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  1. Having seen ALS take someone in my life before, I can only hope Stephen suffered as little as possible at the end. Although SpongeBob hasn't been the compelling reason I come here in a long time, it was for a long time and even before SBC, it was an important cartoon for an important and difficult time in my life. We can debate the quality of the newer seasons and whether the older ones are as unquestionably good as we sometimes remember, but we can't debate the formative impact the show had on us at some point in our lives and that is all because of Stephen and his vision for a great cartoon. 

    You will be greatly missed Mr. Hillenburg.

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  2. It's @President Squidward's birthday today, so as good of a time as any to give drawing Squnschpunch a try:


    Had a more elaborate design at first, but ran out of time so made it a simple "happy birthday" message; may give it a try again in the future if Prez likes this enough. I did decide to color in the characters for only the second or third time ever though! I accidentally colored in Squid's eyes so lets just say he ate something that made him sick before this ?

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  3. lLJoBUR.jpg

    Sketched a scene from the first episode of Hilda. Also used some color for the very first time with a sharpie to bolden pencil lines as well as fill her hat and the hooves of Twig (the deer dog). Started to color in an earlier version, but the hair came out bad, so just went back to this (Which is still great!) Hoping to take another stab at color one of these days.

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  4. A Netflix Original show based off the Graphic Novel series of the same name which came out back in late September. Series takes place in a modern day Scandinavia where mythical creatures such as Giants and Elves exist. First impressions for me after the first three episodes (thirteen are in season 1) is impressive. I like the art style a lot, along with how well the fantasy and contemporary blend in this show. The characters are pretty likable too. May edit some more thoughts in after finishing the season.

    Discuss below.

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