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Jane (formally known as WhoWantsStancakes and Teamwork), is an SBC member who joined on March 5, 2015. Due to her similarities in naming, activity and other factors, she has often been confused with tyeamwork, however in actuality she was Stancakes using an alternate alias. Jane was a well-liked SBM user for the few months she was on there, however Jane requested her SBM account to be deleted due to personal reasons and decided to register an SBC account using a different alias for those reasons.

User Info
Registration Date March 5, 2016
Status Active
Group Customers

Prior to being banned from SBC for a series of harassment incidents in 2016, Jane was working on a SpongeBob Fan Episode alongside several other members of both SBC and SBM; its status is currently unknown.

On September 2, 2018, Jane was allowed back on SBC under her current name. She officially returned in the topic "I'm back".