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Making Squidward Crossovers or (used to be called "Squidward Rivalries", as some crossovers were rivalries, similar to Squilliam on the show), is a hobby that SBM/SBC member President Squidward likes to do since he joined in 2013.

Squidward is known to have a rival known as Squilliam Fancyson, and Squidward is Prez's favorite character, so in 2011, Prez was into the Nickelodeon cartoon, "T.U.F.F. Puppy", which had the character named Keswick (which was his favorite), so he thought of how would he react with Squidward, and since then, Prez has done numerous friendship/rivalries with characters he likes from numerous other cartoons for fun, with many of them being well-loved by other members and Prez (Squidward and Ice Bear, Squidward and Bunnicula, Squidward and Maurizio & Jacob) and a couple being disliked from them (Squidward and Bugs Bunny, Squidward and Lincoln Loud, Squidward and Sir Dudley).

Since Prez has a hard time drawing, many members have drew fanart of the many Squidward crossovers upon request and just because. Prez is very appreciative of members doing this and decided to stop being a chicken and show some of his poorly-drawn fanart of a few of his crossovers.

After his disinterest with SBMania due to the July controversy, he has moved his crossover talks to SBC, which he manage during to gain popularity for his latest Squidward crossover (Squidward and Maurizio the Cat & Jacob the Raven from Wunschpunsch, a show he loves and became his favorite crossover he's ever done).

Squidward crossovers since around Ice Bear have abandoned the idea of making the characters rivals with Squidward, and are now regular crossovers with Squidward befriending said character or group of characters the show Prez is doing the crossover with.

Here's a list of the confirmed crossovers that Prez has done since he joined SBMania/SpongeBob Community in 2013: (now featuring Prez's thoughts on each crossover he's done or thought of since, with ratings!)

- Squidward and Keswick (from T.U.F.F. Puppy, 2011 - June 2013): The crossover that started it all. Back in 2010, I became a fan of Nickelodeon's T.U.F.F. Puppy, and became a fan of Keswick for his humorous moments and character. One day I had a dream in my sleep of a SpongeBob/T.U.F.F. Puppy crossover, which got me invested in the idea of how the two would interact, where I decided to go with a rivalry approach, akin to Squidward and Squilliam. Since this was around November 2011, it was more a crossover in my mind for over a year (with a few mentions on my first ever "forum", the Nick.com message boards), but it wasn't until 2013 when I discovered and joined SBMania that people would learn about this crossover from my cringe topics about my interest in a crossover (which wouldn't work too well in reality) and comparisons to Keswick and Squidward.

No fan art was received for it since no one expected this to become such a huge hobby of mine (not even myself), but I used to make a tons of crappy drawings with the two, and I'm not shitting you, since Keswick seemed way too complicated for 11 year old me to draw, I legit drew Keswick as just a face, with eyes, glasses and a mouth. That's how awful of an artist I was back then, everybody. This crossover was very mediocre, and better ones would start coming into my mind. Not awful though. 5/10 (no regrets)

- Squidward and Wander (from Wander Over Yonder, September - December 2013): Summer 2013 was almost coming to a close, and I was enjoying my new forum life on both SBM and SBC (which I joined in late August), and was in the know for everything animation. At this time, a topic was made about an upcoming project from the legendary Craig McCraken, called Wander Over Yonder, which a friend of mine (RedSoxFan274) became a major fan of. I was interested in the show too, I thought the artstyle was cute, as well as the character's positivity being an interesting idea for a crossover, I decided to give it a shot. I was too lazy to watch the source material for the first month or so, so it became a bit of a joke with members about how I loved a cartoon I haven't seen yet, and friends like Milkmaidman (another Wander fan) and I started our own cringey short-lived SBC spin-off called The Squidward V.S. Wander Chronicles, where I had no experience of Wander's character much, and we both gave the idea of making it another rivalry (since for the first couple years my crossovers were mainly rivalry-based).

The crossover went on for a couple more months even with my lack of experience and laziness to watch the series, with a dumbass mention of me finally hearing Wander's voice in a promo and not being a fan of it in an old SBM chat post in late-October or so), and it gained a bunch of OCs Milkmaidman and I made just for fun (Wander's many, many cousins with different names ending in onder or ander), which the biggest Wander fan, RedSoxFan274, made an amazing crossover fanfic with Squidward experiencing the horrors of Wander's many cousins in December 2013. Such a fun memorable fanfic. <3 I also made my own crappy ms paint/paper drawings of this rivalry a bit.

By Christmas, my Wander crossover phase lost interest, and around January 2014 I finally watch the first Wander episode "The Greatest", and my fuckin dumbass wasn't a fan of it's fast-paced, goofy style, and started to grow a bit of hatred for Wander for the next couple years (I WAS SO WEIRD AS A YOUNG PRETEEN IM SO SORRY), but in 2015 I started seeing episodes such as The Box and actually enjoying it. I also saw some Season 2 eps in the following year and liked them a bit (The Whole Lotta Nothing/Eye on The Skullship). For some reason on SBM in 2014-2016 I just kept my negative thoughts with Wander when I was secretly liking it, like a looking annoying moron when I could just come clean lmaoooo (I was negative to stuff like Teen Titans Go too when I was an avid watcher in 2014-2017 and enjoyed quite a bit of episodes). I regret having my annoyances towards Wander's style (I was like this with a bunch of other Disney cartoons in 2013-2015, such as Star Vs and Gravity Falls, and with current Disney films), but now I want to watch more of this cartoon one day since it would be a fun binge, and honestly would be down for a revival crossover, since I was a cringe noobie back then and I always found this crossover to be good, I just executed it awfully by not watching it. I don't know man, it was weird. 6/10 (no regrets)

- Squidward and Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes, Summer 2014): I always slept with Boomerang on as a kid since I was afraid of the dark, and starting rewatching The Looney Tunes Show around the time. Bugs was my favorite character on the cartoon (Daffy was a close second though), and was interested in doing a rivalry with Bugs and Squidward, though this one failed miserably for a few reasons:

  1. I didn't mention it really besides a few crossover joke posts of it, such as in the "Make Your Own Episode" topic where I made a joke ep featuring the two characters.
  2. Not sure if they would have much of a rivalry, they seem a bit similar in character.
  3. Daffy would've been a better choice of character I've been told by many friends, and yeah I'm more fond of Daffy Duck now so I agree.

For the next couple of years, everyone including myself grew to thinking this was the worst crossover I did due to it being horribly executed and pretty much nonexistent. I think people didn't even know it was a crossover until I mentioned it months later. 3/10 (regret)

- Squidward and Gumball (from The Amazing World of Gumball, April - June 2015): I was into this cartoon since it first came out, but got into it once again when I was gaining interest in recording commercial breaks on Cartoon Network with my constant purchases of blank tapes in Summer 2014. (Kmart was still selling them in 2014-2016 lmaooo). In February 2015, a member who's a huge Gumball fanatic, joined SBMania who would become great friends of mine named Kaiju. He caught wind of my crossover hobby later on and I decided to make this a joke crossover of mine, making a few dumbass joke references in my blog posts and even spawned a photoshopped image made by Kaiju of Squidward and Gumball yelling at each other in front of Beach City. It was hilarious. Another crossover that's somehow official to me despite never going anywhere since I'm not sure how it would work. Later in the summer, Squidward would be included in Kaiju's comic series of a bunch of SBMania's popular interests/inside jokes came together in the hilarious Gambol series. 4/10 (regret)

- Squidward and Ice Bear (from We Bare Bears, August - December 2015): Summer 2015 begun, and Cartoon Network was starting to hype up a brand new series called We Bare Bears, me and my sisters were avid watchers of Cartoon Network for these past couple of years, and were intrigued by the show. We gave it a spin and were instantly in love with the show! My favorite character was Ice Bear with his humorous lines and interesting personality. A crossover didn't come into mind until a few days later in the beginning of August, and since everybody was into We Bare Bears at this time, everyone was interested on my idea of making it happen.

And right away, it was a success. This time around, my rivalry aspect of my usual crossovers was slowly dying out. I made mentions of fight scenes between the two characters, but was more going into a bit of frenemies/mostly friends aspect. It really help bring the crossover to life. I received plenty of fan art for this crossover, and me and a bunch of friends started making an SBM fanfic series of The Adventures of Squidward and Ice Bear, and my episodes were still written awfully since I'm not good at executing stories yet, even if I know the source material too. -.- Anyway, I was really into We Bare Bears for a long time, but started losing a bit interest when the later episodes of Season 1 started becoming mixed in quality, but I was still really into the show. By December, my crossover was starting to lose steam, and I started not becoming much of a fan of We Bare Bears onward from Season 2, started becoming a bit formulaic in a bland way, and just didn't compare to the amazing season 1 episodes, not sure what happened? New writers, maybe? Even if I lost interest in the show, the character interaction potential for it was phenomenal, and never before has a crossover of mine become this successful and loved by many members of the forum. It was my peak for the longest time, until Wunschpunsch came into the picture a few years later. 9/10 (fuck yes, no regrets)

- Squidward and Bunnicula (from Bunnicula, February - April 2016, February - May 2018): My interest for the Ice Bear crossover came and went, and was proably about to enter another hiatus until something interesting came to my head again. I was recording CN frequently still when they started advertising their short-lived Saturday Morning Block, featuring a few new episodes of recent Boomerang shows of reboots from Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and Tom and Jerry, and a new series for the cartoon based on the book, Bunnicula. I never read the books as a kid, but I was aware of it's existence was interested in the show's artstyle. I saw the first two episodes with my SB forum friends on our cytu.be page we made a couple months before, and while most of them were bored by the show, I was a fan of what I was watching, and so I started a crossover between the two characters, in a form of a sort of friendship/rivalry again. A lot of people on SBM forums were not really down with it though, so it immediately fell flat after a few art pieces came from friends of mine due to request and was practically dead for me in April. I wanted to make a summer event with the two in the style of the old SpongeBob summer block, the Nicktoons Summer Splash, but I was too awful at art to make it, and no one was really interested in the crossover in the first place. I still loved Bunnicula season 1 though and watched it a bit in the rest of 2016 and 2017.

The rest of 2016 saw me on a crossover hiatus until I returned with another official crossover in February 2017, which would become the worst crossover I ever did, known as Sir Dudley Ding Dong, which you can read below after I mention my revival of Bunnicula in 2018.

So my crossover hobby and my life in general was going through a dark age in 2017. I wanted to start from scratch, learn from my past mistakes and try to make crossovers with shows I love and character interactions I think would work. I was actually interested in reviving Bunnicula as early as May 2017, this time around being a crossover with Chester, who bares a lot of resemblance with him. In January 2018 I decided to give Squidicula another go, but mostly with Chester as he was my favorite character. At this time, due to my awful health bringing my mood down, I had a bit of a scuffle with my SBM friends on cytu.be, so I broke away for a little while and was hanging around with the non-cytu.be SBM members over on the forums's Discord with some being older members who returned to the site again, who I became great friends with, such as RDSP, Wintermelon43 and Honest Slug. I eventually decided to make it a big friends crossover (kind of like Winston, Dudley and Hampton in the awful Sir Dudley crossover), with Bunnicula, Chester and Harold.

Season 2 of Bunnicula came out in Canada in October 2017 and I've been watching it online due to U.S. not airing it until a year later or so late at night on Boomerang. It had its great episodes, but also a lot of duds. Maxwell Atoms wrote every episode in Season 2 so he probably was tired, but I was still enjoying the show and went back to see who worked on Season 1 but not Season 2, since Season 1 had tons of writers and storyboard artists. I knew Karl Hadrika worked on Bunnicula and I was suddenly reminded he was the guy behind the amazing Becky Prim project Rebeltaxi mentioned in a top 5 pilots video of his I saw the year before. I always loved Karl's art style and his work on Bunnicula so I checked out his Twitter and saw he was now WORKING ON SPONGEBOB. I did a double take when I saw the Patrick Valentine's Day drawing he made and saw his post about working on SpongeBob too. He's my favorite artist so I was happy to see he was working on two shows I combined together in a crossover. I was a bit shy a first, but decided to make an email for drawing tips from Karl to focus on my crossover work I do for both shows, and was curious if he was interested in joining SBMania and if he did commissions since I would love to pay him to draw my fan visions. (You can read his response to my email here!)

I started following him on Twitter and discovered awesome artists from the project he was working on, Long Gone Gulch, and patiently waiting to see if Karl would respond to my email, I finally told everyone about my email and was gonna ask an update question on the livestream Karl was gonna appear on with the LGG project, and started garnering more hype for the members who were new to Squidicula and grew interest in it. I was so happy Squidicula was finally gaining steam in it's revival, and it was such a step up for my crossovers that it officially broke my dark age of Canadian crap in 2017. Karl answering my email question on the livestream made my whole day, he was super kind about it and my friends was hyped when I told them about what Karl said. Such a fun memory.

Once I received an answer from Karl's email in May, my interest in the crossover was starting to fade (I was also entering a severe OCD phase that made Summer 2018 hell for me) and Squidicula was pretty much dead unofficially until May 25th where a special show came in to my life to carry the torch. I always wondered in a logical sense how Squidward would go on adventures with Mina's pets without Mina and her family knowing about Squidward. It kind of brings down the potential a bit. Ah well, still a great show and crossover in my book. 7/10 (no regrets)

- Squidward and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (from Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong, February - June 2017): This one... Jesus Christ, it's fucking painful to describe, but basically my friend MrTortellini00 posted a promo for this Canadian cartoon airing on Cartoon Network over in France, and we all agreed it looked like an awful cartoon, but for a little while after in January I kind of enjoyed the artstyle a bit??? It didn't really cross my mind as a crossover until February came around and I got a fucking dream of a crossover in my sleep. I was tempted on giving this a go since I feel I could rewrite the characters better if this cartoon were really that bad, and I started having massive depression/severe OCD and thought my usual crossover hobbies would help me during tough times.

I was embarrassed as hell to tell anyone about it, but told Torts the next day or so about my interest in making it a crossover, and so this piece of shit cartoon became my latest crossover. A cartoon about a boy, his brainless cat, and a smarter, grumpy space hamster, going on adventures and getting into trouble. And since this was a Canadian/Australian cartoon in 2017, you know it was not gonna be good, and it wasn't. It was filled with toilet humor (my least favorite form of comedy ever) and just boring, unfunny dialogue. I was so ashamed of letting this become a crossover just because I was going through bad depression, but was confident on still trying to improve on it since I was into Mike Geiger's artstyle at the time and I liked the characters themselves, so I kept it going only for it to blow up in my face by the summer. I made a lot of cringey art for this crossover, even sending one awful piece to Vincent Waller (SpongeBob crew member) and Mike (creator of Winston), to which Vince kindly liked and responded while Mike ignored. From March to June I also requested a bunch of friends art pieces of it, which made me happy at the time, with some people enjoying this crossover like I did outside of the source material. But man, once it died I was just filled with so much embarrassment. I saw all 52 episodes of Winston, and am ashamed but not surprised of it being so bad. I grew out of Mike Geiger's artstyle by July and realized his artstyle is too basic and a bit ugly for my tastes. A month before I even made an email to Mike when I was still a fan of his characters and if he did commissions, to which he also THANKFULLY never responded.

A super embarrassing crossover for me, which was fun to make a chemistry for the characters at the time, but after it was over I fucking look back and hate so much. I am so sorry everyone. It was obviously so forced and all it did was give me false happiness and made my depression a bit worse honestly. This crossover is what made me learn to make crossovers of source materials, art and characters I actually REALLY love and works as interaction. 0/10 (REGRET MASSIVELY)

- Squidward and Maurizio & Jacob (from Wunschpunsch, May 26th, 2018 - Present): May 25th, 2018. After the nightmare that was Sir Dudley, I would check out Ryan Vo (the person who uploaded Winston eps)'s YouTube channel every once in a while out of boredom, and on this night I saw he uploaded a few English/French HD episodes of this old French/Canadian/German cartoon called Wunschpunsch. The thumbnail got me very intrigued. The artstyle for Jacob and Maurizio looked so cute, so I watched the first episode (Plant Panic) and was IMMEDIATELY in love. This cartoon was hitting all my buttons in terms of writing, character and artstyle/aesthetic. I saw some snippits of later episodes that night and the idea of a Squidward crossover came to my mind lickety-split. I KNEW this was gonna be an amazing crossover, due to Maurizio and Jacob being such intelligent and fun characters, and the concept of them stopping their owners spells while solving riddles. WHY didn't America air this hidden gem of a cartoon?!

Next day was when Squnschpunsch became official with me, where I did cryptic teasing of the crossover, with people thinking "this German cartoon cannot be as good as a crossover as Squidicula"), so it took a while for friends of mine to really like Wunschpunsch. It was a bit quiet for a couple weeks, until Whobob caught wind of my crossover and KNEW WHAT WUNSCHPUNSCH WAS. It was a childhood show of his as he's from Turkey. Whobob was very intrigued by my crossover and became a fan. Other members slowly became interested in Wunschpunsch by July, the same month fanart started to be made by friends of mine and the crossover started to gain some steam. I made my own fanart too since I discovered Wunschpunsch but was still very shitty trying to draw all three characters. I was suffering with bad OCD again from May, making my summer very miserable where it was hard to focus on this crossover and watching all of the show until I started to in August, where my OCD tics calmed down after I took a break from the internet a bit. And late-August was when Squnschpunsch OFFICIALLY became huge with everyone, including myself. I finally understood all of the show and it's characters to really become inspired to make more art with it! I learned to be a bit patient and re-do mistakes in my art, and I improved on drawing Maurizio and Jacob much better to where they look decent. Still need a lot of work on the anatomy and Squidward though. Friends of mine started watching a bit of the series, with members such as Coffee_Lover binging all of it in 2019. Everyone was enjoying it. It officially became MY NEW ICE BEAR. MY NEW PEAK. A PEAK I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD OUT DO.

I have received almost 200 PIECES of art for Squnschpunsch and counting, from friends and myself. Some members lost interest in Squnschpunsch, with some feeling its a bit over-saturated but they still like it. Also still have plenty of people who still love it, including BobCarotte, SpongeRobert RectangleShorts and GoofyGoobz.

To this day, I'm still into Wunschpunsch. Squidward is the most perfect crossover match you could do with this series. It's hard to know which character Squidward would be better friends with! Jacob would probably work better logically, as he's a bit grumpy, wise and serious like Squidward, also sharing a lot of same tastes in things, but Maurizio would also work too. He may be a bit naive, happy-go-lucky and greedy, but Maurizio also still has some intelligence in him, and has a taste of the arts such as dancing and singing, and also has a bit of Squidward's egotist and sarcastic side. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW AWESOME DEVELOPING THESE CHARACTERS'S FRIENDSHIP WOULD BE, MAN. :P I feel them as a trio would be the greatest cartoon trio of all time. There's still so much potential in a crossover I want to do with this, such as Squidward staying with the wizards and their interactions with him (they may not like Squid that much too, that would be funny, but he could help take care of the pets in disguise so Maurizio and Jacob's covers aren't blown), Squidward also interacting with Maggot, and Squidward becoming an animal council spy and helping solve riddles to break spells! YOU CAN'T GET BETTER CROSSOVERS THAN THIS!

Jacob's voice actor may be dead as I recently discovered, but I still would love for Rick Jones and Rodger Bumpass to hear about how well these characters fit perfectly together. I am entirely grateful for being able to discover this crossover, and it's now a part of me for a long time coming. It's too amazing to kill. This is only the beginning. Forever a fan project, the crossover that never was. Thank you all for believing in me and making this the greatest crossover ever. 10/10 (FUCK YES NO REGRETS)

- Squidward and Eek! the Cat (from Eek! the Cat, May 15th, 2019 - present): While doing Squnschpunsch, I also discovered another show that was associated with Fox Kids, but actually WAS American, called Eek! The Cat. I saw an episode last year in the fall, and I enjoyed it. A crossover idea didn't come to my mind until April 2019 or so, where I was tempted in giving it a spin, since Eek's positivity and his constant bad luck would be interesting to play with Squidward, perhaps he could be a bit fond of Eek and his friends. After a week or so joking around saying it was gonna happen but was denying of those rumors to be true, they FINALLY came true on May 15th, coexisting with Squnschpunsch and it's my first ever crossover to become my second active crossover.

Since then, a few of my friends who lost interest in Wunsch are into Squeek!, with Wunsch fans also enjoying Squeek, with old time SBM member who was on cytube discord, BatteryMill, is a major fan of Eek and joined my crossover discord. Since then, I've been watching episodes of Eek! with friends and loving the series way more than I did first time around. Such a cute and humorous show. I'm on Season 2 currently so i still got a little bit to go to watch with friends. I haven't given this as much love as a crossover like I have with Wunschpunsch, but I really want to. It also has a lot of fun fanfic/art potential, and soon I will start making art for it like a few of my friends have (with a recent drawing from SpongeRobert featuring Eek and Wunschpunsch together, and Sir Dudley as a cameo to troll me lmaoo). Awesome crossover that needs more steam from my ass. 8/10 (fuck yes no regrets)

And here's a list of scrapped crossovers that Prez has mentioned as a quick thought since 2014:

- Squidward and Mr. Peabody (from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, March 2014): I saw a trailer for this while seeing The Wind Rises in theaters with my family. After the movie was over I mentioned I thought of a crossover between the two characters as a joke to my sister, and it was never mentioned again. I don't know... 3/10

- Squidward and Mr. Gus (from Uncle Grandpa, June 2015): I was a major fan of Uncle Grandpa, and I could see the potential with these two, since Mr. Gus is literally a dinosaur version of Squidward, but I wasn't too interested on making it official. 5/10

- Squidward and Mr. Cat (from Kaeloo, April 2016): THIS HAD A CHANCE TO BECOME REAL BUT I BLEW IT WITH SIR DUDLEY INSTEAD.

Ok, so, in early 2016 when our cytu.be chatroom was booming, my friend MrTortellini00 showed me and a bunch a friends a French cartoon he loves, called Kaeloo, about a frog and her friends playing a bunch of games and Mr. Cat abusing Quack Quack, usually bringing out her angry side. It's such an amazing, creative show with appealing, cool CG-I and gets away with a lot for a kids show. XD Mr. Cat was my favorite character of the show, and was tempted a couple times to make it an official crossover. My friend Loopers even made an art piece of Squidward and the scene of Mr. Cat being drunk, singing YMCA the same month, but I still never made it an official crossover. I almost considered it in January 2017 but the interest went away again when Sir Dudley existed, and again, that was an AWFUL and STUPID idea for me to do. I actually like Kaeloo still, and Mr. Cat and Squidward have friendship potential. A lot of my cy friends wanted this, and I let me and everyone down. The greatest scrapped crossover. Maybe someday. 9/10

- Squidward and Lincoln Loud (from The Loud House, May 2016): I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS ONE WAS A QUICK THOUGHT WHEN THE SHOW FIRST CAME OUT. I mentioned it real quick on Cy and was just cringing at the idea of it. It makes no sense whatsoever, an octopus and a human boy with his 10 sisters, I wasn't even a fan of this show or liked any characters either. I think it was mainly a joke thought anyway but man this is even worse than Sir Dudley and thank god it never came through. -1/10

- Squidward and Prohyas Warrior (from Mighty Magiswords, October 2016): I like Mighty Magiswords. It does a fast-paced style without being gross or ugly with it. When the show first came out this was a quick afterthought of mine. I think one of my friends find this at the worst scrapped crossover ever of mine, but I think it would be neat lmao. 6/10

- Squidward and U-Decide 3000 (from Chuck's Choice, August - September 2017): As I watched Sir Dudley, a new Canadian cartoon called Chuck's Choice came out... which was also bad but had an ironically funny enjoyment for me too, becoming a bit of an inside joke on my YouTube channel that fall. U-Decide was my favorite character, but like this was another cringe crossover idea, while not as bad as Sir Dudley, it still wouldn't have been good at all looking back if it happened. The official end of my dark age. 2/10

- Squidward and Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II (from Disney's Teacher's Pet, March 2018): SI-LLY would've killed me for this if it ever came through. I dig Teacher's Pet and thought a cool friendship could happen with Spot, Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly, but it would feel very awkward and not work much because of Leonard and his mom existing lmao. Still awesome characters though. 5/10

- Squidward and Hawkodile (from Unikitty, March 2018): A friend of mine on Twitter told me Richard would make more sense. He is right. Hawkodile is also a cool character like Richard though. 4/10

- Squidward and Scrooge McDuck (from Ducktales, May 2018): This is an interesting one, between the week of Squidicula's abrupt death and the discovering of Wunschpunsch, I saw an episode of Ducktales on tv, and I enjoyed it, like I did the pilot the year before when it first came out. I always loved Scrooge, and I know Ducktales 2017 is loved by everyone for being faithful to the original from the 80's. I think it could be a bit fun to work with between the two, but not sure if anyone else on the series, like his nephews or that pilot duck who's name I forget. 5/10

- Squidward and the characters of Amphibia (Amphibia, July 2019 - Present???): Okay, so yeah I meme this show a bit because of that fucking Pineapple Pizza joke, but it turned around from being ironically funny to becoming unironically funny again, and I've seen a few moments and the first episode of this show, and it's pretty cute and even a bit humorous for me. I think the thought of making this a crossover is me mainly trolling around. Who would it even be with? Hop Hop, Sprig and Polly only? Or is Anne included too? How would it work? Is it because Hop Pop is a cool character who reminds me of Jacob by design? We will never know. 5/10

- Squidward and Mao Mao, Badgerclops and Adorabat (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, August 2019 - Present): After losing a bit interest in Cartoon Network since late 2017, Mao Mao is the first cartoon from them in a while that I REALLY love and am caught up on. The main characters are all loveable and hilarious, a lot of the episodes killing me with laughter (and it's usually hard for me to laugh out loud at a cartoon now that I'm older and I get my comedy from the internet). Awesome artstyle too. I got into Mao Mao in late-June and didn't think much of a crossover idea with Squidward surprisingly, but that changed a bit a few weeks ago. It's still a bit of a blurry afterthought and will probably stay that way, but it has possible potential. 6/10