the spirit flew into the same pipe, while the ship blasted away VIA hyper speed.

"I…I lost them!" Melody then heard the screaming kids on the ship, and flew towards them. "But I can't lose them too!"

The ship was now crash-landing nearby a purple and yellow planet, with a heart antennae. Cindy tried to gain control of the steering wheel, while Melody tried to hold the ship. Her grip was weak compared to how fast the ship was falling. Cindy struggled to turn the ship straight, as the crashed ball was entering the planet's atmosphere.

BOOM! The ship crashed onto the ground, damaging a flower field, while dragging poor Melody with it. Everyone on the ship got up, struggling to breathe, while some were in a pile. Skoodge ended up getting crushed by Patrick's back, looking like a deflated ball to the ground.

"Great. That's the third crash this week!" Mark said.

"That was so cool! I love crashing!" Tuck said.

"Me too!" Frida responded, as Cindy growled at them.

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Well, the rest is on Fanfiction.Net, but still gonna post the chapters. Also, note, some of these chapters will be edited on FF, which means you might spot parts that weren't there before.


The ship was now in ruins. The entire back of the ship has been decimated, and the motors have completely lost all function. At this moment, Sandy was underneath the ship, attempting to fix some of the damages.

"Unbelievable!" Cindy shouted. "Look at this! Look at this wreck! Our entire ship has been destroyed!"

"It's been destroyed, huh?" Sam said. "I would've thought it was going through its' own little metamorphosis!"

"Shut it, Sam!" Cindy said. "I just can't believe all of you!"

"Cindy, just calm down." Libby said.

"Calm down?! How can I calm down when we're, oh I don't know, STRANDED ON ANOTHER PLANET?! And now we have to add two more morons to the list of things to find! Where do I begin with you all?!"

"Ooh, do me! Do me!" Patrick raised his hand.

"Please, I'm not in the mood to talk about how you're beyond a brainless doofus!" Cindy responded.

"Eh, I give that a 6 on my insult scale." Patrick responded.

"First off, Chang!" Cindy shouted. "When you're being chased by an evil space princess, and you have to help your friends, here's a little lesson….YOU DON'T STOP AND DRAG THEM TO A STUPID PARTY!"

"Hey, us Yugopotanians love our parties!" Mark said.

"But more, than your own LIFE?!"

"It's in our code, human!" Mark responded. "For my adolescent mind can't fight impulses yet!" Cindy pushed this stupid statement off.

"Or how about all of you?!" Cindy shouted. "Instead of listening to me, all of you decided to frolic along with this intergalactic idiot!"

"We just wanted to have a little fun before we went on another life-threatening journey, Cindy." Luan responded.

"We have friends to save! Apparently, your mind is so focused on your beyond irritating words you call jokes, instead of listening to me about finding your own brother!"

"What?!" Luan said angrily.

"You know, it's hard to listen to you when all you do is scream and insult us." Lynn responded. "And this is coming from the MVP of almost every sports team in Royal Woods!"

"All I do is…are you kidding?!" Cindy responded. "I'm the only one here actually trying to get us to work together! And I'm the one who's wrong?"

"She's kinda got a point." Sam responded. "It's hard to co-operate with you when you're so pushy!"

"Alright, then why don't you be the leader then?!" Cindy snapped at Sam. "You seem to be the know it all of this group, and you seem to love to take the time to criticize me! So if you're that critical, then why don't you take my role?!"

"Because, I don't want to be the leader!" Sam said. "I'm fine where I'm at."

"Then don't talk to me about something you can't do!" Cindy responded.

"Alright, you want to start…?!"

"Sam wait!" Jazz pushed Sam aside. "She's just a kid! She hasn't fully developed handling her own emotions yet!"

"Handling control of…what are you even saying?!" Cindy responded. "Oh wait, is this you trying to be the annoying know-it-all who stuffs her face in her notes all day?!"

"Excuse me? All I'm trying to do is help this team!" Jazz said.

"Well you can start by doing a little more action, and a little less of your obnoxious mouth!" Cindy responded, as Jazz gasped.

"You are such a jerk!" Frida said.

"Don't even get me started on you! Since you're not Chang over there, haven't you heard of something called impulse control? That way, you won't press every button or steal anything that sparks interest in that puny little attention span of yours, and make evil rip-offs try to kill us!" Cindy then turned to Chloe. "And you…I don't even know where to start with you! If you don't know how to do something, then DON'T DO IT! Don't go ripping out wires and batteries thinking you're "by passing the motor!"

"I'm sorry. I thought I really had it that time!" Chloe said.

"WELL YOU DIDN'T!" Cindy barked.

"You know, I won't blame Chloe here for destroying my ship!" Mark said.

"OF COURSE YOU DON'T! Because she's "Ms. PERFECT" to you!"

"Actually, you pressed my hyper speed before I got the chance to warn you." Mark said.

"Ooh! He got you good." Patrick said.

Cindy's anger faded. "Well….how was I supposed to know what would happen?!"

"Ha! Can't even admit your own mistakes!" Sam smirked.

"What does it matter? At least I take the effort, unlike all of you!"

"Alright, that is enough!" Sandy said, jumping out the ship. "Hasn't anyone said to you Cindy, that people living in glass houses shouldn't be throwin' stones? You screwed up as much as the others did! Our only solution right now, is to actually be a team! Our friends are still up there by whoever kidnapped them, and we need to stick together!"

"Forget it, Sandy!" Lynn responded. "I'm not working with this jerk! She's up there with those fire things!"

"You insult my comedy, you lose my help!" Luan said, walking with Lynn.

"Sorry Cindy, I gotta stick up to my sisters, because that wasn't cool." Luna walked off.

"That wasn't hot either!" Leni responded.

"You literally make my blood boil!" Lori said, as they both walked off.

"For the record, I do have impulse control! I choose not to use it!" Frida responded, walking off.

"Sorry, Sandy." Clyde said, walking off a bit disappointed.

"Guys, what about the team?" Sandy asked. "Ah, forget it, I'm gonna go repair the ship!" Sandy said.

"Sandy, do you need assistance?" Jazz asked.

"I want to leave too!" Patrick said, turning his head away from Cindy, walking away. Tuck followed his exact move.

"Sorry Cindy, I'm not losing any more of my friends." Melody said, walking with Tuck.

Sam stood there. "You know, I honestly thought you could've been a great leader." Sam walked off.

"Guys! What about the others?" Cindy asked.

"We'd rather eat dirt than work with you to find them!" Frida shouted back.

"Fine, ditch me and our friends then! I hope you'll enjoy seeing them at their tombstones!" Cindy called out, as she crossed her arms and sat down. She then started to feel depressed, and a little bit of remorse for what she just did. Cindy turned around, and saw the rest of the crew, which was Libby, GIR, Tenn and Skoodge. "At least you guys are still listening to me."

"I'm not big on you harping on our new friends, but I'll always stick up for you." Libby responded.

"What about you aliens?" Cindy asked.

"Eh, I'm used to the insults by now." Skoodge said.

"Besides, we'd still choose you over any of our race." Tenn responded.

"I have no brain!" GIR said.

"Don't worry, Cindy!" Chloe said. "I know you didn't mean any of that! I'll stand by you!"

"Oh no you're not!" Cindy said. "You're one of the reasons we're on this planet! As leader of this team, I'm benching you from helping us!"

"Benching? But this isn't a baseball team!" Chloe responded.

"Whatever, just go!" Chloe sadly walked away. Poof angrily blew a raspberry at Cindy.

"Alright, that was harsh!" Libby told off Cindy.

Chloe sadly walked towards a nearby metal piece that resembled a bench, which Sam was sitting on. Sam gave a sigh. "Why do I have to be the one to do this?" She turned to Chloe.

"Sorry you had to deal with know-it-all over there." Sam told Chloe.

"Nah, I deserve this." Chloe happily said.

"Um, you seem a bit enthusiastic after getting chewed out by big mouth over there!"

"But I really did make a mistake! Now I've learned from it! Don't help with something you have no knowledge about!"

"Are you sure you don't feel at all sad or upset of what just happened."

"Of course I do, but now I'm moving on from the past!" Chloe happily cheered. "I'm still not giving up with helping Cindy or you guys, because focusing on screwing up will get me nowhere."

"Okay, what is with you?" Sam asked.

"Pardon me?"

"Why are you so cheerful and positive all the time?"

"Because, the world needs more kindness and peace, and that's my main life goal!"

"But you do realize you can't always be this happy and peaceful girl toward everyone, right?" Sam asked. "There's nothing wrong with showing some anger or some genuine emotions once in a while!"

"But that type of thinking holds me back! For all we know, it might lead me to…failure!" she choked on that last word.

"What's wrong with failure? Everyone stops at something." Sam responded.

"I can't let a perfectionist like me let mistakes like this let me down."

"A perfectionist?" Sam immediately knew what this meant. "Chloe, there's no such thing as a perfectionist. Everyone is flawed in their own way."

Meanwhile, as Sam was talking with Chloe, all of the friends were enjoying themselves, despite their dilemma. Frida and Lynn were playing with a metal ball, which Tuck struggled to follow, as he was out of breath chasing the two fast girls.

Lori and Leni were taking selfies again on Lori's own phone. "I miss Spongebob." Patrick said, and then he joined with the two Louds, as he went from his typical slobbering face, to smiling for the camera.

Luan was practicing her comedy on Clyde and Melody, whose joke involved a pie. Clyde enjoyed it, but Melody gave a fake laugh. "I mean…HA HA HA HA!" Melody gave a loud fake laugh, which got the attention of everyone around them.

All of this made Cindy sigh. "If only they knew how to listen to me." Cindy sadly said to herself. "I wouldn't be alone with the two aliens…and THIS ANNOYING THING." GIR was eating the sunflowers like a horse.

Meanwhile, Sandy was fixing the ship, with Jazz holding the ships' instruction manual.

"Looks like I can get the motor running again, but I'm not so sure about how we'll be able to fix this bull-sized hole." Sandy pointed, under the ship.

"Actually, from how advanced this ship is, if I'm right, we'll be able to fly the ship without repairing the hole, though we might need to seal off the kitchen door." Jazz was lightly banging on the ship's wall, which made another chunk of the wall fall apart. Sandy gave Jazz an annoyed glare. "Sorry?" she gave a fake chuckle. "I can repair that!" Jazz said.

"Just let me finish this myself, Jazz." Sandy said.

"No no! I really can help you! After all, someone needs to read to you the manual!" Jazz responded.

Sandy got up from under the ship. "You know, I don't mean to sound like cranky over there, but...why are you so helpful?" Sandy asked. "You might even be up there with Spongebob or Chloe over there!"

"I knew one of you would ask that. Other than the obvious fact that I must save my brother, since I'm a part of this team, and the oldest, I must take as much responsibility as any other member of this team, and if I can't live up to that task, I wouldn't just be letting you guys down, but myself too."

"You know…I like your thinking." Sandy responded, continuing to work with the ship.

"Hey, I'm at your service!" Jazz bowed. Immediately, a metal ball hit her in the head, making her shriek in pain.

"Aw man, I missed the net!" Lynn said.

"Ha! That's another point for me!" Frida cheered, all while Jazz looked annoyed by them when rubbing her throbbing head.

"Oh man, My mother and father are so going to cut me off when they hear about this!" Mark was saying, moping around flowers, which he saw and screamed at. He then noticed something about the scary flowers: all of them had ears.

"Wait a minute! Oh no, WE'RE STRANDED ON…" Something with small arms with no fingers quickly grabbed Mark, which made him quickly disappear off the ground.

Back to Chloe and Sam, somehow, Chloe was able to get information of Sam.

"That's why I turned goth, and yet my parents will never accept that!"

"Actually, it sounds like you have great parents!" Chloe happily responded. "Sounds like they want what's best for you!"

"What's best for me? As in what? Confirming to their stupid lifestyle of being wealthy and privileged?"

"Wait, you're rich?" Cindy said, walking towards Sam.

"What does it matter to you?"

"Nothing, it just makes me wonder, you're rich, and you still choose to be this dark, gothic know-it-all." Cindy responded. At this point, the other girls started to go near the fight, despite the fallout with Cindy.

"Ooh! She's winning this one!" Patrick rooted in the back.

"Don't you have dirt to munch on?" Sam annoyingly asked.

"Actually, I just ate dirt five minutes ago!" Patrick said. "But oh well, seconds for me!" Patrick continued eating the flowers. "Tastes just like manure!"

"Now excuse me, but you know nothing about me!" Sam said.

"Oh, from the first impressions I get from you, you sound more like a spoiled brat." Cindy said.

"Sister, sisters!" Luna tried to be in the middle of the two. "We don't need to escalate this!"

"Spoiled brat?! The only spoiled brat around here is…" Sam started to sense something. "Wait a minute." Sam pulled out her laser guns. "Something's not right."

"What? The fact that you're not all that?!" Cindy boasted.

"Cindy, stop with this!" Libby said, blocking Cindy. "You're really sounding as bad as vampire freak over there."

"I can still hear you guys!" Sam said. "And when this is over, I'm done with both of you prepubescent brats." She walked near the flower field. "This place is like one of my nightmares."

"Wait, where's Mark?"

"Why should that matter?" Cindy asked. "He got us into this mess in the first place! I'm sure he'll be safe out here away from that crazy princess thing!"

Sam then heard something behind her, and slowly rolled her eyes. "Got you, you little…um, bunny?" Sam pointed her gun at the creature smaller than her. It was a small yellow bunny with a heart antennae and a medallion.

"Hello, visitor! I am Sawa the Gigglepie! I can see that all of you land from the sky!"

Everyone didn't react to the bunny. A few seconds later, all of the girls were screaming with joy, along with GIR jumping in happiness.

"Oh my gosh! This is the most adorable thing ever!" Leni said.

"It's so Kawaii!" Melody said.

"Yeah, it's cute." Sam said. "I'm blowing it up!" Sam raised her lasers.

"NOOO!" Everyone screamed, while Tuck rooted "Do it!". Cindy then blocked it. "Just because you hate cute things you can't be doesn't mean we have to suffer with you!" Sam sighed at this insult.

"Now now, visitor, we know you have your doubts! But soon, you'll smile instead of pout!"

"Yeah right, like I'd ever fall for you!" Sam responded.

"Oh come on, Sam! It's adorable!" Libby said.

"Super super adorable!" Frida said.

"Meh, I'm too old for cute things." Jazz said. "But it's SOOO ADORABLE!"

"At an angle, all of you bunnies look A-CUTE! Get it?" Luan said, without any emotion but happiness.

"If only I could slap you for such a stupid joke!" Cindy said hypnotized.

"Get away from it!" Skoodge screamed.

"We'll save you, guys!" Tenn said, as she and Skoodge ran to the creature. Skoodge grabbed the creature by the neck. She then took a small blade out of her arm, and put it next to the GPs neck, who still had a smile on her face. "No! Don't kill it!" Libby said. "Skoodge, are you kidding, man?" Clyde asked.

"Don't worry! We'll get rid of this creature once and for all, and free you all from its powers!" Skoodge said, charging his arm lasers, which quickly exploded in his face.

"Wow, you really are bad luck!" Frida said, still looking at the Gigglepie.

"Should we get the squirrel suit?" Leni asked.

"NO!" All the Louds called out, snapping all of the sisters out.

"Leni, we literally promised not to speak about that day again!" Lori responded.

"Yeah, you guys actually believed Lincoln had bad luck!" Lynn responded, while the three four sisters gave an annoyed stare at her.

"Why are you trying to harm this harmless creature?!" Cindy asked.

"Because it's not harmless! All of its species are monsters!" Skoodge said.

"Skoodge, there's nothing to fear about these creatures!" Chloe said.

"You don't get it! They're one of the most lethal creatures in the galaxy!" Tenn said.

"Great, are you both like that Chang idiot who's afraid of cute things?!" Cindy said.

"Don't worry, Skoodge. I'm with you and Tenn on this." Sam said. "I won't trust these things for a second."

"You know, this kind of reminds of those Twonkies Jimmy brought back." Cindy said.

"Yeah, and they turned out to be monsters who…DESTROYED MY MUSIC!" Libby shouted.

The Gigglepie started skipping away from the crashed ship. "I will give you your resources if you follow me, as there's a lot on this planet you should see!"

All of the SKs started following the bunny, still squeeing out. Leni immediately followed the sisters, followed by Patrick giving a dumb laugh and tagging along. Melody followed, confused on what to do. GIR gave a loud laugh and followed. Now, all who was left was Sam, Tuck and the Irkens.

"Guys, what about Mark?" Tuck asked.

"They can't here you! They're busy being brainwashed with their rhymes!" Skoodge said.

"Again, I have no doubts that you are correct. We have to follow them!" Sam said, chasing the gang, ignoring the flowers she was stepping on. As the three followed the goth, the flower was now crushed into manure. However, magically, it tuned back into a regular flower again.

Meanwhile, as Lori was walking with the Gigglepie. "Wait…what about Lincoln?" Luna said. "We can't leave him out there!"

"No need to worry, I'm sure Lincoln is fine, as now, you have to see our planet that is divine!" All of the humans were back into their hypnosis. However, Lori snapped out of it again. "I just hope he's not literally getting tortured or anything! I can't imagine what Lincoln and his friends are suffering through!"


Timmy was screaming. "I hate this game!" Timmy said. All of the eight heroes were playing on Jimmy's TV.

"Why? Because you're getting your butt kicked by me?" Jenny responded.

"It's really cool you made Mari…I mean, Plumber's Fiesta able to have eight players!" Lincoln said.

"Of course I can! With the help of My Neutron Gaming Sphere, it can do about anything to get past the game's mechanics!'

"How exactly do you have a portable TV that doesn't need to be plugged in or need another power source?" Danny asked.

"I've made shrink rays, time machines, and a fully functional hovercar and this is the one that confuses you?" Jimmy responded.

"Yay! My turn!" Spongebob said, as he was Princess Pea…Poppyseed. Spongebob rolled the dice, and got a hidden star.

"Oh come on! Another hidden star?!" Danny snapped. "Why does this game keep cheating for you?!"

"Because I'm the princess! I always deserve the royalty!" Spongebob said.

Next, it was Manny's turn, with his character War…Evil Plumber. "Hmm, let's eat some candy!" Manny said, going to his items menu.

"If you eat that coin stealing candy one more time, I'm socking you in the face!" Jenny said.

Manny snickered, as he ate the candy, and used it on Jenny's character, Dry Bo…Skelly. He stole coins, and then Jenny socked him square in the face. "It was worth it!" Manny rolled the dice, but landed on a Stealing game. "A stealing game?! AGAIN?! Don't bet a star, don't bet a.." They had to fight for a star. "Please don't make me fight Zim, please don't make me fight Zim, please don't…" The Evil Plumber landed on his brother, Evil Plumber Brother. Zim laughed. "Zim shall not be defeated!" Manny lost the game, and tackled Zim. "STOP STEALING MY STARS!"

Zim gave a wicked laugh.

"I didn't expect Zim to be so interested in gaming." Jimmy responded.

Zim stopped laughing. but then stopped. "MUST. RESIST. BEING MIND SLAVE. OF GAME."

"Probably because he's taking the whole "video games rot your brain" thing literally." Lincoln said.

"Well, at least Zim is being our friend for once!" Timmy said.

Spongebob ended up getting another hidden star, even though it wasn't his turn. "AHHH!" All of the toons said.

"I hate this game!" Manny threw his remote.

Then, Mimi came into the room, sneaking and walking across the roof, then he snuck up on the floor. Lincoln was able to see Mimi for a second on the TV, as he slowly turned his head. Mimi creaked the glass bowl open, and Lincoln immediately dived out to escape. However, this plan backfired, as Mimi pointed all of her weapons at Lincoln. "Head back, into your cell." Mimi calmly said, as Lincoln did just that. Mimi quickly turned on a scanner with her eyes, and saw where Goddard's extra chip was. He immediately grabbed the dog, much to Jimmy's dismay. "Leave my dog alone!" Jimmy said. However, as Goddard was pouting, Mimi used a claw to rip out the piece of metal skin where the chip was.

"No outside communication." Mimi immediately crushed the chip, put Goddard back into the glass, and zoomed out. All of the toons were frightened by the robot.

"Great! Now how will the others find us now?!" Manny asked.

"Goddard's chip has been in there long enough. I believe if they play their cards right, they can still follow our location." Jimmy said.

"You know, any of you could've escaped right there besides Lincoln!" Jenny said, then pointed to Danny. "Like you! You could've gone ghost nearly half a second after he opened the dome!"

"Um, that cat had weapons! For all I knew, he could've had some sort of ghost annihilating beam hidden in there! Why didn't you do anything?"

"Hello! The cat has all my weapons!"

"Forget this, back to our game!" Lincoln snapped, as everyone continued playing. Spongebob found a hidden star inside the mini-game. "Hooray!"

"GRRR! THAT'S IT!" Timmy growled, as he threw his remote, and attacked Spongebob. Of course, SB felt no pain and laughed.

"Kids, this is why you should read books!" Wanda said to whoever was reading this story.

"Either that, or stare at paint drying!" Cosmo happily remarked.

Meanwhile, MiMi snuck back into Tak's control room.

"Did you place the bounty?" Tak asked.

"As you requested, master." MiMi responded.

"Good, let's see who's in for capturing those fools." Tak said, as she gave a smirk.

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Yeah, I'm breaking on this story. I'm kinda getting tired of writing it. I probably will come back to it in the future, but until then, it's time to write the story I WANT to write: Nickelodeon Heroes 3.

Synopsis: The heroes must unite to stop Vicky, who teams up with Freakshow and Sartana for a world dominating plan, as the evil babysitter has now discovered magic. However, to fully unleash it, she must destroy Da Rules, which limits her magic. However, the big problem? All of them are separated. But not from a fallout between friends, but through different universes.

Yeah, since my stories are influenced by the MCU,  guess what movie this is influenced by? 

New shows in this universe include Tuff Puppy, Ren and Stimpy and..TMNT. THAT ONE, I'm gonna have to watch the entire series of, because I really do want to get the characters right. From the looks of it, April, Kalai, Tiger Claw and Casey might be big characters for the universe.

I've already posted the opening:

Monday, September 13th

My evil world dominating plan is finally coming to life. After a long agonizing summer of putting together the pieces, it's finally here. It all brings me back to when I first gave my first beautiful breath of life. My mom and dad were extremely happy to see their new daughter. I remember my dad's first words to me. "Isn't she adorable?" he said. Then, I reached my little stubby arms at him, and grabbed his neck. "GET IT OFF OF ME!" he said, as I gave my first laugh. I can still hear the adorable me go "HE HE HE HE!"

Over the years of growing up, there was nothing I enjoyed more than pain and misery. I remember being taken to the park, and stealing the lollipops from other babies. Then, I would sneak out of my crib, and destroy all the sandcastles to the kids, and if they were good, I'd give them an extra surprise in my diaper. My pet centipede! Alright, looking back, it's disgusting, but hey, mission accomplished!

It was even better with my parents. Probably the happiest time of my life was when I was six years old, and I held them hostage in the house for not giving me my allowance. Seriously, it was over one window!

However, all of that fun changed when my two stupid parents announced they were having another baby. Luckily, I knew I was going to give this future sister of mine of lifetime or torture and suffering, at least after she turned 4, because while I love sucking the fun from any adolescent, torturing babies is ANOTHER form of evil. I remember the moment my baby sister Tootie turned 4, I shoved the cake in front of her face, and swore to myself, she'd never enjoy a birthday, or even one day inside our house, for the rest of her life.

However, if there was one thing I love just as much as pain, and those hot guys on that reality show, Dumb Jocks On The Beach, it's cash, and I knew I had to find a way to combine the two, until I found the perfect job: babysitting! That way, I can torture kids and make moolah, all while no stupid adult out there would believe their kids! Then, my life took another dive towards happiness, as I found the perfect target: my favorite least favorite buck-toothed dummy, Timmy Turner. Every day his parents asked me to babysit him, I'd look forward to what I'd do to him!

But then, as the years went by, I started to feel a greater lust. I knew I couldn't spend the rest of my life torturing every kid in Dimmsdale. I wanted to take it out on a greater target: all of the world! Odd thing is, I remember this dream I had where I went inside the TV and had this fight on some boring and geeky Japanese cartoon with Timmy, and to this day, I could swear that dream actually happened. But now, I decided on a bigger plan.

Ever since I saw that stupid Syndicate fail to destroy Timmy and his band of super-freaks, which for some reason, the world doesn't remember, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. First, I found out Timmy has these magic fairies, ones who look like that adorable green squirrel, and that fat and ugly pink squirrel. Yuck! I knew I had to get my hands on this magic of theirs, and I already knew about his crazy psycho teacher, who seriously needs to get a girlfriend! I discovered he had this portal inside this underground lair of his to some ugly place called Fairy World. On my way there, I found out that there were evil fairies just like me, who wanted to bring misery to the world, just like me J. I released them, after what felt like a MILLION HOURS JUST TO OPEN THE STUPID LOCKS! However, those stupid guards caught me, and I was only able to bring back one of them named Cosmo. He gave me magic powers, and at that moment, I knew I was unstoppable. and then I found out I couldn't do any of the bad things I wanted to do, because of some stupid rule book, one that I plan on destroying. Then, I did a little research on Timmy's little "superhero" friends, and their enemies. I knew I had to get in contact with the ones who didn't get defeated by them. First was some ugly, but cool looking dead chick, Santana. Then, I found out about a ghost who ran an evil circus named Freakshow. I knew he wouldn't trust a teenager like me, so I had to go on a little journey to put together some ugly looking hand with jewels or something. One of them was on some planet in space, held by some ugly green alien with a hood on, with a flying eyeball. He told me some boring thing about how he's lonely, and he tried to kill some stupid kid named Sheen, and introduced me to his other friends, who were all rocks by the way. Then he told me about how I need a sacrifice to get the gem, so I poofed up Tootie and threw her down some pit. I'm pretty sure she didn't die, but what do I care? I got my stone!

I broke the clown out of jail, and together, we teamed up together to conquer the world. Oh, and I got rid of Cosmo, because he was really annoying.

Vicky stopped writing in her diary. "Today, me Vicky, will become supreme ruler of the Earth! AHAHAHAHA!" Vicky laughed.


A lightning bolt appeared in the sky, followed by the sound of thunder, outside of Vicky's house. Down in the basement was Vicky's little lair, which she used for blacksmithing weapons of torture, keeping kids prisoners, and keeping her shrine to Chip Skylark. Vicky opened the door to the lair, followed by a lightning bolt. She walked down the stairs to lair, and appeared near a table, with the same evil grin on her face. Then, appearing from thin air, and out of the dark area of the room was Freakshow, who now had the Reality Gauntlet in his arm. He had a big grin on his face.

"The soon to be Master of All Reality has returned!" Freakshow said, as he gave a laugh. Then, the ground started to shake below. Cracks soon appeared, which led to an underworld of some sort. Out of the crack arose a skeleton that wore both a red sombrero and dress. It was none other than the legendary villain, Sartana of the Dead.

"I've come back for vengeance!" Sartana said.

"Yeah yeah, spare me the villain intros, now let's get down to business!" Vicky said, as the three villains sat on the table. "First off, I suppose we…AHA!" All of the villains pointed their weapons at each other. Freakshow pointed the gauntlet at Vicky, Vicky pointed her dark magic from her hands at both Freakshow and Sartana, and Sartana raised her guitar at Freakshow.

"Hmm, looks like all of us are on the same level here!" Vicky smirked.

"What, is that thing?" Sartana asked, looking at the Reality Gauntlet.

"It's my Reality Gauntlet!" Freakshow said. "It's you know, my main weapon to giving the world misery. You know, I can make kids cry and suffer with the snap of my fingers!"

"Oh, you mean like that evil, yet sexy purple pedazo alien from that one movie?" Sartana asked.

"Yes, of course! May I add that it was a marvelous movie!" Freakshow said.

"Wow, both of you are such geeks!" Vicky said. "You actually watch those lame superhero movies?"

"Hey, we can't always be doing acts of injustice!" Sartana said.

"Besides, little Vicky, the villain wins at the end!" Freakshow said. "With the help of his reality bending weapon, which is exactly how we will win."

"Eh, you can have all the fun you want after we complete our plan. Now come on, we have to complete the final steps."

"Say, Vicky mija, what was your plan again?" Sartana asked.

"Simple! I'll use this magic to become supreme ruler of the world, where every single kid will forever become my slaves!" Vicky laughed.

"Aw, but don't you think you'd do it quicker with the help of the Gauntlet?" Freakshow advised.

"I already told you, Freak, I don't need that gauntlet to aid me! Besides, it's ugly looking!" Vicky said.

"Aye, but in the world of fairies, magic is limited, therefore, you can't be able to perform your evil deeds!" Sartana said.

"You think I don't know that, Santana?" Vicky responded.

"It's Sartana!"

"Which leads me one roadblock. That blasted rulebook! My next step is to find that dorky book, and destroy it forever! But the problem is, those stupid fairies hid it from me! Now I can't use this magic to poof it up!"

"Again, you sure you don't want to use my Gauntlet?" Freakshow asked. "It's much quicker!"


"You know, little Vicky. You underestimate the power of my little baby. For you see, I can use the Gauntlet to betray you at any time." Freakshow said. "I could do anything disasterous to you, like oh I don't know, turn you into mush, warp you into another dimension."

"Yeah, and if you do any of that, I, dead or alive, will make sure every remaining second of your life, will be the most pain-inducing time of your life!" Vicky said.

"I really do like your charm. Oh well, consider yourself sparred." Freakshow said.

"Now back to my plan. I'll find out where that book is, while all of you do get rid of the other roadblock. The twerp and his band of super freaks!"

"El Tigre!" Sartana barked. "I will make sure that boy will forever live down with El Diablo!"

"And I shall get my revenge on the ghost child, making sure his spirit turns to complete oblivion!" Freakshow boasted.

"Now we're talking! I made the right choice actually teaming up with you two!" Vicky said.

"Of course, Miss Vicky." Sartana said. "We love misery and pain just as much as you do! And when this is over, my brotherins shall walk the Earth for all eternity."

"And smiles shall perish from every breathing creature, besides me!" Freakshow said. "And you guys too, BUT MOSTLY ME!"

"Now, fellow villains, let's do an evil laugh together!" Vicky gave her laugh, and then Freakshow, and then Sartana. However, they were interrupted.

"Vicky, I brought soup and crackers for your friends!" Vicky's dad said, walking down the stairs with a tray, while he was completely shaking in fear.

"DAD! NOT RIGHT NOW!" Vicky said.

"Ooh, I absolutely adore soup and crackers! Is it Chicken Noodle?" Freakshow said, as Vicky growled at him. "What?!" Vicky's dad immediately left the room, as he dropped the tray and ran. FS used the gauntlet to lift the tray before it broke, as he put it on the table, and started sipping it. "Mmm, Cowbells soup!"

"Now, can we finish our evil laugh?!" Vicky barked.

"Oh fine!" Freakshow said, as the three started to laugh again, while rain was still pouring outside, along with lightning and thunder. After months of work, Vicky was about to release her reign on not just Dimmsdale, but the world too. Nobody was prepared for whats to come in the future.

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Well, it's been many months. So far, 3 is finished...and I'm still quite disappointed of how it turned out. Wasn't the Infinity War style story I wanted it to be. I'm now on Rejects, the story focusing on Ronnie Anne and those cartoons you either do or don't remember from Nick. Here are the posters:



Yeah, tough writing the Casagrandes when they've only had three episodes, and right before the thanksgiving episode, along with their spin-off.

LINK: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13046721/1/Nickelodeon-Rejects

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