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The Xat Games (aka the TV-A-Thon) was a hit game on the Spongebob Committee Xat that launched in August 2010. The host of it was that70sguy92 and it was similar to TDI/Survivor, and SOF was the co-host. ExKizuna was suppose to host Non-Elimination challenges, but he didn't due to their cancellation. The Contestants competed in challenges involving TV Shows and said contestants were voted out at the Boob Tube Ceremony where they each get a TV Guide Remote and whoever doesn't get one is out. The Contestants changed their names and icons to a TV Show Character. Like with other survivor shows, there is lots of drama in it and alliances. Due to lack of participation, it was cancelled after a few weeks, with no real winner.



Bob Ball








Hassan (Eliminated)

Spongebobs1fan (Eliminated)

Elastic Dog (Eliminated)


Episode 1: TV-A-Thon Begins! (Part 1): Users would guess the show in missing letters. CF won. Nobody was eliminated.

Episode 2: TV-A-Thon Begins! (Part 2): 70s would say a show and we had to quickly name a character from it, and if he said a character, we named the show they were from. ExKizuna won. Hassan was eliminated.

Episode 3: SRAEMBLDC: Users would unscramble the name of a TV Show. Jjsthekid won. Elastic Dog eliminated.

Episode 4: Channel Chasers: 70s would post a channel and users would have to name a show from it, and vice versa. Wumbology won. Spongebobs1fan eliminated.

It was cancelled due to not many contestants showing up.