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The Independents were a team consisting of users not a part of either the Drasticals or the Band Geeks. The team was formed July 1, 2016 and typically performs poorly in events due to having less people, inconsistent membership, and lack of participation. Occasionally referred to as the "Indies," the Independents won their first event in SpongeBash with 11 points. Additionally, they finished second in May Mayhem with 4 points, narrowly beating out the Band Geeks with 3 points. The highest number of points the Indies have ever won was in their first event as a team where they posted 25 points (a distant third behind the Drasticals's runner-up 44 points). They were disbanded on February 7th, 2020.

Event Showings

Event Points Result Notes
The Super Spongy Square Games 66-44-25 Loss; 3rd place First appearance
Octerror Fest 2016 21-14-3 Loss; 3rd place
Snowcember Ball 2016 23-20-7 Loss; 3rd place
March Madness 2017 32-25-3 Loss; 3rd place
May Mayhem 11-4-3 Loss; 2nd place
Octerror Fest 2017 29-17-4 Loss; 3rd place
Snowcember Ball 2017 37-30-3 Loss; 3rd place
March Madness 2018 43-21-5 Loss; 3rd place
Sponge Cup 48-35-5 Loss; 3rd place
Octerror Fest 2018 34-31-7 Loss; 3rd place
Snowcember Ball 2018 32-29-13 Loss; 3rd place
March Madness 2019 31-28-14 Loss; 3rd place
SpongeBash 11-8-6 Win Independents first win, Most dominant win; 3 points over the Band Geeks
Octerror Fest 2019 20-10-8 Loss; 3rd place
Snowcember Ball 2019 22-20-8 Loss; 3rd place Last appearance