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The Staff Lounge is an exclusive forum for the staff members of SBC (Managers, Cashiers, and Fry Cooks). It is hidden under the Krusty Krab section. Ideas for the community can be thrown around here and other issues are discussed. It is the most private and secure forum of the site; leaking out any information is prohibited, and will result in a ban. As of June 2015, Retired Employees have access to it. As of June 7, 2018, Fry Cooks have access to it. Ever since late 2017, the Staff Lounge is not used very much anymore, with the Discord staff chat essentially taking its place. However, the forum is still kept for historic purposes and if anyone still wishes to address iissues or suggest ideas there.

As of May 1st, 2020, several infamous threads from the Staff Lounge are being shown weekly for Loyal Customers for "Staff Lounge Fight Fridays.


  • It was possible for Customers to access the Staff Lounge with the now-defunct Become a Mod for a Day item from the Store. As of November 12th, 2012, regular members cannot access this forum under any circumstances.
  • The forum was thought to be a myth in the past. Its existence is now widely known.
  • For a while during the SBC Hacking Summer 2011, the topics became public to everybody. 70s spoke out against users who purposely went through them all, calling it a "breach of trust."
  • It was briefly renamed the "Administration Lounge" in July 2012.
  • It was briefly renamed "The Secret Box" for a day in June 2013 before it was reverted back by Aquatic Nuggets.
  • During OF13, the forum was renamed to Halloween Lounge.
  • The SBM equivalent is named "The Secret Box."