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User Info
Registration Date March 21, 2016
Status Inactive
Group Customers

WoahWoah678 (currently WoahResurrectedCrap22) was a member of the TV.com SpongeBob Squarepants forum and current member of SBC, joining March 21, 2016.

TV.com History

On TV.com, Woah was known for his infamous reviews, which was the basis for Steel Sponge's literature WoahWoah Reviews, where Steel mocked them. During the Summer SpongeBob forum attack, Woah was suspended for a week, compliments of WhaleBlubber. During the Nostalgia era, Woah admitted to hating post-movie SpongeBob, which added conflict between the different sides of users with alternating opinions.

SBC History

Woah joined SBC on March 21, 2016, but did not remain active. He returned to the site two years later on June 10, 2018, posting an introduction thread. Since returning, he's been more active and has a literature called Nickelodeon Heroes.