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  1. News about My Leg!: The Adventures of Fred the Fish:

    A new episode will be posted tomorrow, entitled "Good Job Hunting" and then an untitled 3rd will be released before thursday, and then a week-long or so hiatus for the show (only because I'll be without internet until then), but I'm love writing this spin-off, so more episodes will be produced. Stay tuned

  2. I really like this episode, it's one of my all-time favorites. I like how simple the storyline went from about painting Mr. Krabs' house, to covering up an accident. It's got so many gags/jokes that are so funny, and, if nothing else, I like all the ways they try to get the paint off the dollar. 10/10 perfection

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  3. Episode 1: Fred Returns

    Fred the fish is returning to Bikini Bottom, after 4 years of living in Kelp City. He doesn't want to remember those past 4 years in Kelp City, at all. Why you ask? I can't tell you why. Anyways Fred returns to Bikini Bottom and is feeling mighty hungry, so he goes to his favorite resturaunt in town: the Krusty Krab! He is very happy about this new life in Bikini Bottom, again. But when he makes it to the Krusty Krab, he notices it's a ghost town. There's a sign that reads "abandoned" on it. Fred begins pouting silently, when he hears a sound. It sounds like a rat, so Fred looks around and it's a... mysterious figure in the darkness of the area. He looks around and the figure hisses at him and runs away. Fred then decides to go see if the Chum Bucket's even there anymore. He's shocked about what he sees: it's now called the Gum Bucket, and it's filled with tons of loyal customers! Outside, Patrick Star seems to be doing something, possibly for the Gum Bucket.

    Fred: Hey, Patrick, what'cha doin' out here?

    Patrick: I'm working on a new slogan for the Gum Bucket. Righ now I got "Gum is Dum"! No wait, Mr. Plankton said not use that one. Dammit! This i so hard to do!

    Fred- Plankton owns the Gum Bucket!? Last I remember, he was a loser who owned the Chum Bucket.

    Patrick- Well, 4 years ago, Mr. Krabs and the Krusty Krab had a lttle accident at work, and the restuaraunt was closed for safety reasons, and then Plankton, along with his computer wife Karen, invented the Gum Bucket, a nice inventive restauraunt that sells many Gum products in a nice atmosphere. I was paid to say that.

    Fred- I see. I'm going to go in to the Gum Bucket. Maybe I could I live with you in your rock for a bit, you know until I get back on my feet?

    Patrick- Oh sure, no problem. Here's my address! See you later friend!

    Fred- Alright, see you later Pat.

    Fred then decided to enter the Gum Bucket, and was amazed at what he saw. Many people eating gum products. Gum Burgers, Gum Fries,Gum Rings, in a nice old times western-like atomosphere. And then, out of nowhere, Plankton appeared before him.

    Plankton- Howdy pardner! How'd you like yourself a gum burger!

    Fred- No thanks. Plankton, how'd you go from the failure of the Chum Bucket, to to this!?

    Plankton- Well 4 years ago, I realized I'd never get the Krabby Patty formula, so I decided to do something different then before, and whenI step in some gum one day, I realized the opportunity I had with gum and gum products. And for the past 4 years I've had virtually no compettion!

    Fred- So, your saying the Gum Bucket started is about the time the Krusty Krab was closed for safety reasons

    Plankton (getting angry): How do you know about that!? I thought you were gone for 4 years!? You Shouldn't know about that! Now get out! I have work to do!

    So Fred left the Gum Bucket, very puzzled. He was glad to be back in Bikini Bottom, ut a coupple things bugged him. Why was Krusty Krab closed? How did Plankton make the Gum Bucket so successful Who was that mysterious figure in the trash. He just decided to try to figure t all out some other day, he thought as he headed for Patrick's house.

  4. Season 1: Good, but too short: 9/10

    Season 2: Perfect: 10/10

    Season 3: Perfect, my personal favorite season. 10/10

    Season 4: Decent, but some episodes are hit and miss. 8/10

    Season 5: Same as season 4. 8/10

    Season 6: Ok season, I like it because it has "Stewie Kills Lois/Lois Kills Steiwe" 7.5/10

    Season 7: I liked about 3-4 episodes. 4/10

    Season 8: A little improvement, but not much. 4.5/10

  5. I think this episode is of season 4's best. I liked the idea of an emotional episode is interesting for Spongebob, but I thought they pulled it off well. The storyline was pretty good I thought, and I liked how there were some jokes, but they were more hit than miss in this episode. 10/10

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