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A club for fans, readers and contributors to the Awesomeverse, a shared, collaborative setting based on the works of Alan Moore that were published by Image Comics from 1996-2000, reimagining that universe as one closer in tone to the DC and Marvel comics of the Silver and Bronze Ages (c. 1956-1985)
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  2. Comics Alan Moore's run on Supreme, including the fanmade #64, necessary for the greater context of the Awesomeverse. The 1963 miniseries, which arguably led to Supreme and hints at the not only the themes Moore would explore but the direct homages to comics past, in both writing and art style, that would come to define it. The Youngblood: Judgement Day miniseries and Alan Moore's run on Youngblood that came afterwards, the last five or so issues of which were finished by fans. Glory, which Moore never finished; the themes of magick and concept of a Wonder Woman expy fueled by the power of imagination would later become Promethea. The Adventures of Spawn, which while not conceived of or written by Moore (instead being written by Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane), is very much the same concept as Supreme: reimagining one of Image's flagship Dark Age characters in a neo-Silver Age style. Supplementary Material Alan Moore's Forgotten Awesome: a blog analyzing all of the work that Alan Moore did for Image/Awesome, going into further details on not only the themes, influences and homages throughout but also the frankly troubled productions behind them that caused Alan Moore to leave in the late 90s and early 2000s.
  3. The Awesomeverse* is a shared setting of works beginning with Supreme: The Ivory Icon, intended to continue and expand upon where Alan Moore left off at Image Comics in reconstructing the tone and feel of yesteryear's superhero stories. Formatted as "comic books in prose form" (in contrast to other works on SBC which format themselves as episodes of TV shows), each installment consists of multiple, relatively self-contained "issues" concerning the adventures of the setting's various superheroes. However the ostensibly simple premise is tied together by themes rooted in metafictional commentary on comics and the relationship between humans and fiction as a whole*. Beginning at the end of the fanmade Supreme #64* with the "revisioning" of the universe (and subsequently the literal birth of the Awesomeverse continuity, just as Moore did on his run of Supreme), the Awesomeverse is not intended to be a direct continuation of Alan Moore's work, instead using the foundations of what he built to create something new. Because of the scope and ambitions of the project, Rip-Roarin' Rebel* decided that she needed other contributors to lighten the workload. And that's where you come in, true believers! You too can contribute to the majesty and grandeur of this project by submitting story ideas and even potential "prose comics" of your own making at the Awesomeverse Story Stable! So feel free to if you wanna! 'Nuff said. ------------------------------------------------------- * named for the subset of Image that published the vast majority of Alan Moore's work under the company, Awesome Comics * See "Recommended Reading" * While these themes, tied directly into Moore's beliefs on magick and the occult, are very apparent in his Image work, they would not reach full bloom until his comic Promethea, made under the America's Best Comics imprint. * From here on, I will refer to myself by this moniker in homage to Stan "The Man" Lee and the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins he pioneered. I highly encourage any other contributors to come up with similarly alliterative names. Excelsior!

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