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  1. On 1/24/2022 at 7:23 PM, Old Man Jenkins said:

    Congrats! Proud of you, mang. You’ve come a long way since I first met ya back in 2011.

    The movie was great, glad I got to see it in theaters. Plus it was a hella slow night so I had the entire room to myself, which was cool. And I didn’t know that. I’ve seen some Ghostface gameplay on YouTube and it’s pretty dope. I really need to try Dead by Daylight out one of these days, especially since I got the base game for free through PS Plus.

    DBD is good, just be prepared to grind to get those perks?

  2. 35 minutes ago, Katniss said:

    awesome dude! how are you liking it so far?

    I've grown really quickly to love it! I just finished "The Portal" earlier today 😢 

    It's done a good job consistently raising the stakes and getting better and better. So excited for the rest of it!

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  3. 15 hours ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

    It’s been pretty poop for a while, but here’s to things going smoother in 2022. About to watch the new Scream movie in a couple hours, so things are looking up already. Hope thing’s been going good for you!

    It's been up and down for myself the past few months, but I live on my own which I'm really proud of!

    I hope you enjoyed the movie! Did ya know Ghostface used to be my go to character in Dead by Daylight?

  4. Hoping to make this a thing again, so here's a small peek at something I've been working on lately. A post apocalyptic SB story of sorts.


    It was another boring day in Coral Reef 768. Nothing ever happened in Reef 768 and that was the way most fish felt about it. Their lives were boring and mundane, but peaceful. One of these lives was that of SpringBob Squarehole. He’d been conceived long after the trashocalypse and only knew of it through old eels tales and his history texts at this point. It was not relevant to him beyond that it was way the Reefs existed — to keep him and the others safe from the pollution the trashocalypse had caused. SpringBob never had any desire to change his daily life or pursue a different future.


    That is until the day that Squid plopped in.


    It was that boring old day that everyone knew of. Morning chum had already passed and afternoon chum was still a half hour in the future. SpringBob and his fellow compatriots were studying in the classroom when the alarm began blaring. It was more of a shriek than anything. It was deafening. SpringBob couldn’t even hear headmaster Eugene command the students to leave quietly and peacefully. He was able to tag along nonetheless. They headed to the nearby shelter in place room where the blaring would finally begin to cease. An automated voice then came on over the speaker to say “All clear! Return to your assignments immediately!” Before anyone could leave however another voice, this one a real authentic one came through the speaker: “At this time, please come to the Reef center room as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.”


    In the center of the room was the comptroller of the reef, a Mr. SJP — no one knew what the initials stood for and never dared to ask. He ruled the reef with an especially vicious grip, punishing minor infractions with extraneous sentences to the surface, the equivalent of death in this society. Lying on the floor next to SJP was a creature many of the inhabitants had read about but never seen before — a sea squid. The squidman wasn’t especially huge, but he wasn’t helped by the angle at which he clutched for assistance at. He let out light gasps as if he barely could withstand the environment he was in at the moment. SpringBob stood with the others staring at this squid, completely and utterly confused at what he was looking at.


    “Now I know you all are probably alarmed by the sight of this… creature,” Mr. SJP said in a rather monotone voice. “However, you know my policy here at reef 768 is the more the merrier!” Everyone stood in silence, still unsure exactly how to react. “We found this poor soul struggling by the side of some ruined city, something Bottom or another, choking on the dust bunnies in a ditch.” The Squid moved his head very tenuously, not in one direction or another however. “We chose to give him a better life here as opposed to more dead air back there. We expect everyone else in this Reef to accept our new friend as a value member of community and nothing less!” Everyone quickly nodded their head up and down. SJP then turned to him. “Son, what is your name?” In a weak rasp, he said “Chet” And that was how SpringBob came to meet that afoul Squid.

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  5. A Very Scooby-Doo Christmas Spectacular

    It's the night before Christmas, and the snow-covered dirt roads of the countryside were completely untouched. That is until the groovy green Mystery Machine drove upon them. The gang was excitedly (and nervously) driving to the site of the latest mystery.

    "Like zoinks, it's Christmas! Can't we just take a day off?" Cried Shaggy from the back.

    "Rah, ray off!" Chimed in Scooby.

    Fred chuckled. "It's almost Christmas, which means it's not Christmas yet! Tomorrow, we'll take the day off."

    "Until then, we have to find out who is impersonating Jack Frost in the Klaus manor!" Velma interjected. "It's a very perplexing mystery to be sure!"

    "What if it's really Jack Frost though?" Shaggy asked fearfully. The rest of the gang (besides Scooby of course) laughed in response.

    "Oh c'mon you two!" Daphene said. "Here, have some frosted Scooby snacks to calm your nerves because we're driving up to the manor now."

    "Zoinks!" the two said in unison.


    A few hours later, Shaggy and Scooby were hiding in the musty, dark attic of the manor. As usual, the gang split up into groups, Fred, Daphne and Velma doing the heavy lifting and Shaggy and Scooby not messing things up.

    "You know Scoob, this is spooky but overall it's not a ba-"


    Shaggy was interrupted by a shrill, ear-piercing shriek. He'd heard the others shout plenty of times, but this wasn't a shout --- it was a scream of horror. "Ruh roh" went Scooby.

    "MWHAHAHA!" An evil laugh came. Now that sounded familiar. "YOU TWO ARE NEXT!"

    Shaggy and Scooby turned their heads around to see a pale, white icy figure staring straight at them. They didn't even have the time to say zoinks before running right through the floor and down the stairs. Running through a few doors, they saw a horrifying sight --- their friends entrapped in ice! Each of them in a huge, individual slab of ice as a giant incinerator began pumping next to them. Jack Frost then floated on in.

    "THIS CHRISTMAS WILL BE YOUR LAST IT SEEMS!" He shouted hideously. He began chasing them around the room, until Scooby ran right into the ice coffins, knocking them open and freeing the gang. Jack Frost then fell right into one himself!

    "Good job gang!" Fred said. "Now lets see who you really are!"

    Jack's head however stayed on tight. "Like I told you, I'm Jack Frost!"

    The gang just ran out the door and never returned.

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  6. Sunday Fright Football


    It’s Sunday night and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the week ---- Sunday Night Football! The game was advertised to be a classic between two championship contenders in the Tigers and the Red Bears. Of course because the game was being played on Halloween, there were many “frightening” and “spooky” gimmicks going on for the broadcast. One really kooky one involved an ARG filter viewers could pull up on their phone that would make the players look like ghouls and goblins on the screen!


     On the field it was strictly business though, just another game in an exceptionally long season. The team captains met in the center of the field, shaking hands. 


    “Good night for football, don’t you think Phil?”


    “Yeah,I guess so…” Phil said anxiously.


    “What’s wrong? Afraid of losin?”


    “Nah, I know we’ll hang in there with ya” Phil said. “There’s just something about playing on Halloween that just feels unsettling. It feels like something nasty is coming.”


    “Oh c’mon. Ghouls and werewolves don’t really exist, they're just legends. It’s all for the kids at this point.”


    The referee then motions for the coin flip and the game begins. The ball is kicked off and then suddenly… the lights go out on the TV screen. Most of the audience at home thinks it’s just the station going out briefly as cable is oft to do. On the field, however, the changes were not just the cable. Everyone on the Tigers morphed into some variation of a ghoul or a zombie-like figure, while everyone on the Red Bears became a feral beast of some variety. No one batted an eye as it fit in perfectly with the promoted ARG experience. The resulting game was a vicious, bloody nightmare that ended in the worst way possible: In a scoreless tie.

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