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  1. beautiful drawing!! your art looks pretty professional!
  2. Jane

    PS4 Pro

    3 year old me was dead wrong on this. The lack of a 4k blu-ray drive is stupid but games look and perform WAY better on the pro
  3. Jane

    Ask the Kat

    what's up? just wanted to pop in and say hey
  4. Saw it sunday. Fantastic movie. I haven't seen Homecoming, and the Raimi movies I haven't seen in a while, but it's probably my favorite Spider-Man movie ever. About teared up twice. Really funny, but also heartfelt, and the animation and art direction's beautiful. The amount of painstaking labor crammed into every single frame is astounding. I also really dug the tributes to Stan Lee/Ditko, Spider-Man PS4 (which is a great game, I reviewed it on here) and Clone High
  5. From Sony Animation. Co-directed by Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians) Written by Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Alex Hirsch. When this movie was announced, I was immediately intrigued by Lord, Miller and Hirsch being attached but I was still skeptical. Sony Animation's an incredibly talented studio, but they've notably been stifling their talent. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was awesome, but Hotel Transylvania was just okay and Genndy was being creatively stifled. Smurfs and Emoji Movie while visually stunning were bottom of the barrel. But after two trailers, I'm convinced. This movie's going to be damn good. The humor's on point, and knowing the talent behind it, a bit of a Lego Movie/Gravity Falls flair, but there's a lot of focus on cool action setpieces and personal drama. And OH MY LORD, the art direction and animation. Sony's films usually look good, but this is on another level. ANIMATION SMEARS in CG, a 2d stylized comic book look, all the post processing effects, OMG. And how they combine an anime art style, the comic book art style, Spider-Noir being pure black and white and the more Pixar-ish art style in the trailer's astounding. And there's a reference to Insomniac's incredible Spider-Man game! Sony Animation might have finally gotten their act together. Because with this, The Mitchells vs. the Machines (by the creative director of Gravity Falls, Mike Miranda), and Genndy's 2d animated adult feature films (yes!!), their future is looking incredibly bright. And I'm ecstatic. For too long Sony Animation's potential has gone underutilized.
  6. Here's some examples. I do commissions BTW. Can DM pricing info. :)
  7. So I'm about done with it. It's a fantastic game and it's exceeded my expectations. I'm proud of the team over at Insomniac. I wasn't expecting the story or characters to grab me, but they have. The writing and story is genuinely fantastic. It's compelling, heartfelt, funny, full of twists and turns, and at the end you come out caring about all of the characters. This is easily Insomniac's best written game since A Crack in Time, and probably rivals that IMHO. The character animations are beautiful, continuing Insomniac's trend of great art direction and animation. Everything moves fluidly and is expressive. The lighting during cutscenes is incredible, and at times the game looks astonishing- like a pre rendered CG movie, it rivals some of the Raimi movies IMO. The attention to detail's fantastic, I love all the easter eggs (of course there's a reference to Greg Miller's friend, Shirtless Spiderman, and some Ratchet and Clank references thrown for good measure), J. Jonah Jameson's Alex Jones-type radio show is hilarious and I went out of my way to activate all the towers and find backpacks. The devs did a really great job compelling me to search for every nook and cranny. Web slinging is incredible, and just FUN. I can easily spend several minutes just zipping around the city and throwing webs, it just feels gratifying. Now I only have two real complaints- the combat, and some of the gameplay. The combat's a little repetitive IMO, and there's a ton of combos and gadgets that aren't always necessary, and I think the devs could've gone out of their way to encourage more use out of them. I also frequently am getting my ass kicked by the enemies, when I'm only on normal difficulty. And the gameplay is usually top-notch, but as Colin Moriarty put it in his review, the game falls into a Sonic like trap. When you're not traversing or running quickly, Peter handles incredibly stiffly and it's hard to manuever finely. I also didn't care much for the basically walking simulator moments as Miles and MJ, and I end up skipping a lot of the puzzles. That said, fantastic game. They're obviously doing a sequel. I'm excited for the DLC, and what they do with Spiderman 2, and maybe even a new Ratchet? Who knows, because there's a lot of gameplay elements in here that could fit R&C IMO.
  8. Right now would be the Switch. It can run current gen games with only a lower resolution on the go, and it has an amazing library, with most of the good Wii U games on there! In general, tie between PS2, PS3 and Gamecube. Those systems are really special and have amazing libraries.
  9. Right now- *PS2 *PS3 *PS4 *Gamecube *Wii U *Switch Also a NES and SNES classic...
  10. So last night, while I was on Discord, Jjs randomly approached me, apologizing for how he treated me and offered to unban me. I know I fucked up, did some stupid shit, but I think I deserve to be forgiven, so I hope that is indeed the case. In the past two years I've done a lot of soul searching and discovered a lot about myself. I'm not entirely better, but I have made a few steps in the right direction. I can't promise I'll post too often, but you can DM me on discord Jane #7323 or @doodladoo on Twitter!
  11. Being a nematode is not the meaning of Teamwork  :funny:

  12. Jane

    Ask the Kat

    I feel like this is directed at me
  13. I think all religion is inherently terrible, and while I don't hate the people who follow religion, I do hate the ideology and the concept itself. I honestly believe it has contributed mostly negatively to the world and I think it's fine to criticize religion as long as you don't attack the people who follow it.
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