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  1. Spoiler

    Hopper's death was a major bruh moment like !!!!! NO!!! he was the last person I wanted to die and well,

    even though it's kinda apparent that he really didn't but who knows. and ikr I agree Billy was kinda ? whoa... his death actually made me sad and that flashback made it even worse 

    also Alexei deserved better wtf. I would bring Barb back to life just to kill her off again if it meant we could have Alexei back? ?


  2. My heart hurts so very much. It is an absolute tragedy what has unfolded in NZ, a place that I, as I'm sure many others and residents of the country themselves, thought was safe from such acts of malice and terror. Unfortunately a naive thought as it turns out. To think that a person could take advantage of a place, where one goes to feel at peace, is nothing short of barbaric. These people did not deserve to be brutalized, to be scarred, to be murdered in their safe haven. They did not deserve to be taken from their families, from this world far too soon. These were innocent people. They merely just wanted to exist, to practice their faith and live their lives peacefully, as we all hope to do. As we all have the right to do. Nobody deserves to have to live in fear of simply being themselves. Hate, bigotry and violence do not belong in this world.

    The actions demonstrated by this perpetrator are not new, instead they shed further light on a crisis that we as a society must come to face head on. Extremism and those who are complicit in its ideology are what continue to tear us all apart. We cannot remain in a position where we sit idle and further allow these acts to play out. What message does that send to those who are being targeted? The time to act is long overdue. We owe it to those affected by such heinous crimes and to ourselves to make a change. To step up and say, "Enough is enough". We mustn't remain fearful of these bigots. They are the true cowards. Everything that they say, everything that they do and all that they stand for is nothing more than cowardice.

    In times of tragedy such as what has occured in Christchurch, we must come together and stand as one, now is not the time to divide. Support one another, love one another. Hate cannot and will not win. Why does the color of one's skin justify their worth? Why is the religion that one may follow telling of their character? Why do our differences mean anything other than simply being different? When it all comes down to it, there is one thing we will always have in common: we're human beings. Nothing will ever change that. My thoughts are with NZ, the Muslim community and all of those affected by this senseless act. I only hope that you are all able to overcome. Kia kaha. ❤

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  3. omg I love it here so much, I actually cried a little bit earlier at the thought of having to leave LOL? :Laugh:

    also I've been hanging out w bae..... so that's been pretty sexy :funny:

  4. 4 minutes ago, Kotarou? said:

    Mine is Takasugi Kotarou?#6859 and once u add me i can add u to the sbd server if u like? ;) 

    I think I broke it cause it won't let me add anyone :Laugh: but mine is bizghetti#0997 :funny: and sure, you can add me to it ;)


  5. it's even funnier thinking back on it because some kid asked if he could wear his jacket and he said no, fast forward 6 months later w me... :Laugh:

    I love him, he's such a cool guy? ;)

  6. I'm hoping, man :glare: luv that hot boy ;)

    it was really awesome the very first time I met him, I didn't get a pic with him bc I was nervous out of my mind and ran away before he could ask :Laugh: so during his panel he did as his character the next day he had me come up on stage with him to take selfies. I still die thinking about it? the best part is how all of this sounds so exaggerated but I have proof lmao :funny:


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