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  1. Just now, Cha said:

    oh yeah, yeah, I saw that on your Tumblr. Does Dipper get along with her brothers, especially after they're married?

    Mostly not too close with them for more reasons then one, but they all hold a common interest in hiking so they get along alright.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Cha said:

    what do you think their wedding was like/where was it held?

    I don't want to spoil much because ik that'll get into a future story of mine, but I've always theorized Wendy and her bros built the chapel that Dip and her get married in.

  3. 11 hours ago, Cha said:

    But at least Brady and I are doing a swap and I get fanfic from him on my end of the deal. :sbdance3:

    And here is my end of that deal :PatDance:(Kinda written on the fly, hopefully it's still good)

    The 4 Slide Into the Splash Zone


    It was a blisteringly hot summer day, not the ideal conditions for Guano to not wear any shoes on concrete pavement at a water park.

    “Hot! Hot! HOT!” He screeched as his feet walked along the hot pavement.

    “Stop your whining!” Ozu commanded. “You’re the one who refused to wear flip flops when I told you where we were going.”

    “They make my feet itchy! BUT IT’S SO HOT!!!” He screamed.

    “Well that’s your bad.” Ozu said coldly. “Ozu bring the heat on your poor feet!” Yes Man said behind him.

    “Hey calm down boys!” Kiyoko said. “We’re here to take it easy, not fight and argue!” The three of them then mumbled “yes madam” as they continued walking. They then sat down in front of the lazy river, where Kiyoko put the group’s towels and extra clothing on a red and green beach chair.

    “Alright, it’s 10:30 right now, so come back at 1:30 and we’ll go get some lunch. Until then let’s have fun!” Kiyoko said.

    “What if I get hungry before then? And then I can’t remember where I’m at? What if I shed in the pool? That would be really awkward and difficult to explain…” Guano then stopped anxiously rambling long enough to realize that his mother was already floating away in the lazy river.

    “WAIT UP!” He screamed. He then leaped into the lazy river and began hectically swimming towards Kioyoko. He barely made it off the steps before having to stop out of sheer exhaustion.

    “OH SWEET RAVIOLI!” He panted between frantic huffing and puffing. “I LOST MOM! MOM! COME BACK! MOM!” He continued to fret on the steps of the lazy river when Kiyoko rounded the river and was back at the start.

    “There you are!” Guano panted, but sounded happier in tone. “Let me ride with you please!”

    Kiyoko just giggled back. “Guano, this is a one person ride, get your own raft!”

    Guano looked himself, then at the rafts, and then back at himself. “I’m too small for these rafts. I need someone else with me.”

    Kiyoko just shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t look at me.” She said as she floated down the river. Guano wasn’t gonna give up that easy however, and he leapt with all his hops right onto Kiyoko’s head.

    “Guano, get off my head!” She said aggravatedly. “Get your own raft!” She then ripped him off her head, but like a naughty cat, he would not get down easily and bit onto the raft as he fell off of it.

    “Phew.” He said as his bite muffled his speech. “I’m not done yet…” As he said that, the raft suddenly deflated and both Kiyoko and Guano fell into the river with a great splash.

    “Heh heh heh.” Guano laughed awkwardly before remembering he’s not a good swimmer. “HELP!” He screeched like a lil baby.

    Reluctantly Kiyoko allowed him ride on her back as they swam to the end of the river.

    “Hey, that actually was kind of relaxing.” Guano stated before realizing he was on the other end of a death stare from Kiyoko before she pulled up another raft and floated away. Guano then took about the next forty five minutes to dry off when Ozu and Yes Man showed up at the beach seats.

    “Where were you guys?” Guano asked inquisitively.

    “I was trying to buy this water park so that we could just come in for free next time.” Ozu said in response. “Freedom of free tickets!” Went Yes Man in the background.

    “How much did you have to pay for it?” Guano asked.

    “They don’t want money, they want us to try a new experimental slide of theirs.” Ozu said. “If we survive it, we get the park no cost.”

    “Oh that’s g- WAIT WE?” Guano shrieked. “Yes, we.” Ozu said. “One big family!” Yes Man said. Guano’s face flushed.


    “O-Ozu, I d-d-don’t like-e water slides!” Guano said anxiously. “C-Can’t I just sit this one out?”

    “Nonsense!” Ozu said firmly. “This is meant to be a family fun ride, and consequently we shall all ride this together! Pointing at Yes Man and Kiyoko who were standing nearby in the background waiting to go on. Standing at the slide was a stereotypical surfer lifeguard guy with a hot tan.

    “Yo yo suited dudes! My name’s Ricky and I’ll be your lifeguard for this slide!” He said. “Little purple guy, you go in front!” And so Guano sat down in the front of the slide.

    ”Now you sir!” He said pointing at Ozu and so he sat behind Guano.

    “Ok, next Kiyoko.” Ozu said.

    Ricky shook his head. “Two people is the max!” He said and then gave them a firm push. “Have fun!”

    Guano began screaming immediately. “OH GOD DADDY! I DON’T WANNA DIE!”

    “Relax Guano, it’s just a slide.” Ozu said. “It’s for fun, not torture.” Suddenly the slide took a sharp downwards turn and both of them banged their foreheads right into it. “... Except this one. This one may have been created for torture.”

    As the slide went on, much longer than any slide Ozu had ever been on, Guano’s grip on Ozu’s ear grew stronger, making it bright red. “Guano, stop being a baby! It’s just a ride, we are safe.” He said angrily. “There’s the light of the end of it right now, see?”

    Suddenly as they reached the end of the slide, they plopped onto a trampoline, launching them higher than the highest structure in the water park, everyone and thing looking like ants to them.

    And Guano’s anxiety was reaching record highs. “I’m so scared I’m hungry all of a sudden? WHY AM I SO HUNGRY! I WANNA GET HOME! I DON’T LIKE THIS!”

    “Guano, stop shedding all over me!” Ozu commanded. “I’m sorry Dad! I’m just so scared right now!” He shrieked.

    “Well if it makes you feel any better, we’re falling back to earth really fast.” Ozu said. “But it’s probably going to hurt, so-”

    He put Guano around his butt. “What are you doing?” He asked, still screeching. “Well you’re softer so you can break the fall easier.” Ozu said. “It’s simple science. Don’t worry, it’s just water we’re landing in!”

    “OZZZZUUUUUU!!! I DON’T WAN-” Guano’s screaming was interrupted by them landing in the water, emptying the entire landing pool of it’s water. As it became clearer to see, all one could see was a furless Guano and Ozu sitting calmly on the ground.

    “Ozu, I can’t feel my fur… WHERE’S MY FUR?!?!” Ozu just smiled nearby. “It’ll grow back son. It’ll grow back.”

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Bojack Horseman said:

    Tbh i thought s1 was a bit deeper than s2 but last couple of season 2 eps were still too deep like damn?

    Well for me season 1 was hilarious; absolutely laugh out loud funny and season 2 really didn't come off that way. It was still funny at moments and the overall themes were deeper, but it just felt like an abrupt shift in tone for me imho.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Bojack Horseman said:

    season 3 is so deep, you should check it out now? :funny: 

    I truthfully found season 2 a bit weirdly deep after how laugh out hilarious season 1 was, but it was still good and season 3 is definitely getting a watch

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