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Mothra was a user from SBM who started becoming an SBC regular in October 2011, as she was offered a position as a Fry Cook.


Mothra at first was an enemy, spamming the site mercilessly in November 2010. Upon becoming a Fry Cook, she was disliked by the community for trying to change SBC's layout, igniting a fight between her and teenj12. As time went on however, users warmed up to her and her graphics. tvguy eventually offered her a spot on the Fry Cooks team.


Mothra became inactive at the start of 2012, although she returned for V8 Orca. As of May 7, 2013, she is no longer active on the site.


Following the Third SBC Renaissance, Mothra returned to SBC. She is on the Discord now and once in a rare while will drop by.

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