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  1. Having seen ALS take someone in my life before, I can only hope Stephen suffered as little as possible at the end. Although SpongeBob hasn't been the compelling reason I come here in a long time, it was for a long time and even before SBC, it was an important cartoon for an important and difficult time in my life. We can debate the quality of the newer seasons and whether the older ones are as unquestionably good as we sometimes remember, but we can't debate the formative impact the show had on us at some point in our lives and that is all because of Stephen and his vision for a great cartoon. 

    You will be greatly missed Mr. Hillenburg.

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  2. It's @President Squidward's birthday today, so as good of a time as any to give drawing Squnschpunch a try:


    Had a more elaborate design at first, but ran out of time so made it a simple "happy birthday" message; may give it a try again in the future if Prez likes this enough. I did decide to color in the characters for only the second or third time ever though! I accidentally colored in Squid's eyes so lets just say he ate something that made him sick before this ?

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  3. lLJoBUR.jpg

    Sketched a scene from the first episode of Hilda. Also used some color for the very first time with a sharpie to bolden pencil lines as well as fill her hat and the hooves of Twig (the deer dog). Started to color in an earlier version, but the hair came out bad, so just went back to this (Which is still great!) Hoping to take another stab at color one of these days.

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  4. A Netflix Original show based off the Graphic Novel series of the same name which came out back in late September. Series takes place in a modern day Scandinavia where mythical creatures such as Giants and Elves exist. First impressions for me after the first three episodes (thirteen are in season 1) is impressive. I like the art style a lot, along with how well the fantasy and contemporary blend in this show. The characters are pretty likable too. May edit some more thoughts in after finishing the season.

    Discuss below.

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  6. Night Sponge
    “The moon has awoken with the sleep of the Sun. The light has been broken; the spell has begun.” – Midgard Morning Star
    Halloween 9:30 PM (Krusty Krab)
    SpongeBob’s busy flippin Krabby Patties in the Kitchen as the Demonganza kicks into full gear.
    “SpongeBob me boy keep them patties cookin!” Mr. Krabs command echoed through the Kitchen.
    “You got it Mr. K!” SpongeBob yelled back. As he took a tray of eight patties out, he surveyed some of the guests: Patrick is dressed like a quail fish and talking to a visibly bored Squidward dressed as the Dutchman. Sandy and Larry, dressed as a lobster and squirrel ironically, are discussing their current workout routines. And Mr. Krabs is inspecting the restaurant like a hawk while Fred the Fish looks on in disgust. And this was only some of the turnout; over half the town seemed to be there! This made SpongeBob so excited.
    Best party ever! What could possibly mess this up? He thought to himself.
    Right across the street…
    Sheldon Plankton usually spent his Halloweens seething in anger. Like Krabs, he hosted an annual Halloween party but it was only ever attended by two: Plankton himself and his computer wife Karen. Like every other Halloween, this was what was happening tonight.
    “Another Halloween, another disappointment.” Karen said glumly. “Wanna start the movie?” Karen held up the box for “Swordfish Slashers” in her right robotic hand, but Plankton waves her off. “Oh no Karen, not this time.” Plankton pulled put a book with the words “Dark Spells of Bikini Bottom”
    “Plankton, your delving into dark magic now?” Karen asked. “What for?”
    “For the formula of course!” Plankton said. “No… far more then the formula. This is for everything throughout the years between me and Krabs!” Plankton slammed the book on the table and opened it up to a page with the words “Hash Slinging Slasher" written in it.
    “I thought the Slasher was just a legend?” Karen asked. Plankton replied back with a maniacal laugh. “Karen honey, even legends can be brought to life with a little magic! Now help me bring in the body!” Plankton then walked into the other room and sounded visibly pained as he did so. 
    “Coming…” Karen groaned. Rolling out with a scarecrow dummy dressed in a black cloak wearing a dark mask. After doing so, Plankton began chanting in an ancient language that bordered on downright gibberish at moments. But after over a minute of it, a swirl of darkness emerged from the book and encovered the dummy body and took form as it stood on it’s two legs and fell to the floor. It remained motionless.
    “Dammit! This was going to be my ultimate revenge!” Plankton shouted in anger. “Oh well.” Karen shrugged. “It was a dumb plan anyhow.” But then just as soon as it seemed a failure, the creature stood tall and stared right at Plankton.
    “YES!” Plankton shouted gleefully. “Revenge back on! Slasher, you follow my commands as I am the one who brought into the world and I can quite easily take you out of it!” The Slasher stiffly motioned over to Plankton before stopping right in front of him. “The…. Slasher obeys…” he then became motionless yet again.
    “And yet again it fa-" Karen began.
    “NONE!” the Slasher yelled as he stomped Plankton to death.
    To be Continued
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