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So, I've been in a kind of bad headspace lately, as well as suffering some writers' block, so I needed something to get out of my system, and this was the result. Special thanks to me for looking up that one SA2 fandub that SnapCube did and just spending hours on wikis looking up that shit, oh and thanks to whoever posted that "SHADOW'S GOT A TINY DICK" in, i forget which discord server, it may have been the HRK server I am in but I am not sure. It may have actually been twitter, I don't know. anyway, enjoy what you could see as a mix of skodwarde, mr mike's least favourite bedtime stories, and 90s shit.

June 6, 2021, 4:08 AM EDT UTC -4, This Might Possibly be The Worst Mistake I ever make in my Life.


Episode 1: Good Luck


One day, Sally Acorn, princess of whatever the fuck-slavia, was wondering why the fuck this 21 year old fat guy was hyperfixating on her for three days now while listening to Free Bird. However the phone rang. It was that flying fuck tails. “Wassup” said tails. “I have no fucking idea, I might masturbate later,” Sally explained. That was okay for her to say because she actually died in a car accident in ‘97. She just hangs around the place still because it’s required by law for her to become queen someday. Tails laughed and said that there is a contest to see whose boobs can inflate the biggest downtown tomorrow and was wondering if she could enter. Sally laughed, said fuck yea and then the next day she went downtown for the bewbflation contest. She watched as all the contestants inflated their bewbs to the size of at least one half of the massive pile of failure that was mcpizzzzza, and when it was Sally’s turn to inflate her bewbs, she did the obvious thing and beat the host of the contest in the lungs with a gardening tool. 


--The End--


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Episode 2: 17 year olds

One day, Sally was high on some dope-ass weed with tails in her room. The Weed is so Dope-ass that tails turns into a mp3 player when he opens his 17 year old mouth. “Whoa i can taste sound, '' says tails, his voice twanging like an angry ukelele-steel guitar combo. The frucking truck shows up outside their house and cream the inappropriately named rabbit comes out and heads inside Sally’s house. She screams in her 17 year old voice “hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey you guys want to see something cool?” Sally and tails say yes and cream takes a dvd of the entire series of Doki from 2013, in english, from discovery kids latin america, a packet of bubblegum cigars, and a dead united states army recruiter out of her backpack.


--The End--


Episode 3: I never complete episode 3s


One day, Sally was eating a chili dog with cheese for no reason other than tradition. She gets an Idea to invite something she forgot. The forgot comes to her house and decides to drink all her breast milk. Sally tries to remember what it was she wanted to get and what she wanted to write about , probably something about how nickelodeon and logopedia are both tied to dust devils. Just then another sally from a dimension that doesn’t exist comes in and tells the first sally that she needs to get a thing from a jar in a mcdonalds or else a swarm of locusts will eat their flesh off


--The End--

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