Patrick's Big Break

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Patrick's Big Break is a spin-off created by SBC user Wumbo on July 31st, 2010. The series focuses on Patrick starting a new job in Salt Lake City who makes friends along the way.

Premiere Date: September 24th, 2010

End Date: June 26th, 2013

Status: Ended


In the topic, Wumbology gives the plot:

Synopsis: Patrick's finally gotten a job! Unfortunately, it's in a city far away from Bikini Bottom, called Salt Water City. He initially is homesick, but finds two good friends, Sara and Doug. His two roommates constantly bicker, usually in front of Patrick. They also discuss Patrick behind his back, although only to see how they should deal with his ongoing stupidity. Sara is usually there for moral support for Patrick. However, she has been shown to get frustrated with Patrick (as shown in "The Generic Episode With the Job Switch"). She gets mad at Doug on a daily basis, as her clean, organized, and efficient personality clashes with his lazy, messy, and ignorant personality. (Sara and Doug also happen to work in the same office, run by their insecure boss, Mr. Rowntree.) The three must also deal with their uptight and unfair landlord, Leslie Chang. At work, Patrick must also obey to his strict, yet odd and strange boss, James McCoral III, owner of McCoral's restaurant. Patrick is often (and unknowingly) in cahoots with Tyler, a lazy teenaged chef, and the head chef, Ollie. Patrick's biggest rival is Ronald Bungalow, another waiter who works at McCoral's and is habitually condescending of and rude to Patrick. Patrick himself appears to be fairly more competent than on SpongeBob SquarePants, but he is still naive and has many moments of stupidity.

Character Guide

In the first post, Wumbo has posted the descriptions for the main characters of the show.

Patrick Star: Well, duh. Only now, he works in McCoral's restaurant as a waiter. He means well and has a big heart, but of course his stupidity can get in the way of his performance.

James McCoral III: Being the descendant of the original James McCoral, the restaurant business got handed down to him. He loves his job, but some of his employees can get on his nerves. He is also very obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist, excpecting no less from his employees.

Doug Blair: Patrick's roommate in Saltwater Apartments. He has an ambition to become a rock star, and can be loud and obnoxious. He currently works as an accountant, and unlike James, he hates his job and is a very lax employee.

Sara Johnson: Patrick's other roommate who also works as an accountant. She and Doug often butt heads, because Sara is a hard worker and does not like to be disturbed while doing something.

Leslie Chang: The apartment manager and front desk. She is very nosy and often complains about noise, even when there is very little.

Chef Ollie Sanderson: The head chef at McCoral's. He's a good chef, but is also very clumsy and careless.

Tyler Sardino: A teenaged chef at McCoral's. He only applied for the job because cooking runs in his family, therefore he does his job with little effort. He is also the most sarcastic employee.

Ronald Bungalow: Another waiter at McCoral's. He thinks lowly of Patrick, and often feels the need to compete with him. He is also very arrogant.

Susie Starfish: A pretty waitress at McCoral's. Both Patrick and Ronald have a crush on her, but most of the time she is completely oblivious to this.

Episode Guide

The series consists of two seasons over the span of three years. On June 26th, 2013, Wumbology made a post to announce the show being put in Davy Jones Locker. It's most likely indicated that the show is on hiatus, although he has mentioned the possibility of bringing it back one day in the topic.

Season 1 (2010-2012)

(1) 1. Advancing With The Star (9/24/2010)

(2) 2. Meet the Rest (10/1/2010)

(3) 3. Crass Production (10/8/2010)

(4) 4. The Fire Inside (10/15/2010)

(5) 5. Dish Jockey (10/29/2010)

(6) 6. Healthy Sleep (11/5/2010)

(7) 7. Lace Test (11/26/2010)

(8) 8. Decorating Cookies (12/10/2010)

(9) 9. Sick Holidays (1/21/2011)

(10) 10. Closed Friends (2/4/2011)

(11) 11. The Generic Episode With The Job Switch (3/4/2011)

(12) 12. A Health Note (4/1/2011)

(13) 13. Return of Ping Pong (5/20/2011)

(14) 14. Secret Meeting (7/1/2011)

(15) 15. Smokin' in the Boys' Room (9/16/2011)

(16) 16. Stupid Is As Stupid Dougs (10/7/2011)

(17) 17. I'll Clean Your Clock! (11/4/2011)

(18) 18. Meet The New Gods, Same as the Old Gods (12/23/2011)

(19) 19. Takin' Care of Business, Working Overtime (1/6/2012)

(20) 20. This Girl is Not a Home (2/3/2012)

Season 2 (2012-2013)

(21) 1. Fool Me Once, Shame on Patrick (4/13/2012)

(22) 2. New Year's Revolution (6/1/2012)

(23) 3. Stash Talk (7/20/2012)

(24) 4. Road Trip! (8/3/2012)

(25) 5. Boxes and Bags (8/17/2012)

(26) 6. I Scream (10/12/2012)

(27) 7. This is Coconuts! (1/19/2013)

(28) 8. Move it On Over (3/8/2013)

(29) 9. Doug-less (6/14/2013)


The show's premise wasn't considered to be promising at first prior to the premiere.

"Eh....sounds repetitive. It sounds like it's been done before. It just doesn't stand up to Coral Drive or Tentacle High. I'm sorry, but a ton of spin offs are about Patrick moving away and getting a job and blah blah blah blah. I don't think I'll be tuning in. I was expecting a bit more from you." ~tvrepairman (7/31/2010)

Since it's first season, it has gained positive reception from SBC members throughout the show's run.

"Created by a talented wumbologist" ~Steel Sponge (11/12/2010)

"That was a fantastic episode." ~70s (S1 E10) (2/5/2011)

"Earlier today, I read every episode of this spin-off so far. Congrats Wumbo, this is probably my favorite spin-off on this site at the moment!" ~Clappy (3/31/2011)

"I'm enjoying this Wumbo. It's a pretty dang good comedy, great job on the episode." ~box (S2 E4) (8/3/2012)