The Great Wiping of 2015

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The Great Wiping of 2015 occurred early in the morning of December 2nd, 2015 (around 1 AM EST). hilaryfan80 accidentally wiped every post, private message and status update made after October 21st 2015. The few members who joined after that date were wiped as well. hilaryfan80 worked for days fixing the problem, and managed to restore most of all content lost, however, anything posted between Thanksgiving 2015 and December 2nd, was impossible to recover.

Problem & Solution -

According to hilaryfan80, after trying to fix a minor problem with SBC's "member-table", he restored to a temporary "sbc-backup" database, but in the midst of restoring the backup, it somehow ended up in SBC's actual database, reverting the entire forums back to October 21st, 2015 at 3:55 PM EDT. While he was able to bring back all posts made in topics that were made prior to October 22nd, and could easily restore posts if the appropriate topic is made, one issue was that he could not automatically bring back posts in topics made after October 21st. This is because the topic did not exist then. Though hilaryfan80 was able to retrieve the majority of everything that was lost, he calculated that there were still some 1000 posts lost.

Reaction & Effects -

The reaction from the community has been forgiving. Everyone recognized the incident as a simple mistake, after hilaryfan80 made a topic apologizing a few hours after the wiping. Spongeboblover playfully referred to the incident as "The Lost Day 2.0" (in reference to a similar incident in 2012), to which member Imrustyokay called it "The Lost Month". hilaryfan80 corrected them however, explaining that he had retrieved most of the month already and just posts made in topics created after the 21st of October were still missing, which he is still working on restoring.

The Great Wiping most notably messed up voting for the Golden Community Awards 7, leading people to have to resend their votes to the host, JCM. Many members also lost doubloons thanks to the wiping, but hilaryfan80 has restored those and given everyone on the site 100 doubloons extra.