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Team SpongeBob S10 News

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Team SpongeBob's 'Reformed' saga will close up with three episodes airing in the following weeks:

155. The Reform: With Team SpongeBob fully reformed, the heroes follow a lead of SpongeBob's on the Time Jewel - a massive ancient tomb hosting the dead body of a forgotten priestess. Things go awry, however, when the group's internal issues bring the tomb to life. (Air Date: 9/9/17)

156. Clam Cry: Triton orders Victoria (Ice Queen) to free Clarissa (Black Clam) from a F.I.N therapeutic center;  Agent Bonnie attempts to find the humanity within Clarissa, but her results may prove to backfire on her; SpongeBob receives a life changing call regarding his parents. (Air Date: 9/16/17)

157. The Time Jewel: The search for the Time Jewel culminates in a massive battle between Team SpongeBob and the forces of E.V.I.L, with the face of history hanging in the balance. (Air Date: 9/23/17

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With the premiere of The Time Jewel today, the show will go on a small break until October 12. While the Reformed arc is over, a new one will begin, called.....


Without further ado, these are four of the upcoming episodes from the arc, with plot descriptions

158. 2010: This episode flashes back to the year 2010, as we get a glimpse of who Sandy, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Shin were shortly before they formed the first incarnation of Team SpongeBob. (Air Date: 10/12/17)

159. Causal Loop: Debbie and Aria arrive back in time on July 27, 2010, in order to prevent Victoria from changing a key day in Team SpongeBob's history - the day the first four members came together. (Air Date: TBA)

160. The Super Society of Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob, Sandy, Linda, and Pearl find themselves in Bikini Bottom during the early 1980s, where they have an encounter with history's first superhero group - The Super Society. (Air Date: TBA)

161. Dystopia: Alex finds himself in a potential future of Karate Island - one ruled by Victoria as the evil overlord, Ice Empress. Though hope seems lost, Alex finds that a new Team SpongeBob has formed to fight for the island's freedom. (Air Date: TBA)

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