Cheapskating on Thin Ice

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Cheapskating on Thin Ice
Show Info
Premiere Date July 30, 2012 (May 30,2012 on
End Date N/A
Status Running
Views (as of 7/20/13) 434 (2,953 on
Type Spin-Off
Genre Comedy
Episodes 7
Rating PG (T on
Created By The Squid

Cheapskating on Thin Ice is a spin-off created by SBC user The Squid (currently Macseed on the forums) under his Maximagination Studios label on July 30th, 2012 (May 28th, 2012 on Fanfiction.Net). The spin-off focuses on Mr. Krabs in conflict with his employees SpongeBob and Squidward when they think that they receive very little on their paychecks.

Episode Guide

Macseed has released 7 out of the 9 episodes on SBC, with the remaining two on his Fanfiction.Net account. An exception is ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 releasing episodes 3-5 for him at the time he quitted the spin-off, but has returned to release episodes 6 and 7.

(1) 1. Snail Food, Please (8/4/2012)

(2) 2. A Few, Or A Short Lot (8/19/2012)

(3) Squidward and I (8/19/2012)

(4) The First Fight (11/16/2012) (Merged with Ep. 3)

(5) Ourselves Back Home (11/16/2012) (Merged with Ep. 3)

(6) Back to Work (3/31/2013)

(7) Punishment for Being Good (5/31/2013)

(8) Too Soft (??/??/2013) (FF.Net)

(9) Thunder, Ever So Symbolic (2/7/2014??) (FF.Net)


The spin-off is considered to be Macseed's most popular spin-off as it has gained nearly 3,000 views on

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