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Set in a world beyond imagination, a dark, Nazi-dominated future as seen from the 1960s; one of fantastic technologies and a seemingly Huxley-esque utopia which masks inherent fascism and "Aryan" supremacy. Unto this world comes a mysterious alien being calling himself Guillotine, backed by an army calling itself GARGOYLE. A young man named Daisaku Kurusama, through circumstances beyond his control, gains access to one of Guillotine's weapons: a massive humanoid war machine known only as GR-01, through which Daisaku can give commands via a watch-like microphone, to which only he has access. As an agent of the paramilitary organization known as UNICORN codenamed "Johnny Sokko", Daisaku must battle Guillotine's vast army of monsters and engage in espionage, all the while slowly beginning to question his loyalties to the party, and whether Guillotine's promises of freedom from tyranny and a paradise of Do-As-You-Please are the "right" path for the world.


And so GR, a new lit in collaboration with Greyknight and the Appetizer, begins. This series will last 52 episodes, split into 2 26-episode seasons.

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