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The Misadventures Of Patrick is a spin-off that was created by That70sguy92. It was his first spin-off.
Date Premiered : July 2nd 2009
End Date : June 25, 2011
Status: Cancelled
Plot : The Show is about Patrick and as suggested from the Title, his Misadventures. Patrick moves to WaterFalls. Even though he left his friends in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob and the others made some visits. His arch enemy is a Clown known as Jeremy and Patrick's Love interest is Yvonne. He also has some other friends such as Archie, and Harold. When 70s was banned, he just continued the show on The Spongebob Community. However, he noticed the spin-offs on were dieing so he asked a friend of his (jjsthekid) to post episodes on for him, to at least keep the spin-offs there alive. It is currently still running. The show has some mature content, but it still is for everyone. It was brought back after a cancellation for a fifth season, but was then cancelled again.

Future: That70sguy92 recently reported that he is in fact renewing his first show for a fifth season and MAYBE a sixth season. He later confirmed this during the 2nd festival. It has returned as of October 22nd, 2010. He cancelled it again on June 25, 2011.

Season 1:
S1E1 (1): The Big Move
S1E2 (2): Nautical Nuisance/New Neighbor
S1E3 (3): Job Hunting/That ‘70s Pat
S1E4 (4): Meet the Starfish Parents/My Life as a Teenage Patrick
S1E5 (5): Yvonne’s Sister/Soap Opera
S1E6 (6): Babysitting/The Stink
S1E7 (7): Too Tired to Work/Extinct
S1E8 (8): Lost
S1E9 (9): Busted/Issues With Sharing
S1E10 (10): WaterFalls Challenge/Harold’s Job
S1E11 (11): Yvonne’s New Hair/Krabs Takeover
S1E12 (12): Stupidity/Clowning Around
S1E13 (13): Bride of Archie
S1E14 (14): Talent/Mystery
S1E15 (15): Secrets/Makeup
S1E16 (16): Concert/Movie Craze
S1E17 (17): Curiosity Killed the Pat
S1E18 (18): Hide and Seek/Yvonne Writes a Song
S1E19 (19): Missing Money/The Pillow
S1E20 (20): Party at Archie’s House!

Season 2:
S2E1 (21):Sponge of a Friend (1)
S2E2 (22): Sponge of an Enemy (2)
S2E3 (23): Is Nicholas a Friend?/What a Fight
S2E4 (24): Fat Pat/Caffeine Rush
S2E5 (25): No Pet for Pat/ Paid Vacation
S2E6 (26): Do You Believe In Ghosts?
S2E7 (27): Mr. Fix It/Talent Show
S2E8 (28): Jeremy’s New Groove
S2E9 (29): Harold’s Parents/Race Against Time
S2E10 (30): After the Kiss/New Soda
S2E11 (31): Saint Nicholas
S2E12 (32): After the Other Kiss…/Enrique is So Depressed
S2E13 (33): Yvonne’s Departure
S2E14 (34): I Look at This Photograph/Every Time it Really Makes Me Laugh
S2E15 (35): Hidden Cameras/Yvonne’s Eyes Turn Green
S2E16 (36): Welcome to the Future… Drama! (1)
S2E17 (37): Valentine’s Day… In the Future (2)
S2E18 (38): The Plan (3)
S2E19 (39): Back to the Present (4)
S2E20 (40): Archie For Mayor/And the Mayor Is…
S2E21 (41): Wandering/Jack
S2E22 (42): Back in WaterFalls/The Battle in Calvin’s Brain
S2E23 (43): The Road Back to WaterFalls

Season 3:
S3E1 (44): In Your Hands
S3E2 (45): Devising a Plan/Adrenaline
S3E3 (46): Oh. Snap!
S3E4 (47): Bad Thoughts and Webcams
S3E5 (48): Keeping Secrets/Calvin’s Disturbance
S3E6 (49): Karate Lesson/First Date
S3E7: (50): 50th Episode Spectacular! (Hour Long Special)
S3E8 (51): MermaidMan & BarnacleBoy Visit/Big Mouth
S3E9 (52): Long-Lost Brother
S3E10 (53): Stormy/Mystery II
S3E11 (54): That Stupid Song/Patrick Patty
S3E12 (55): Confronting Kurne
S3E13 (56): Suspicions/Fight! Fight!
S3E14 (57): The Doctor's Office/Where Are My Friends?
S3E15 (58): An Unusual Return/He's Got the Power
S3E16 (59): Waking Up/ Friends Stick Together
S3E17 (60): One More Thing.../Chenelle's New Job
S3E18 (61): Oh, Another Thing (1)
S3E19 (62): Shoot to Thrill (2)/ Calvin's Struggle
S3E20 (63): Pat & Ping Pong/A Night of Romance
S3E21 (64): The L Word/Yvonne's Second Song
S3E22 (65): Planning/Surprise!
S3E23 (66): Smile/Charades
S3E24 (67): Preparations

Season 4:
S4E1 (67): Arrival
S4E2 (68): Hey, Soul Sister!
S4E3 (69): Dove Drunk/Phone Call: Dove Drunk
S4E4 (70): Postpartum Depression/Poor Guy
S4E5 (71): Dear Don (1)
S4E6 (72): Couples Night (2)/The Morning After (3)
S4E8 (73): The End (Or Not)

Season 5:
S5E1 (74): Changes
S5E2 (75): New Faces/Child #2

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful/Bitch-Slap
Typical Cliche/It's About Time
When You Wish Upon a Star
Stop Telephoning Me/I'm Kinda Busy
That's Just Wrong/Boating School Days


This is that70sguy92's longest lasting spin-off.

The status of this show is currently unknown. The rights may soon be sold, but it may continue as a that70sguy92 spin-off. A final decision has not yet been made.