Takin' Out the Trash

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Takin' Out the Trash is a sub-forum under The Industrial Park, exclusive to Loyal Customers. This forum is where all locked threads go, which can range from duplicate topics, threads deemed "non-desirable" from the staff, or other random topics. When a thread is locked for whatever reason, it is often thrown into this forum. This forum was originally famous with some of the first few team groups, which is why it was opened to them. Since it is a sub-forum under The Industrial Park, you need 25+ posts to access it. However, as of September 9th, 2016, it is also now exclusive to Loyal Customers only.

Forum Description: This is the SBC dump, where we place all locked threads. You get hours of entertainment here if you wish to look at them.


  • From September 9th, 2016 to January 16th, 2018, it was under The Secret Box, and then moved back to being a sub-forum for The Industrial Park.