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April Fools 2018 was the eighth SBC April Fools prank. The main theme of this prank is that Teen Titans Go! took over the site.

April Fools 2018
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date April 1, 2018
End Date April 2, 2018
Event Coordinators jjsthekid
Fred Rechid
Events Dunces & Dragons
Skin April Fools 2018


  • Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven joined the site, making many posts and interacting with users.
  • The category names were changed. "Krusty Krab" became "Titans Tower", "Kelp Forest" became "Jump City, "Atlantis" became "Gotham City" and "Bikini Bottom Arcade" became "Jump City Arcade".
  • The group order was flipped. Customers and Loyal Customers are at the far left while Managers and Cashiers went to the far right.
  • You did not need 25+ posts to access The Industrial Park.
  • A welcome message reading "Welcome to your new favorite community! - Teen Titans (but Robin gets special signature credit because he wanted to take full credit for this greeting)".
  • The Discord chat features TTG themed icons and bot names. The server was renamed from "SBC Chat" to "TTG Chat" along with these changes:
    • Karen => Cyborg
    • Perch Perkins => Raven
    • KSBC => Beast Boy
    • SpongeCraft => TTGCraft


Dunces & Dragons

The 60th Dunces & Dragons game, "Fools on Easter" hosted by SpongeOddFan was a part of the prank. It was a TTG/Star vs. themed game, which Cha, Cream and Homie won.