The Aluminum Age

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The Spin-Off Aluminum Age was the third era of spin-offs and lits on The SpongeBob Community. It lasted from late-2011 to 2013 and oversaw the decline in quality in spin-offs, and the consequent decline in interest. However, the era also saw the establishment of comedic spin-offs and lits on SBC, led by OMJ and Clappy.

Notable Creators

1.) OMJ

2.) jjs

3.) CNF1

4.) Max

5.) Aquatic Nuggets

6.) JCM

Notable Shows

1.) Skodwarde

2.) Rusty's Raping Rampage

3.) Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures

4.) Community Deathmatch

5.) Doody Era

6.) Dimension Hopper Pants

7. Storm Racers