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  1. Episode 4: Googlin' through the internet

    One day, after Patrick and Fred had saved enough money to buy one thing that has become a necessity in the lives of every fish: a computer and an internet connection. They then have some trouble hooking it up, and an argument ensues.

    Fred- Patrick, the router connector goes here in the router's power outlet.

    Patrick- OMG Fred, it obviously goes here in the white outlet.

    Fred- No it goes here, you pink idiot!

    Patrick- Why you!

    They then have a physical confrontation, and then Fred pugs it in and the internet is connected. They then are treated to a series of screens that seem to keep piling on top of one another, trying for domination of the screen. Finally after what felt to the 2 like hours, they finally get on the IE browser. They are then treated to a warm internet welcome by none other than the king of the internet: Google! Google then lays out a recommendation of sites rated by Gill Bates himself.

    Fred- What sites should we join?

    Patrick- How about this one? Tv.com

    Fred- Ok. I watch tv, so thats not a bad idea for a first site.

    Patrick- Alright lets join!

    So Fred and Patrick decided to share a username on Tv.com (boreddudes) and their adventure into the internet officaly begun. Little did they know they how much they would hate it by the end of the day.

    Fred- Oh my gosh I loved watching Wow! Wow! Subzy! with my cousin a couple years ago! I wanna review, please Pat?

    Patrick- Alright, no harm done, I guess.

    Fred- Man everyone loves this show... except this user. This one little user.

    Patrick- Whats his username?

    Fred- Dough Dough

    Patrick- You mean like the bird?

    Fred- Yeah, except he seperated it.

    Patrick- Wow, what n00b.

    Fred- What's a noob?

    Patrick- Well, in computer language, it means a newbie and also can refer to a loser. I am referring to Dough Dough as loser basiclly because of his username and attitude towards a children's show by saying it's dumb. So you wanna taunt him by acting like a jerk?

    Fred- Sure do!

    They then send Dough Dough a message calling him a loser because of his dumb screename. He then writes them back saying he's cooler because he's a higher level then them, site-wise. They then write back saying that he may be on the site, but in real life he's in the position of an 11-yr old. Then (being the idiot he is) he writes back saying he's actually 11 yrs old. They then report him and he's banned, but he swears vengence.

    Fred- Do you think we should be scared that he swore vengence on us? What if he tries to actually get us!?

    Patrick- Dude, it's an 11 yr old! Your overreacting.

    Fred- Your right. Lets just go to the site's forum.

    Patrick- Alright.

    They then enter the internet forums for Wow! Wow! Subzy! and they find it practically a ghost town. But why?

    Fred- Weird no one's posted here for, 5 days! What happened here?

    Patrick- I don't know, it's very odd.

    Then another user posts, his name being I_am_Cool.

    Patrick- More like I am Drool.

    Patrick then posts this and the two enter a posting war of epic proportions. They post stuff that would cause soccer mom's to cry in shame, such as "I like poop poop" and other unmentionables. Each of them earning TOS's in almost uncountable numbers. Finally it seems I_am has been banned, banned for good, and according to his profile he was. But then Pat recieved a message: he and Fred had been banned from Tv.com. Why?

    Patrick- I may have called him many things, like a jerk and an idiot, but I never called him a jackass!

    Fred- You know what Pat, I think this is for the best. I mean why would you want to hang out at a site where all you do is fight with people who waste their time and life on a site just to be a spammer? Tell me the appeal of it?

    Patrick- Your right. I was wasting my time on that site. We should only use sites that are fun, but know how to handle themselves without being uptight and strict.

    And that was the end of Fred and Patrick's internet adventure. Patrick learned something about Fred that day, he was like one of his old buddies: silly and fun, but also a voice of reason.

  2. That was one reason but there were a lot of reasons. Invader Zim was mentioned in a murder case as well (I don't know how the fuck it got brought up but it was mentioned) and the show had lower ratings after the first season which wasn't good cause of the high budget production costs.

    I didn't know that it was mentioned in a murder case (weird) although I remember that it had low ratings.

  3. Invader Zim, I love this cartoon, even though it was dark and creepy at times, that was one thing about it that made it so great and legendary. Especially with episodes such as Dark Harvest. One of the reasons why it probably got the axe though are those annoying complaining soccer moms.

    The main reason was because the creator also had a comic series about a homicidal manic, and these soccer moms (as you called them) were concerned their kids would read this comic because of the fact that Invader Zim was from the same creator.

  4. I still don't find him to be as hilarious as people say but yeah he's pretty funny, I also like the fact that Zim is voiced by the same guy who voiced Daggett from The Angry Beavers.

    Ehh, close enough. Welcome back to the light! 549381.gif

  5. Sorry for double posting but I decided to give this show another chance. I watched the episode "Bestest Friend" and I realized I was wrong about this show comletely, this show is funnier than I remembered, but I still can't say this show is one of my favorites cause it's too dark sometimes. 8.4/10

    As long as you find GIR funny, you are forgiven

  6. Episode 3: "Emergency Landing"

    Fred is sleeping when he awakens inside a dark room, and I don't mean Patrick's Rock. I mean DARK DARK room. Fred tries to walk around the room, but he's too big for the room. He quickly realized they weren't in Patrick's Rock. But where were they? He then wakes up Patrick.

    Fred- Patrick. Patrick... WAKE UP!

    Patrick- Wha!? Ahh, SPIDERS! SPIDERS! SPIDERS!

    Patrick then runs around until he breaks open a hatch door. Fred then realized that they were on an airplane, which means they were possibly kidnapped. They then proceeded to walk in and see the pilots.

    Fred- Excuse me, but where are we? Are we being kidnapped or something?

    Pilot #1- No sir, you 2 signed up for the army's training course a while back remember?

    (Flashback commences)

    Army Fish- Hello maggots, would like to sign up for the Army's training program? Your not likely to be called upon for duty, however you do get a discount card on Jellyfishing supplies if you do sign up!

    Patrick- Yes sir, I'll sign up Fred also, because he's my friend.

    (Flashback ends)

    Fred- Dammit Patrick, I don't want to be in the Army

    Pilot #2- Too late sir, we're already at the training center

    (Plane Lands)

    Fred and Patrick are then made to change into their army uniforms, and then put in the 9th regiment of the Bikini Bottom Army, along with several other volunteers, where they await instructions from their commanding officer.

    Their commanding officer comes and he is a a huge fish, with scars that represent a lifetime of trouble and anxiety.

    Patrick- Who's the bald fish?

    Fred- Patrick, that's the officer. He's basiclly our teacher.

    The officer then walks up to them

    Officer- Is there a problem sir!?

    Fred- (Gulps) no sir.

    Officer- Good. Now today, we will begin our treacherous training course, that will push you to the bone, break you soul, and question your very existance in this worthless sea!

    Fred and Patrick are then put through the training course, where they are eaten by Pirhana Fishes, break hip bones, among others. Finally the commander will announce if they passed.

    Officer- Well, not many of you SCUMS passed, only 2 of you, and their names are! Fred and Patrick!

    Patrick- Yay!

    Fred- NO! NO NO NO NO NO! (kicks a rock) MY LEG!

    The next day, Fred and Patrick are shipped off to the Battlezone, the edge of Shell City, to fight the sea's biggest threat: Scubas. Fred and Patrick look in horror at their enemy, and begin to formulate a battle plan.

    Fred- Ok Patrick, so according to these zoning maps, the scubas usually enter through the left of the gift shop, so we should go up through the right, and do a suprise attack on them. What do you think of that Patrick?

    Patrick- Sure, but uhh, could we stop at the Gift Shop first? I want a energy drink, you know to get me through the pain and treachery of war?

    Fred- Patrick, you can have coffee. Not energy Drinks, they'll make you enegized for an hour, and then your screwed for the other 23 hrs in the trenches. Have some coffee, and then we'll get into our positions.

    Patrick- Yes sir

    The two then got to the right of the gift shop, however, Patrick got thristy again, so he left Fred to get some more coffee and some Barnacle Chips. So Fred was alone in the battle and was captured by the scubas.

    Scuba #1- Dude, we got even more fish than usual today!

    Scuba #2- Oh yeah man! We're gonna get paid so much extra this time!

    Patrick then swims to save Fred, but is weighted down severely by all the food and coffee he ate. And then he burps a burp so loud and strong that the scubas drop the bag, which gets snagged on a rock, and breaks open saving Fred and the other fish.

    Fred- Thank you so much Patrick, I really thought I was a goner.

    Patrick- Don't thank me, thank the power of coffee and candy bars.

    The two then return to the base, where they are honorably discharged as city heroes. Fred had learned something as Patrick that day, he may not be the smartest starfish, or even the nicest, but he has the biggest heart of them all.

  7. Personally, I thought it was an epically AWESOME moment when Spongebob traded his clothes for Le Spatuler and then went to work naked in "All That Glitters!" 526874.gif It just goes to show you that for Mr. Krabs, the proper clothing is NOT the top priority, flipping Krabby Patties is. :idea: Enough said! 893573.gif

    Uh no. Just no

  8. What's your favorite episodes you guys?

    1. Cape Feare

    2. Homer's Enemy

    3. Marge vs. the Monorail

    4. Springfield Files

    5. You Only Move Twice

    6. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

    7. Treehouse of Horror V

    8. Trilogy of Error

    9. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

    10. Homer the Heretic

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