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The Island Sponge is the second group-written spin-off to have existed, following 2009's "Searching For Sandy" by Suitelife and that70sguy92. It was created by tvguy347 and spongebobs1fan, with that70sguy92 as a primary writer on the crew. It follows a cast of 24 castaways stranded on an island after their plane crashes there. It premiered on February 1st, 2010 and was officially announced as cancelled on November 2nd, 2010 with a runtime of 9 months, making it the most successful group spin-off ever written until Skodwarde, nearly two years later. Premiere Date: February 1st, 2010

End Date: October 15th, 2010

Views: 684 views (50 views per episode)

Status: Ended

Episode Guide

Season 1

1. Pilot (2/1/10, by tvguy347)
2. The Missing One (2/2/10, by spongebobs1fan)
3. I'll Be There For You (2/3/10, by that70sguy92)
4. Hell Billows Out (2/5/10, by tvguy347)
5. Communication On An Island (2/6/10, by spongebobs1fan)
6. It's My Funeral, and I'll Come Back to Life if I Want to! (2/7/10, by that70sguy92)
7. Puzzled (2/9/10, by tvguy347)
8. The Raid (2/11/10, by tvguy347)
9. Aftermath (2/12/10, by that70sguy92
10. Another Day, Another Mystery (2/14/10, by that70sguy92)

Season 2

11. Hell Hath No Fury (Part 1) (7/2/10, by tvguy347)
12. What Is and What was (Part 2) (7/3/10, by that70sguy92)
13. Head on the Dance Floor (8/30/10, by tvguy347
14. Suspicions (10/14/10, by tvguy347)

Writing Team

tvguy347: (Season 1-2)

that70sguy92: (Season 1-2)

Spongebobs1fan: (Season 1)

tvguy347 was the show's first and only head writer, and approached spongebobs1fan with the idea of another group spin-off. spongebobs1fan agreed and that70sguy92, who recently had become a popular spin-off writer with his creation of the 2009 hit Bikini Top. The group of three wrote the first half of Season 1 with the writing pattern of tvguy347, spongebobs1fan, and then that70sguy92. However, after two episodes, spongebobs1fan was announced to have been sacked from the show. Fans were not happy with the decision, and sbs1fan publicly announced his disapproval with his removal from the show. jjsthekid, another popular spin-off writer, was rumored to be in talks to take sbs1fan's spot on the show, but jjs stated he had no interest in doing a group spin-off anytime soon. The show continued with that70sguy92 and tvguy347 as the only two writers until it was cancelled nine months after its creation, airing a total of 14 episodes.