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The Squid (Formerly SpongeMaxwell & Maxwell's Silver Hammer) is a former user on SBC. He joined on July 18, 2012. As of October 5, 2013, he has not been on the site.

File:So Malnourished.jpg
One of The Squid's current avatars.


  1. He was the leader of the now-defunct group, "Pixar Lovers from Infinity and Beyond."
  2. He has won the 39th, 48th, 59th, and 71st SpongeBob Jeopardy! games.
  3. He won Xat Games 3 in October 2012, outlasting 13 other players.


Works originally from

SSSCS (Superstars, Sponges, Cephalopods, and Squirrels)

Cheapskating on Thin Ice

Time Of Our Lives

Works originally from SBC

Welcome to the Chum Bucket (Rights given to JCM; given back)

Rise of the Planet of the Jellyfish

S.B.C: SBC Before Computers (Rights given from Cha)

S(lums)BU: V8 (Rights given from OMJ)

SNL (Writer)

CSI: SBC (Given rights from jjs; canned)

SBC HQ (canned)

The Maximagination Network (canned)


The Real World (canned)

The Truth About School (canned)

Works that aren't on SBC

Bowser Castle (Availible in his shop)

Bowser Castle II


Oops (Oneshot)

SpongeKeroro GunsoPants

The Game

Former Avatars

Max's first avatar.

Maxwell has had many avatars through his SBC time period.

File:Ja Buns and Thighs.png
Max's avatar during April Fools on SBC.