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  1. The first two episodes of the season had me concerned, but this one restored my faith in many ways:

    - Mr. Hankey in a non Christmas episode doesn't seem like it works, but it sure did here. He slotted in perfectly as the Roseanne/Kavanunagh parody. The "joke" tweets, the Hankey hearings and his final scene were all done to near perfection. Maybe one or two too many ambien jokes by the end, but it was pretty small fry in the bigger scheme of the episode. It may sound like a weird way to send off a side character who's more or less beloved (or at the very least well-liked) but believe me when I say it was awesome.

    - PC Principal definitely had begun to wear out his welcome for me last season (and probably earlier if we're being real about it) so when I heard the subplot focused around him and Strong Woman's Emmy worthy  relationship, I'll admit I was not intrigued. I figured I'd be writing a blurb here about it being forced, but instead I'm impressed how they managed to make them relevant. The two ended up having quintuplets (5 kids) out their encounter in the S21 finale and this causes significant strain to their relationship and beliefs.  It was interesting to see these two "righteous" (in their eyes anyhow) characters deal with the consequences. Woman doesn't want to acknowledge PC as her children's father due to the implications of their working relationship to PC wanting to be a quality father to them even in spite of this. It's an astounding level of depth for these two and I'm actually looking forward to seeing them again.

    - One classic quote in this episode for me: "I've learned over the years that when you defend poop, you get stained." - Gerald when he refuses to take Hankey's case midway through the episode. In a sense foretelling what would happen with Kyle later on as he tried to stick to his friend.

    - Also that Simpsons jab to close the episode was so spot on and the cherry on top of an excellent episode.

    Grade: A-

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  2. Always wanted to draw, never really thought I could actually do so until recently.  Thinking of this as an early new years resolution more then anything. Here's a sampling of a few recent drawings:


    I call it a finnsicle! I started drawing Finn from AT, but I kinda blanked out on drawing the rest of his body so I made him a popsicle instead.


    A doodle of Farmworld Finn and Jake I did yesterday morning instead of taking class notes. I forgot to draw Finn pants, so lets just say he's wearing a robe.

    I'm hoping to update this every week or two with a few new drawings, but we'll see where this goes!

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